How to keep a sprig of mimosa fresh and fluffy longer

    Mimosa, or silver acacia, unanimously recognized in our country as a symbol of the women's holiday on March 8 is a delicate and short-lived flower. Fluffy balls of bright yellow color please with their unique beauty and pleasant aroma only 4-5 days. Therefore, having received a charming bouquet as a gift, many ladies often think about how to keep their mimosa fresh and fluffy longer. There are several rules, observing which you can extend the life of the flower up to 10 days.

    How to keep fluffy mimosa flowers in a vase

    Adding a few drops of coniferous extract to the water will keep the mimosa freshness longer

    Yellow acacia silvery balls retain their characteristic fluffiness with the active circulation of juice inside the stem. In order for the flowers to open as much as possible, sellers lower the stems into hot water before selling the bouquets. Such a “boiled mimosa” will stand at home for no more than 2 days. Recognize the twig treated with boiling water by the absence of smell.

    In order for a sprig of mimosa to retain freshness longer, it is important to stimulate the filling of its stems with moisture. Before placing the flower in a vase, the tip of the stem is cut off under a stream of cold water. This technique will prevent the formation of air congestion on the cut, which can prevent moisture from entering the stem.

    After trimming, the end of the stem is slightly milled. It is advisable to pour a non-carbonated mineral water into a vase, which will enrich the plant with microelements. Alternatively, add a tablet of aspirin or 30-50 ml of vodka to the distilled tap water. Aspirin and vodka have antiseptic properties and will not allow bacteria to multiply in water.

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    Water is changed daily, the tip of the stem is cut off a little after each water change. The freshness of the mimosa balls will help to keep spraying with water at room temperature from the atomizer: from a lack of moisture in the air, the flowers will begin to crumble.

    The plant does not tolerate neighborhood with other plants and withers twice as fast, therefore, for long-term preservation, it must be separated from other flowers.

    How to store branches without water

    Dry mimosa used for decoration

    Mimosa can be kept at home for a month or even longer in dried form, if it is installed in a dry vase. The flowers will fade slightly, become less fluffy and lose their aroma, but will stand for several months. So that the balls do not crumble, they can be lightly sprinkled with hairspray.

    How to restore the fluffiness of a bouquet

    Unopened and wilted flowers bloom in warm water

    If the balls on the twig are slightly wilted or wrinkled, steam will help to give them fluffiness. The branches should be held over boiling water for 15–20 seconds, then wrapped in paper and put in a vase with hot water for several hours. Such "shock therapy" will give the bouquet a freshness and maximum fluffiness.

    Whatever method of mimosa preservation is chosen, it is a plant and, therefore, cannot live forever. The only way to preserve the memories of a flower for many years is to make a herbarium out of it.


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