Interesting ideas and decorations for giving with your own hands from unnecessary things

Sometimes the basis for creating country decorations are objects that are mistaken for garbage. For example, when cutting down old garden trees or clearing a site for construction, stumps remain that uproot and burn. If you look at them through the eyes of a designer, you can see beautiful natural frames for creating flower beds or original floral arrangements. And dozens of pairs of worn shoes, old cracked ceramics, travel bags with shabby corners? We offer fantastic ideas for a do-it-yourself cottage that will turn old things into an exclusive cottage decor.

New life of old shoes

In any family there will be worn shoes that have become small for older children or just worn out. Traditionally worn boots with worn heels "leave" to the country, where they live out their life somewhere in a rut between the beds. But if you show a little imagination - children's shoes or rubber boots will turn into original flower pots for country flowers. They decorate fences, porches, house adjoining territories and a playground.

Ordinary rubber clogs for swimming as if specially created so that these touching blue flowers settled in them. By the way, rubber is a fairly strong material, so an additional pot for planting plants is not required

Any floral, even the most unexpected shoes - evening, office and even sporty ones are suitable for floral decoration.

Who would have thought that sneakers - the most popular shoes of modern youth - can become stylish "pots" for green plants. Please note that greens adorn the socks of a sports couple.

Children grow up very quickly, leaving many pairs of beautiful and strong, worn-out shoes. Don’t give away especially interesting models to relatives, but bring them to the cottage and make them a wonderful decor.

Here such cheerful "inhabitants" can settle in your dacha, and in the most various corners. Shoes will welcome guests at the entrance, boots will line the fence, and slippers will decorate the wall or fence

Some pairs of shoes, despite their “not the first freshness” look, look so textured and original that they should not be obscured by lushly flowering or ampelous plants.

From several pairs of old shoes, as well as related household items, you can make an unusual composition, which is appropriate on a suburban area, not limited to the walls of the house. Such a "family" designer find can be placed on the porch, porch, in the children's corner or directly on the lawn.

One of the options is when the powerful image created by the shoes is brighter than the colorful floral arrangement. In this case, it is the shoes that are the decorative center, and the flowers - just a light frame

Here is a family of several pairs of shoes. Each couple has its own age, a certain mood and even its own character. I wonder if boots and boots look like their owners?

Transforming dishes and cutlery

Unfortunately, the shoes wear out, and the dishes break or just become unnecessary. But in the country, not a single old bucket, not a single kettle will remain forgotten! We take paints into our hands and paint old metal and ceramic plates, basins and jugs in all colors of the rainbow. We choose the paint depending on the material from which the dishes are made - so the decor will last much longer.

See how vibrant colors can change a boring garden corner. The most familiar objects became the heroes of the amazing colorful picture: a metal kettle, a jug for water and even two large colanders

DIY jewelry for summer cottages can be placed everywhere: on lawns, among flower beds, near a pond or pool, along a greenhouse or fence. A cheerful teapot in sunflowers is conveniently located on the edge of the bench.

Smooth, even sides of metal utensils are enough to be painted in any color you like, but if there are chips, scratches or dents on the surface, you can mask them with colorful drawings or bright ornaments

Especially natural look on the background of stone paths, a wooden fence and lush greenery products from natural materials. Ceramics made of clay go well with flowers; moreover, it is not afraid of rain, wind, or accidental frosts.

It was as if someone had forgotten to remove a tea set from the table late in the evening, only instead of a table there was a basin with ground, and instead of tea, fragile green bushes

Among the old dishes, there are remains of beautiful porcelain sets - elegant cups and saucers, decorated with delicate paintings. Do not rush to take expensive and high-quality dishes to the summer cottage - perhaps it will find application in the house.

Tea cups, saucers, milk jugs, instead of candles mounted on a candlestick, turn it into a beautiful elegant vase, which is also very functional and serves as a stand for sweets, nuts, flowers or items for needlework

Do not forget about cutlery that came out of active use - spoons and forks. No special skills are needed to make a charming hanger for bags or clothes.

To make the hanger you will need a sanded and varnished board and several old forks. It is easier to work with aluminum products - they easily bend and take the desired shape, but steel products are stronger and do not bend under the weight of clothes

It’s a little more difficult to make an unusual chandelier, which is decorated not with crystal or glass pendants, but with metal forks and spoons.

Also, unusual garden decor ideas can be found in the material: dekor / dekor-dlya-sada-i-dachi.html

To make a chandelier for a kitchen or terrace, you need a frame of an old lamp for one or more lamps and a set of cutlery

So different suitcases

Due to the strength of the material and the rigid structure, old suitcases that have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time still lie on the mezzanine and serve as mini-pantries for New Year's toys, children's items and in reserve of purchased sleeping sets. Their owners do not even guess what can be done to give out unnecessary things thanks to creative ideas. First of all, a traditional flower garden.

We fill the opened suitcase with soil using a layer of waterproofing, and decorate with low flowering plants. Garden shears can be stored in a convenient pocket sewn to the lid

The lid of the suitcase resembles a cabinet door, it also closes conveniently and even locks with a key if desired.

We equip the suitcase closet with convenient shelves and drawers - and now you can store any household trifles in it, from soap accessories to items for needlework

A large suitcase is an excellent preparation for making a console or a side table.

One part of the suitcase turns into a convenient table for books, a table lamp, a flower vase, the second - for photos, a collage or a set of convenient pockets

Old suitcases and chests fit perfectly into the cottage interior. They play the role of flower stands, bedside tables, storage for trinkets.

If the suitcase for decorating the room looks too "modern", it can be aged with fine sandpaper or special paints

A large and large suitcase can easily be turned into a comfortable sofa.

To make a chair or sofa, you will need wooden legs from old furniture, bright pieces of durable textile and stuffing materials - foam rubber, batting or foam rubber mats

Pets often themselves choose boxes and suitcases for games or sleep, and to finish a thing to a soft and comfortable bed for a tailed friend is a matter of a couple of hours.

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A large comfortable suitcase, a soft blanket folded several times, a beautiful cover design - and in front of you is a great place to relax for a small dog or cat

Flowerbed from a stump - detailed instructions

For those who are too lazy to read, see the video instruction:

Some of the interesting ideas for decorating a summer house and garden are given to us by nature itself. Sawn old trees, large branches, stones, river pebbles - all this can be found right on the suburban area, especially after repairs or road construction. We will use the old stump and make it a lush blooming flower bed.

Beautiful and comfortable to plant a flowerbed from a stump resembles a natural flower pot. It can be installed in any part of the garden, near the house, gazebo or terrace, or if the roots are not removed from the stump, leave in the same place

Stage # 1 - choosing the “right” stump

In order for the flower garden to serve for years, it is necessary to choose a strong, healthy stump that is not susceptible to disease and decay. If the upper part is destroyed, it can simply be cut off with a grinder.

It's okay if after removing the excess parts there remains a low base - for the arrangement of the flowerbed, the width of the stump is more important, and not its height

Sometimes in the cottages there are rotten stumps that look quite picturesque and are also suitable for planting flowers. They can be decorated and turned into a flower bed, but there will remain a danger of infection with healthy trees by fungus or diseases.

Our task is to remove the core, and in its place install a container for planting flowers, for example, a flower pot, several pots or a container

Stage # 2 - surface and interior treatment

With the help of a hammer and a chisel, a drill, a jigsaw, a pick, we split the middle part and get it in pieces. This process is laborious and takes a lot of time.

One of the options for the destruction of the core: first we make holes in the central part of the stump with a drill (the bigger the better), then we break the wood with a pickax and take out wood chips

Sometimes the middle is filled with kerosene and set on fire, but in this case there is a risk of the destruction of the necessary parts.

High humidity or bad weather can interfere with a fire, so you need to choose a clear day without precipitation and make sure that the wood is also dry

We leave the bark in place, but we treat it with an antiseptic, as well as the inside. Remedies for fungus and rotting are sold in construction supermarkets. If you recently built a bathhouse, built a gazebo, terrace, bench, a small amount of impregnation, most likely, you have left in stocks.

It will also be useful to review the means to protect wood from moisture, fire, insects and rot: postroiki / zashhita-drevesiny.html

Stage # 3 - preparation of the tank and soil

The result is a treated stump suitable for planting flowers. Now it is necessary to select a container that is suitable in size and place it in place of the hollowed core. It is not recommended to fill the ground without a container, as the stump will collapse faster.

Do not forget about drainage: before you place the container inside, with a drill we drill several holes that bring water out to the base of the stump

The choice of soil depends on the type of flowers. Suitable universal soil or a mixture of soil, sand and peat.

Stage # 4 - planting flowers

Set the pot inside the stump, fill the soil and plant flowers. Low-growing border plants and lush flowering garden shrubs are suitable - the main thing is that the dimensions of the flower garden and stump do not contradict each other.

The pot is installed in accordance with all the rules, but the dimensions are not respected, so the edges are visible from the outside. It is necessary to fill the entire container with soil to make the composition look more natural

This is how a finished flower garden looks like from a treated stump with preserved roots.

Plants of any color with small and lush buds are suitable for a low flower garden: alissum, begonia, decorative cabbage, petunia, chlorophytum, marigolds, forget-me-nots, violets, daisies, bellflower, clove, gerbil

Tall stump is an excellent stand for large and climbing plants.

You can learn more about decorating the stump in the garden from the material: dekor / kak-ukrasit-pen-v-sadu-svoimi-rukami.html

Ampel plants can cover the top of a natural flower pot or the entire stump. Any flowers with flowing shoots are good for planting: pelargonium, verbena, nasturtium, petunia, surfinia, fuchsia, dichondra

Unusual use of old logs

The logs left after the construction of the house or the clearing of the garden are a universal tool for decorating a summer cottage. They make garden furniture, wooden compositions in the Russian style, toys for the playground, flower stands, swings, original paths.

Do not even burn or throw away clumsy, curved logs and twigs - sometimes amazing things come out of them.

An old log covered with cracked bark and moss is an excellent solution for arranging a flower garden in a natural style. It seems that the flowers themselves have chosen a place to live

Original swings can be created from a bunch of curves and seemingly unusable logs. The seat is hollowed out of a thick trunk, and the support is constructed from several curved elements

Even if you don’t have enough wood processing skills, you can create a convenient, functional “furniture set” for a picnic.

To prepare the benches, it is enough to trim the opposite sides of the logs, leaving the bark on the untouched parts, and for the table you will need two stands from large cut circles and a wide countertop

From sawn logs, boards and whetstones on a free lawn or sandy platform, you can create a whole children's play world. Cozy huts, fun slides, comfortable benches and swings similar to real cars and trains - children will find something to do while adults work in the garden.

To make a beautiful flower train, you need to prepare several boards imitating a railway bed, 3-4 chocks for a train, wooden mugs for wheels and bars for a steam locomotive

The cottage is an ideal place for the embodiment of decorating fantasies and design ideas. To create the next masterpiece, you should not look for material in the store - just look in the pantry or in the garden, and you will be surprised how many interesting and useful things you can find there.


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