How to make a wooden toilet in the country: building codes + device example

Beautification of a summer cottage usually begins with the construction of a toilet. The summer resident cannot do without this construction. All other buildings, such as a country house, a bathhouse, a gazebo, appear later. Having built a wooden toilet in the country with his own hands , a person can safely do gardening, enjoying fresh air during breaks and admiring the beauties of the countryside. Before starting excavation work, it is necessary to plan your site and choose a place that is safe from the point of view of sanitary and hygienic requirements for structures of this kind.

This video illustrates the process of building a country toilet. After watching the video, you will understand how to make a toilet in the country on your own, and also decide on the choice of necessary building materials.

Choosing the right place for a country toilet

On the territory of Russia there are sanitary norms and rules, in accordance with which it is necessary to build a wooden toilet in the country. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only their interests, but also the requirements of neighbors, equipping their summer cottages.

When choosing the best place for a wooden toilet with a cesspool, follow these rules:

  • The distance from the well (one's own and one's neighbor) to the toilet should be at least 25 meters. Only under this condition can the quality of well water used for domestic purposes be guaranteed. If the water from the well will not be used for drinking, it is better to analyze its quality in the laboratory.
  • Structures such as a toilet are usually not erected in the center of a summer cottage. It is better to find a place at some distance from the house, so that a person can comfortably use the building for its intended purpose, without causing inconvenience to other people. In order to comply with the rights of neighbors, it is necessary to deviate from the border dividing the plots by at least a meter. If you ignore this requirement, the principal neighbor will force you to move the building by court order. At the same time, legal costs will have to be paid.
  • If the site is inclined, then the toilet is built in the lowest place.
  • Take into account when choosing a place and a wind rose. This will eliminate unpleasant odors. Although with proper care of the object, this problem should not arise.

Also think about how you will clean the cesspool. If possible, arrange a porch for a cesspool machine pumping waste from septic tanks, drains and cesspools.

The choice of a good place on a summer cottage for the construction of a wooden toilet should be done taking into account the requirements of sanitary norms and rules

The construction of a toilet in the country with a cesspool

Of all types of country toilets, this option is the most common. Street construction is simple and convenient to operate. After all, the waste generated in the course of human life falls into a deep cesspool specially dug for this purpose.

As soon as the pit is filled to two-thirds of its depth, the landlord performs its cleaning manually or by machine. You can preserve the object by filling the pit with earth. True, at the same time you have to look for a new place to place a toilet. If the area of ​​the summer cottage is large, then the option of conservation and transfer of the object can be considered. If the site is small, it is better to clean the pit from accumulated waste.

Stage # 1 - digging a cesspool and fortifying its walls

The construction of a street toilet in the country begins with the excavation of a cesspool. Its depth should be at least two meters. The shape of the pit represents a square, all sides of which are equal to one meter.

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To prevent soil shedding, it is necessary to strengthen the walls of the cesspool, using ready-made reinforced concrete rings, boards, brick or masonry. The bottom of the pit is sealed with a concrete screed or simply covered with a layer of crushed stone, providing drainage. If there is a threat of groundwater pollution, then the walls and bottom of the pit are made waterproof, be sure to seal them with special materials.

The layout of the wooden country toilet with a sealed cesspool, ventilation pipe that removes unpleasant odors, a hatch for waste disposal

Stage # 2 - construction of a toilet house

A protective structure in the form of a house is located above the cesspool. The rectangular frame is fixed on a columnar foundation, while under all four corners of a wooden box, blocks or bricks are laid. Waterproofing is provided with roofing material, laying material between the foundation and the wooden frame. Further, the algorithm of work is as follows:

  • The beam used to assemble the frame structure must be coated with a primer mixture and then painted. The resulting coating will protect the frame from premature decay.
  • The processed timber is fastened together, getting the frame of the right size. The assembled structure is placed on the foundation posts.
  • Then four, upright, racks are attached to the frame using metal plates and bolts. Standing straight upright allows the building level.
  • Next, proceed with the installation of racks necessary for hanging doors.
  • Beams for roof construction are fixed so that they protrude slightly around the perimeter beyond the edges of the structure. The surface of a pitched roof should be located under a slight slope. To provide the desired angle allow the rear shortened racks.
  • A podium seat is located above the cesspool, for which an additional frame of bars is assembled and attached to the main structure.
  • The roof is constructed from a sheet of slate laid on the beams laid with roofing material.
  • It remains to carry out the outer and inner lining, choosing for this available building materials. Most often they use lining, siding, profiled sheets or ordinary boards, if the toilet is built for temporary use. To fix the casing, additional crossbars are cut to the frame, cut to size from a timber or a thick board. The podium seat is also lined with clapboard.

Finish the construction by hanging doors, knocked down from the boards, on the hinges.

The construction of the wooden frame of the cottage toilet over the cesspool, the walls of which are reinforced with old car tires

The device of a shed roof and the lining of the side walls of the country toilet, built by yourself on a site from inexpensive building materials

During the construction phase of the toilet, it is necessary to take care of its artificial lighting. Will have to bring electricity and connect a small light fixture. During the day, the interior of the toilet is illuminated through a small window cut out above the door.

Summer residents, who love their site with love, are creative in their approach to the design and decoration of the toilet in the country. In the photos below, you can see interesting options for the design of toilet houses.

The country toilet in the form of a fabulous wooden house erected by the skilled hands of a real master is an adornment of the entire suburban area

The country toilet, built in the form of a fancy wooden hut, is buried in greenery growing to the joy of the caring owners of the site

Stage # 3 - how to properly build ventilation?

To remove unpleasant odors from the cesspool, ventilation must be provided for in the design of the toilet. For its arrangement, a plastic sewer pipe having 100 mm in diameter is suitable. The pipe with tin clamps is drawn to the back of the toilet.

The lower end is led 15 cm into the cesspool, for which a hole of the desired diameter is cut out in the podium seat. The upper end of the ventilation pipe is led up through an opening cut into the roof of the building. The end of the pipe is located at a height equal to 20 cm above the plane of the roof. To enhance traction on the head of the ventilation pipe, a nozzle-deflector is fixed.

Features of the construction of powder-closet

In some cases, it is impractical to build a toilet with a cesspool. Therefore, choose the option of a wooden toilet, called powder-closet. The main difference between this type of structure is the absence of a cesspool. Instead, the toilet is equipped with a container that, when filled, can easily be pulled out from under the toilet seat and taken out of the area for emptying.

Usually in a powder closet, a small box with peat, sawdust, dry hay or ordinary earth is installed. After visiting the toilet with bulk material “dust” waste.

Without ventilation in these facilities also can not do. Installation of ventilation is done according to the method described above.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the process of building a wooden toilet. You can come up with your own options for the device of this desired structure. Surprised neighbors will ask for advice, asking you how to build the same toilet in the country with your own hands. Share information so that everyone around your site has everything beautiful.


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