How to upgrade a walk-behind tractor in a snow blower: different rework options

Motoblock is an indispensable assistant to the owner of a private courtyard, garden or cottage. Compact equipment replaced heavy manual labor, which improved the quality of tillage and saved time on each operation. With the advent of winter, the walk-behind tractor can also be used for snow removal. The easiest way to make a snowblower from a walk-behind tractor is with your own hands using a special snowblower assembled in the factory. However, craftsmen prefer not to spend extra money on ready-made nozzles, but to assemble a homemade snow blower for a walk-behind tractor from existing spare parts and building materials, working on the same principle as factory products.

Snow blocks on a walk-behind tractor: types and applications

Attachment manufacturers offer three options for snow blocks for walk-behind tractors, differing in the way the snow mass is harvested. Newly fallen snow is well swept away from the surface being cleaned with the help of hard rotating brushes. Such a snow blower for a walk-behind tractor is indispensable where paths and sites have a decorative coating that should not be harmed when cleaning snow. The brush is mounted under a canopy on a rotating shaft.

In one pass, a walk-behind tractor equipped with such a brush cleans a track up to one meter wide. You can adjust the capture angle in three directions: left, forward, right. The height of the stripping is also adjusted, which simplifies the use of attachments.

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The hard brush connected to the walk-behind tractor is suitable for cleaning freshly fallen soft snow. This attachment is adjustable in height and also rotates left and right.

How to turn a walk-behind tractor into a small bulldozer?

Hard, rotating brushes will not be able to cope with wet and packed snow. It is necessary to use a hanging snow shovel with knives. A walk-behind tractor with such a nozzle resembles a small bulldozer that can loosen a layer of snow, capture a snow mass and move it to a dump. Manufacturers specially encase the bottom of the shovel with rubber tape to protect not only the surface being cleaned, but also the tool itself from possible damage. Attach a suspended snow shovel to the traction device using the front of the universal coupling. The width of the surface to be cleaned at a time is also one meter. You can adjust the blade vertically and in three directions. The speed of a walk-behind tractor equipped with such a shovel during harvesting is from 2 to 7 km / h.

A snow shovel is connected to a walk-behind tractor in the case when it is necessary to clear the estate from heavy and packed snow

Rotary Type Snow Remover Features

Large volumes of snow mass are easier to handle with a rotor type snow thrower. When using this mounted snowblower for a walk-behind tractor with the highest performance of all the options considered, it is possible to carry out snow sampling to a depth of up to 250 mm. The main structural elements of this nozzle are a simple auger, which is combined with a paddle wheel. The rotating auger captures the snow mass, which moves up with the help of a paddle wheel. Snow, passing through a special bell, with force is thrown far beyond the boundaries of a cleared path or platform. It is very interesting to watch the work of a rotary snow blower attached to a walk-behind tractor.

The mounted snow blower for the rotor type walk-behind tractor has the highest productivity, therefore it easily copes with large volumes of snow

Important! The design of universal walk-behind blocks does not provide for systems that protect the rotor from stones and ice. This option is required for winter special equipment. We must remember this and, when controlling the walk-behind tractor, be careful. Otherwise, you will have to repair the snow nozzle.

Tips for operating the walk-behind tractor in winter

Considering that the walk-behind tractor is nevertheless more designed to work in the warm season, it is advisable to keep the equipment warm during winter operation. This will allow you not to waste time warming up the engine, but immediately start clearing the snow.

It would also be nice to replace the type of gear oil used. Under the influence of low temperatures, oils are thickened. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to more liquid grades or immediately purchase synthetic oils designed specifically for extreme conditions.

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Making a homemade snow blower

For snow removal, you can not use the walk-behind tractor itself, but only its engine. Roofing iron is used to make the housing of the auger of the snow blower. Plywood 10 mm thick is suitable for creating sidewalls. The frame is welded from a metal corner. A half-inch pipe is fitted under the handle, and a screw shaft is made from a pipe three quarters of an inch. The through cut made in the middle of the pipe serves for fastening a metal plate (scapula) measuring 120 by 270 mm. The blade is designed to swing snow when the shaft rotates. To move the snow mass to the blade in this homemade design of the snow blower, a two-way auger should be used, for the manufacture of which a sidewall of the tire or a conveyor belt 10 mm thick is taken. One and a half meters of such a tape is enough to cut four rings with a jigsaw. The diameter of each of them should be equal to 28 cm.

To make a homemade snow blower, you will need roofing iron, plywood, conveyor belt, pipes of different diameters, metal corners, sealed bearings

To fix the platform of the quick-detachable engine, borrowed from the walk-behind tractor, metal corners are welded to the pipe perpendicular to the plate. For the shaft to freely enter the self-aligning sealed bearings 205, it is necessary to make a couple of cuts at its ends and knock them. After this operation, the shaft diameter decreases. For a key under the sprocket, a groove is made on one side of the shaft.

Important! Bearings must be closed, as snow cannot be allowed into them.

The auger is driven by a chain or belt if a pulley is installed on the engine from the walk-behind tractor. All necessary parts (pulleys, belts, bearings) can be bought at auto stores

The design is better to put not on wheels that will be stuck in the snow, but on skis. From the wooden bars the bases of the skis are grinded onto which plastic pads are mounted for better gliding. As overlays, you can use the boxes used in the installation of electrical wiring.

The snow blower slides on the snow cover more easily, so the person managing it has to make less physical effort

The swivel chute, necessary for folding snow in the right direction, is made of a large diameter plastic sewer pipe (at least 160 mm). Fix it on the same pipe of smaller diameter attached to the auger body. A piece of sewer pipe is attached to the rotary gutter, which will direct the release of snow. The diameter of the gutter must exceed the width of the auger blades so as not to delay the progress of the snow mass that reclines with its help.

Important! The swivel chute allows you to adjust not only the direction of snow rejection, but also the range. The length of the gutter affects the distance over which the snow mass can “fly off” as much as possible.

View of a homemade snow blower, equipped with an engine from a walk-behind tractor, in assembled condition before checking its performance in a snowy courtyard of a private house

To give a homemade design a presentable look, you need to paint all its details in a bright color. After completion of the work, the homemade product is tested, and then operated throughout the winter period. Some craftsmen go even further, making a self-propelled version of the snow blower.

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All people living on earth seek to mechanize manual labor. After reading how to make a snow blower from a motor block engine and other spare parts, some will not “reinvent the wheel”, but decide to buy a factory model of a snow blower. To purchase a budget option will require about 20-30 thousand rubles. The purchase of a factory-made nozzle for a walk-behind tractor will cost one and a half to two times cheaper. To assemble a home-made design you will have to spend only on the purchase of some spare parts, as well as a couple of days to complete the work. In any case, the problem of snow removal from the local area will be solved.


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