Juniper in landscape design: 60 photos of the best application ideas

Coniferous trees and shrubs - a real find for the design of garden and garden plots. Evergreen crown of plants adorns the territory all year round, and durability and unpretentiousness allow them to be used in design projects designed for a long time. Juniper in landscape design is a true find: compositions with it can be used to recreate many styles ..

Due to the wide variety of species and varieties, junipers have firmly taken high positions among ornamental plants. There are both tree-like and shrubs creeping on the ground.

Junipers fit perfectly into various styles of landscape design. They can be filled with flower beds and lawns or planted as a hedge. Conifers look great on alpine slides and naturgardens.

How to use juniper varieties and varieties in design decisions

Despite the fact that there are almost 70 varieties of juniper, not all are suitable for cultivation. Most often, those plants are used that have decorative qualities and, importantly, the ability to tolerate our cold winters.

  • Chinese juniper comes in various shapes: from 15-meter trees to dwarf bushes about 30 cm tall. Not only gardeners appreciate it, but also bonsai masters. The variety is suitable for lawns, flower beds, borders and alpine hills.

Blue Alps variety:

Stricta grade:

  • Common juniper is tree-like (up to 18 m) and shrubby. Very numerous view.

Variety "Depress Aurea":

Variety "Repanda":

  • Virginia juniper, like previous species, is tree-like, shrubby and creeping.

Grade “Hetz":

Grade "Gray Oul":

Variety "Blue Cloud":

  • Cossack juniper is the most popular and unpretentious. It is convenient in the design of areas with complex terrain, as it well strengthens the soil on slopes and slopes.

Variety "Blue Danub":

Variety "Arcadia":

Hixie variety:

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Grade "Glauka":

  • Scaly juniper tolerates urban conditions. It looks spectacular on lawns and curbs in large parks.

Variety "Holger":

Variety "Dream Joy":

Variety "Blue Carpet":

  • Rock juniper is planted on alpine hills and rocky gardens, and tall, columnar varieties feel good in city parks and squares.

Blue Arrow Variety:

Grade "Skyrocket":

  • The middle juniper is a large, sprawling shrub that looks great along the edges of garden paths. It may be a tapeworm.

Grade "Mordigan Gold":

Grade "Old Gold":

  • Horizontal juniper is a low plant creeping on the ground. Shrub height 35–40 cm, width up to 2.5 m. Frost-resistant, tolerates heat and strong wind. It is recommended to plant this type of juniper on slopes with rocky soil, since the plant, taking root, does not allow the soil to crumble. It is good to use it on alpine slides and in ecological gardens.

Grade "Prince of Wales":

Lime Glow variety:

Grade "Andorra Compact":

Blue Chip Variety:

Some beautiful photos with different varieties of junipers in landscape compositions.

The variety of species, varieties of junipers, their shapes and sizes, the color of the needles, the unpretentiousness and beauty - all this allows these evergreens to be welcome guests in our garden and summer cottages.


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