How to choose a pruner for pruning trees: looking for the best garden shears

In February-March, the air temperature gradually rises, and when it reaches -2 ° C, it's time to start pruning the trees. It is necessary to remove diseased and dried branches, form a crown, thin out, and potentially increase fruiting. Traditional gardening is not possible without the right tools. Instead of a simple knife that is not adapted to fast and accurate operation, you can use a pruning shears to cut trees - a more ergonomic and advanced tool.

What do garden shears consist of?

The design of the garden tool is constantly being modified, and today we have the most convenient and most successful garden shears in which it is already difficult to change anything. Every detail is thought out and 100% performs its function. The working blade went through special hardening, as a result of which it became strong and sharp, easily cutting plant fibers without splitting them. The supporting blade has a special configuration and a narrow groove through which the sap flows down. Thanks to this, no sticking and quick contamination of the blades occurs.

The cushioning system protects the hand from sudden movements, which can lead to injury or rapid fatigue. The nut and bolt must be tightened so that the blades are parallel and do not change the correct position. A stainless steel spring softens the functions of the tool, and a lock locks the blades at the end of the work process. Secateurs' handles are made of durable material, but covered with softer - for ease of operation. The bright color of the handles allows you to quickly find garden clippers if they accidentally fall into the grass.

1 - working blade; 2 - supporting blade; 3 - fasteners; 4 - depreciation buffer; 5 - spring mechanism; 6 - lock (lock); 7 - coated handles (handles)

Types of secateurs for plant vaccination

There are many modifications of garden shears, but only three have a grafting function.

Choosing a particular cutting mechanism, do not forget about other important properties of the tool: weight, dimensions, width of handles, the presence of a latch

Option # 1 - anvil for dry branches

If you need a multifunctional pruner for grafting trees and pruning woody branches, we recommend an anvil tool. It differs in that the blades are not displaced relative to each other, but are in the same line.

The principle of operation of the secateurs with the anvil is simple: the upper working blade is lowered with force onto the base, cutting a branch along the way

An example is Gardena Comfort Anvil, which is ideal for working with branches up to 2 cm in diameter. The anvil is made of durable plastic with a ribbed surface, the upper blade is chrome plated. German-made garden shears are ideal for pruning the vine. The only negative is the not very reliable retainer.

Garden secateurs are relatively expensive, their price ranges from 1, 500 to 2, 000 rubles, but the quality of the tool is designed for 25 years, which pays for expenses

Option # 2 - Bypass Standard

Another such pruner is called a bypass. He also has one working knife and one that serves as a stop. The blades are shifted along the cutting line, which is why they differ from analogues with anvil.

The principle of operation of the bypass secateurs is based on the parallel position of the working blades that cut the branch from two opposite sides

When using this tool, the base remains intact, and the end of the cut part is deformed - this must be taken into account when buying. Thanks to this feature, bypass scissors are good for cutting growing branches and grafting. A sample tool is a Swiss Teflon-coated Brigadier with plastic handles.

Brigadier is the favorite pruner shears. It copes with shoots up to 2 cm in diameter, however, for trimming branches thicker than 1 cm, a certain effort is required

Option # 3 - Universal Ratchet

What to do when it is necessary to cut a knot with a diameter of up to 3 cm? Only a powerful secateurs with a ratchet mechanism will help. He performs the cut in several steps, that is, you have to press the handles 3-4 times, since the spring returns to its original state. At the same time, the upper working blade remains absolutely motionless, and this guarantees an even and smooth cut.

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The only drawback of a ratchet tool is the more time allotted for pruning branches. But there are many advantages that have made this secateurs popular among gardeners:

  • trimming trees requires a minimum of effort;
  • there is the possibility of processing thick branches and knots (including dry ones);
  • the cut is accurate, even, without deformation of parts of the branch.

Women do not even doubt which pruning shears are best for work - with the ratchet mechanism, efforts need to be applied much less, and as a result, the hands get tired less quickly. Typically, these mechanical scissors are equipped with additional elements: the Palisad brand tool for convenience has a hilt and non-slip inserts on the handle.

Before you buy a secateurs with a ratchet mechanism, be sure to check the correspondence of the dimensions of the handles to the sizes of your hand: the brush should tightly clasp both handles

Rechargeable Garden Secateurs: Pros and Cons

A battery-powered tool is an opportunity to ease the hard work of a summer resident, at least, according to manufacturers. But is it really necessary to overpay and buy electric scissors at a price of 3500-4000 rubles? Consider the Bosch CISO Battery Secateurs for Gardening.

Bosch CISO cuts branches up to 1.4 cm in diameter, but the recommended thickness is slightly less - 1.2 cm for “live” shoots and 0.9 cm for dry knots

Its advantage is obvious: you don’t have to move the handles hundreds of times in the opposite direction, just press the small lever, which drives the working knife, as needed. A high carbon steel blade that remains sharp for a long time is hidden and does not cause danger. To prevent an accident, the electric shears are equipped with a locking lock. The maximum diameter of the cut is 1.4 cm.

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The main distinguishing feature is the lithium-ion battery, which is slightly different from the usual one. It has less weight, small size, long life. In addition, charging is very fast (within 5 hours), and the battery discharge is relatively low. All these properties make the pruner very comfortable and maneuverable.

Owners of battery secateurs need to monitor the battery level and put the tool on charge in time, otherwise the planned pruning of branches may not take place

Subject to all the rules for using cordless electric shears, the work quality will be perfect, and the cut surface will be smooth, smooth, without flaws.

A tool with a battery is a great option for older people who have joint diseases. The only minus of the secateurs with recharging is its high price, but it is also quite adequate.

What should I look for when buying?

Buyers are most concerned about the question of how to choose a garden pruner so that it lasts for many years and fully performs all the functions.

Each type of secateurs (with an anvil, a bypass, with a ratchet mechanism) has a specific technique of work, which consists in the location of the blades relative to the cut branch

Work knives must be made of steel with a high carbon content, only then the blades will remain sharp for a long time. Sharpening must be done on time, without waiting for the moment when the knives are completely dull and begin to deform.

The advantage of some pruning shears is a special anti-stick compound that covers the blades. Be sure to study the technical characteristics of the scissors, especially the maximum cutting diameter. The likely life of the tool is also of great importance: some are designed for 2 years, others for 25 years.


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