Landscape style in landscape design: know English romance

The landscape style in landscape design imitates a natural landscape. Therefore, at first it may seem that when creating such a park there will not be any special difficulties, in fact, you need to take into account and know a lot: the local flora, landscape features, have a sense of proportion and artistic taste. All elements placed in the landscape garden should look natural, the lines of the natural park should be soft and smooth. The English style in landscape design is in many ways the opposite of regular. If symmetry, correctness and sharpness of lines and geometric shapes prevail in a regular park, compositions in an landscape park are asymmetric, straight lines are replaced by meandering, geometric shapes in a park of this type you will not find either. We suggest you to understand these tricks in more detail.

The romantic style in art and the landscape style of landscape design developed in parallel, because The natural world served as an inspiration to artists and writers.

Typical English garden - perfectly maintained lawn, flowers and trees planted in such a way as to create the most natural impression

The landscape in the English style allows you to be in the lap of nature immediately beyond the threshold of your home. The landscape garden will help to recreate the atmosphere of the old manor estates, the noble nests of the romantic 19th century. The natural park has always been a source of inspiration and harmony for people, where you can listen to the birds singing, the quiet murmur of a stream, fall in love and write poetry.

The main features of the landscape style

Reproduction of the natural landscape should be natural - the paths have a winding shape, if there is a pond with a bridge on the site, it should form a single whole with the natural landscape of the site.

Of course, an English-style garden requires the same care as any other, but traces of care should be invisible. This is not related to lawns, since the tradition of mowing lawns and constantly maintaining their neat appearance in England has been observed for more than a century, immigrants from Misty Albion brought it with them also to America and Canada.

Well-kept lawn, bench, natural composition - typical English landscape

Plants for the English garden need to be carefully selected; plants in your region that are well adapted to this climate should be its basis. They will look good in the garden at any time of the year - in the summer in the rays of the bright sun, and in the winter under a snow cover, delight with bright colors in the fall and fresh greens in the spring.

Tip. If you want to create an English garden in the country, start with a lawn. Around it should be located various compositions - lawns, groups of shrubs and trees, flower beds.

A full-fledged English landscape garden can be created only on a large plot. If the area of ​​your site is small, you can recreate the natural landscape in one of its corners.

In both English and Russian estates of the 19th century, the park always had a pond in which water lilies grew, duckweed swam, and thin picturesque willow branches bent over its surface. If you have a small pond, plant one or more dwarf weeping willows at the edge.

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If there is a natural pond on the site, you just need to clear its shores a bit, you can plant the plants according to your taste and look after the grass carpet

A small pond in the English style - the banks are lined with gray stone, there are no clear outlines, plants near the shore look like a natural composition

Various areas of the garden are combined using looping paths, which are created using natural materials - sandstone, saw cuts, cobblestones.

English houses are buried in greenery and flowers. Therefore, in order to recreate the English style in landscape design, you can plant a lot of unpretentious flowers in the garden and right next to the house. In our conditions, mallow, roses, pansies, and delphinium are well suited for the landscape garden. In the spring - crocuses, tulips, daffodils.

So you can create an English flower garden - the flowers are planted tightly in groups, the flower garden smoothly transitions to the porch of the house

Flowers on the flower beds are planted in groups and very densely, so that the flower sections on tall and low stems are beautifully combined. In the English flower gardens, plants are lush, as the climate in England is humid.

Selection of decorative elements

The landscape garden is perfectly complemented by arbors, ivy and grapes twined with ivy, trellises and arches for flowers and climbing plants, benches installed in recreation areas.

Materials that will help create the garden in the English style - wood, natural gray stone and various forged objects. Forging elements can be widely used everywhere - benches, a gazebo, a bridge over a pond, a fence made of elegant curls of forged metal in combination with a tree form a complete ensemble in the English style.

At the entrance to the house and directly in the garden, you can arrange tubs and ceramic pots with small trees and ornamental shrubs.

The original composition at home looks quite in English, the British love bicycles. Old bicycles have flower boxes for climbing plants.

Today, a wide variety of hanging flower pots are on sale, with which you can decorate the English garden and courtyard. Pots are hung from the porch, ledges, arbors. And you can plant drooping petunia, geranium, pelargonium in them.

This variety of petunias in a hanging pot will turn any place in the garden into a wonderful corner

The walls of the English house are often covered with ivy. There are different types of ivy - with pure green and variegated leaves, a combination of a couple of species on the wall of the house will add English flavor to your garden.

When creating a landscape garden, try to ensure that each of its elements is a part of nature, does not catch the eye, but forms a single harmonious whole with a common composition.


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