How to make a cascading waterfall with your own hands

How to make a cascading waterfall?


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The ideal surface for the construction of a cascade waterfall is a natural slope, but in the absence of it you can make an artificial embankment. The main thing is that its surface resembles a natural relief and harmoniously blends into the surrounding landscape. Such a waterfall is well suited for a reservoir of free shape.

The process of creating a cascading waterfall can be divided into three main stages:

  1. The device of the reservoir.
  2. The device itself is a cascade.
  3. Installing a pump to move water.

Let us consider each of them in detail.

To equip a cascade waterfall in your garden, you will need to fulfill a number of mandatory conditions

Reservoir device

To build a pond, you can use various building materials: concrete, waterproofing film, finished plastic molds. But it is better to give preference to a film of butyl rubber, which has a long service life. Before laying the film, it is necessary to pour a layer of coarse sand up to 10 cm thick on the bottom of the pit and lay the geotextile. When filling a reservoir with water, the film will evenly lie on the bottom and will take the desired shape. The edges of the film must be pressed with stones. For the winter, water from the pond must be drained to avoid tearing the film due to freezing of the water.

Cascade device

First of all, it is required to equip the ledges for the flow of water. The lower ledge should be installed above the surface of the water in the pond by 30 cm. For the others, the optimal height is from 20 to 30 cm. It is better to start creating the ledges from below, gradually raising them above the water. The first tier of the waterfall should be as even as possible, and the rest can be made any, based on your preferences. The optimum height of the cascade is 1.5 m.

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As a building material, it is best to use natural stone, such as sandstone. The stones are stacked on top of each other and held together with cement mortar. To prevent large splashing of water, bumpers should be made in the lower tier of the cascade.

The choice of the shape of the stones and the process of manufacturing the ledges largely depends on how you would like to see the finished waterfall.

If stones flat with even edges are folded in a pyramid, water will flow down evenly. If you select stones with jagged, uneven, or sharp edges, the jet will break into several streams when it falls. If you use stones with a depression in the middle, you get a stream slowly flowing along the ledges.

Pump installation

To push water from the pond to the top of the cascade, a submersible pump is installed at the bottom of the pond. Installation of the pump has several nuances: firstly, all pump parts, hoses and electrical cables must be hidden securely so that they are not visible from the outside; secondly, the pump must be connected to a low-voltage transformer standing in the room; thirdly, connectors for cable extension should not be afraid of water. The hose that draws in the water must be located at the bottom of the pond, and the hose that pushes out the water is brought to the top of the cascade. In addition, it is necessary to provide a system to protect the pump from the ingress of solid particles, which can damage it. For this, a filter and protection against “dry running” are installed in front of the pump nozzle (in the absence of water in front of the suction nozzle).

The power of the pump is important. With a waterfall height of 1.5 m, it will be enough to choose a pump with a capacity of 70 W, but if the cascade is higher, then you need a more powerful pump (from 100 W and above). It is very good if the pump provides for the possibility of regulating the power of the water flow. This will allow you to control the force of the water pressure.

After completing all the preparatory work, you can fill the pond with water and proceed to decorate the waterfall.

Examples of cascading waterfalls in the country: photo

Waterfall with a bridge

Waterfall and pond

Cascade with a bend

Multistage cascade

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