How to make beautiful beds in your garden: a selection of original ideas

When summer residents break garden beds, they are increasingly moving away from traditional rectangular shapes to give the garden an interesting look. And if there is a shortage of free space on the site, you want to break the lawn for rest and create a pleasant landscape, and at the same time save a place for growing "vitamins". In this case, instead of flower beds, beautiful beds are broken, which please the eye no worse than blooming roses or petunias. What are some salads, in which the richness of colors and the shape of the leaves allows you to create amazing compositions! We have put together an interesting selection of ideas for creating non-traditional beds. Perhaps some of the creative summer residents such landscaping methods will please.

Mixed planting: a combination of beauty and plant benefits

The easiest way to give the garden aesthetics is to plant plants not in mono-beds, but in mixed plantings. Agronomists have long found out that there are crops which, planting in close proximity, can increase yields and get rid of pests. But if you combine them in height and color, then beautiful beds will shine in the garden.

Planting garden crops in stripes creates a beautiful geometric pattern, and different coloring of leaves emphasizes the unusual and decorative beds

Central bed viewed from all sides

If the garden is obtained in the center of the plot and is viewed from all sides, then the most advantageous will be the round bed, which will become the center of the summer cottage. And it is necessary that from all sides she looked spectacular.

First, mark the soil, driving in the center of the pegs with tied twine. The second peg (pointed) is fixed on the other end of the thread at a distance equal to the radius of your future beds. And pulling the twine tight, they draw a circle on the ground, which will be the border of your flower bed. Then the radius is narrowed by 10 cm, plotting the landing site of the last row. And so they move to the center of the flowerbed, leaving between the rows the distance necessary for the normal growth of a particular culture. To make it more convenient to care for the plants, break the circle into sectors and lay narrow paths to the center.

When planting vegetables in mixed beds, consider their level of compatibility with each other, otherwise a lifeless sluggish landscape may turn out instead of a beautiful garden

Next, it is determined which crops will be planted on this bed. In this case, not only a favorable neighborhood, but also similar growing conditions are taken into account. It is not worth planting weaving vegetables (cucumbers, zucchini), because they grow to the sides and destroy the slender rows. Best on such a flower garden will look greens, different types of cabbage, carrots, beets.

In the center they plant tall plants, for example, they build a support for beans. Next up is beets. After it - cabbage, then salad and end with cheerful bushes of wild strawberries. All plants are selected with a gradual decrease in height, so on either side of the bed will look spectacular, multi-tiered.

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Beds along the fence

If the garden is located along the fence, then beautiful beds for vegetables can be created by making them triangles. At the same time, they maintain a tier, placing higher crops closer to the fence and gradually lowering the height.

An interesting solution can be planting in narrow rows like rabatok, running along the tracks. Fluffy crops are suitable for these purposes: curly parsley, salads, spinach. Each variety is planted in one row, and low-growing flowers are added to the foreground — primrose, pansies, daisies, etc. Cabbage alternating with hosts looks unusual.

High beds: we create effective sides

Some owners create beautiful beds in the country, lifting them above the main surface of the earth and fencing with decorative borders. In this case, “two birds with one stone” are killed at once: the beds warm up better, are not washed out by sudden showers and an original landscape is created.

The high bed, decorated with willow wattle, warms up perfectly, creates an interesting element in the landscape, but requires frequent watering in the hot summer

High beds do not require deep digging. It is enough to move the ground with ordinary garden pitchforks. But first you need to plan the shape and location of all the garden "flower beds" and protect them by digging in the decorative borders.

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The whole difficulty of creating a decorative border made of slate is that it must be carefully cut, but the soil in such a bed will not be sprinkled

As the sides you can use:

  • slate cut into strips (if it is gray, you can color it in advance);
  • willow or vine, weaving a decorative fence;
  • painted boards;
  • brick or pavers;
  • large stones fastened with concrete mortar;
  • old plastic boxes;
  • empty bottles;
  • ready-made plastic fences.

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Old plastic boxes without a bottom, stacked in two tiers, create the necessary height for the beds and look very unusual

Perfectly smooth and well-groomed paths between the beds create a beautiful geometric picture and thereby enhance the decorative composition

Waste paper, rags, kitchen waste, cleaning, etc. are stacked in the gardened area. Cover with a layer of foliage and chopped grass and cover the ground with the last layer. Such a cake will gradually decompose, generating a large amount of heat, and even on cold days, the root system of plants will feel comfortable.

When the beds are created, it is necessary to refine the paths, otherwise the landscape will not look complete. The easiest way to roll them and sow lawn grass. But if you want more effect, then you need to buy geotextiles, line them with earth, and pour decorative gravel, bark or painted sawdust on top.

Vertical beds: help out in very small areas

In the urban area there are so small sections that for a full-fledged garden there is simply not enough land. In this case, resourceful owners build beautiful vertical beds with their own hands. Only not every vegetable can grow in such conditions. Vertical gardening lends itself well to strawberries, salads, onions, spices (basil, lemon balm, etc.), cucumbers and zucchini (under constant watering). There are many ways to make beautiful vertical beds.

Option # 1 - pyramid of car tires

First, the rubber is painted, then the lower tier is covered with soil, a second one is installed on it, etc. Seeds are sown only in free corners with the ground. This mode perfectly withstands greens and radishes.

A bed of tires should be painted in light colors so that the rubber does not heat up too much under the sun's rays and does not dry out the roots of plants

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Option # 2 - the green wall

If the site is fenced with a wooden fence or there is an ugly outbuilding, it is easy to turn them into a green wall by nailing plastic boxes in rows and planting vegetables in them.

With the help of wooden boxes nailed in rows to the wall, you can decorate an old outbuilding that does not fit into the landscape

The second option is to screw plastic bottles, cutting a small hole on top and filling half of the tank with light soil.

In such bottle containers, a removable strawberry coexists perfectly, which gives a large number of mustaches, beautifully hanging down and decorated with red berries

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Option # 3 - cucumber arch

From cucumbers and other weaving vegetables, you can create a decorative arch. To do this, each cucumber is planted in a plastic container, cooked from a thin pipe pergola or arch and put all the pots on the bottom bracket of the structure. As the cucumbers grow, their lashes should be directed and tied up until they firmly catch on the frame with a mustache.

Caring for cucumbers planted in containers is much easier, because weed control and spraying from fungal diseases are not required

Creative gardeners come up with a lot of interesting ways to decorate boring beds. If you are one of them, be sure to try the above methods by adding something of your own to them.


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