How to make a birdhouse with your own hands: a step-by-step master class (photo + video)

Birds are indispensable helpers in the fight against pests of green spaces. The best way to call them for help and bring them to your site is to make a birdhouse with your own hands. Presenting the birds with comfortable houses, the owner of the suburban area provides himself with peace of mind for the harvest and good mood from a pleasant neighborhood. A birdhouse will be in demand in any case: swifts, nigella, flycatchers, tits and sparrows also live in comfortable apartments with pleasure.

Materials and dimensions of bird apartments

Thinking about how to make a birdhouse with your own hands, you should first of all worry about the preparation of material for building a house.

Hardwood bird manufacturing material can be hardwood boards, for example: aspen, maple, oak, birch, alder

Coniferous wood is absolutely not suitable for building a bird house, as it is capable of secreting tar, which makes the inside of the birdhouse sticky.

For the construction of a birdhouse, it is also not advisable to use chipboard and fiberboard, which emit toxins harmful to birds. Plywood is far from the best choice: the material does not let in sounds that are sufficient for birds to hear in case of danger, and does not retain heat well, making it difficult for birds to care for their helpless chicks. The inner surface of wooden boards should be slightly roughened. It is possible to add roughness to a smooth surface by applying horizontal notches with a chisel, which will make it easier for birds and their chicks to exit the house outside.

Before you make a birdhouse, you should decide on the size of the future design. Standard sizes of the birdhouse: 13-15 cm bottom width and 30 cm birdhouse height, and the diameter of the letch is 3.8-5 cm. Spacious apartments are not always good: there are more chicks in the large house, but can it be feathered to parents ?!

Numerous offspring are much more difficult to go out and feed. Weakened from insufficient food, chicks grow up painful and unable to withstand long-distance flights in the fall to warm regions. In a compact house that can accommodate only two or three chicks, the offspring grows healthy, capable of further supporting the power of the population of the species.

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Ornithologists say that the inner space of bird houses should not be too spacious, but at the same time too crowded

The easiest option for a wooden bird house

Birdhouse configuration depends on where it will be attached. If the house will be suspended under the roof of the house, to the balcony or pillar, then the design should provide for the presence of additional poles in the form of a thin stick or triangular shelf, necessary for the "walk" of the feathered owners.

When deciding how to make a birdhouse out of a tree, which will be placed in natural conditions and suspended on a tree, you can do without arranging a “walking” perch. On the branches adjacent to the nesting, the starling will rest, delighting others with pleasant overflows of its singing.

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In the manufacture of the simplest house for birds, you can use the following drawing of a birdhouse with dimensions, which even a schoolboy can figure out

To build a compact and convenient for a bird family house you will need:

  • edged unplaned boards;
  • two whetstones (for hanging a birdhouse on a tree);
  • screws or nails;
  • steel wire d = 1mm (for hanging the house);
  • wood glue.

Of the tools you will need:

  • a simple pencil with a ruler;
  • wood hacksaw (with middle tooth);
  • drill, wood drill;
  • a hammer;
  • chisel.

The work is carried out in several stages:

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Stage # 1 - preparation of wooden elements

With a simple pencil on the boards according to the drawing, the dimensions of all wooden elements are marked: the bottom, walls, roof and perch.

The result should be 7 blanks

The bottom is made in the form of a square with a side of 13 cm. The height difference between the front and rear walls is 4 cm, this allows you to create a roof angle. For the same purpose, bevels are provided not on the upper cut of the side walls. To equip the roof, two parts of different sizes should be prepared: the first part in shape resembles the configuration of the bottom of the house, the second is a large rectangle to create a canopy.

Some craftsmen believe that a more successful option in the arrangement of the house is a roof tilted forward, which is formed due to the shorter front wall.

Stage # 2 - sawing out structural parts

Sawing off the elements should be done sequentially so that the paired parts have the same dimensions. To give beauty to the product, the outer surface of the boards can be further trimmed.

Using a drill or chisel, a hole is made for the summer of birds d = 3.8 cm (can be increased to 5 cm)

A round hole in the entrance to the house is preferable to a rectangular one, since in nature birds have a round hollow, and they are more likely to settle in a house with a round entrance. The location of the hole 5 cm from the top edge allows you to protect the chicks from cat's paws.

Stage # 3 - birdhouse assembly

The side walls and the front facade of the structure are first fastened using wood glue. As the glue dries, the parts are fixed with nails or self-tapping screws. By the same principle, the lateral ends of the bottom are connected to the front and side walls. Lastly, the back wall of the birdhouse is glued and clogged. There should not be any gaps.

A removable roof makes it easier to care for the birdhouse, when after the birds have released the house, it can be cleaned and even boiled over with boiling water so that parasites do not get divorced. Additionally, to strengthen the roof to protect the birds before visiting their home with a cat, you can use door hinges or rubber.

Roof details are fastened together. It’s not worthwhile to fix the roof to the house itself

Stage # 4 - installation of a bird's “apartment”

Ready birdhouse can be nailed or wound with wire. For additional protection and to facilitate the exit of chicks along a slightly angled surface to the outside, the structure should be tilted forward slightly.

When placing a bird house on a tree, it is preferable to use a wire to hang the structure, which, unlike nails, will not injure the tree. Additional protection for the bark of a tree can be made of wooden blocks, which will be a kind of lining that takes on the tension of the wire.

The house should “look” towards the east or southeast. Optimum placement height - from 3 to 5 meters

Decorative Birdhouses

When planning how to build a birdhouse with your own hands, I want to get not only a functional design that is convenient for birds, but an attractive house that will become a bright touch in the design of the site.

There is an erroneous opinion that starlings do not occupy houses painted with bright oil paint. But as practice shows, the bird family feels very comfortable in such colorful apartments.

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The houses decorated with decorative details look interesting. Some craftsmen create real palaces for birds with balconies and fences for birds.

Fantasizing on the topic of how to build a birdhouse, which will become a real decoration of landscape design, you can take the simplest version of the house as the base design, which is only supplemented by original decor elements and played out with color schemes.

Birds can populate the “apartment” they have prepared far from immediately. The development of new housing may take a year or more. Do not worry and be patient: your good deeds will certainly be rewarded over time.


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