How to choose a high pressure minisink + analysis of a homemade option

Our roads are far from perfect. Even in large cities, storm sewers do not cope well with water flows after rain, and the dirt flowing from the curb onto the roadway will stain all passing cars. What can we say about country trips? Nevertheless, each driver is obliged to monitor the appearance of his car. If the sides of a car constantly splashed with dirt simply negatively characterize its owner, then unreadable numbers can lead to a fine. But washing a car in city car washes is ruinous for the family budget. The minimoyka for the car helps out, which article will help to choose.

The main advantages of this device are its portability and mobility. You can forget about visiting stationary car washes forever if you buy a suitable mini-car wash for your car. It can be kept in the trunk of a car and used when there is a need for it.

Compact and mobile washing is convenient both during storage and during transportation: it will be at hand whenever it can come in handy

Car minisinks are arranged quite simply. Water under pressure is supplied through a hose, at the end of which there is a nozzle-divider. Pressure pumps a motor-driven pump. Water passing through a small (approximately 0.7 mm in diameter) hole under high pressure forms a powerful jet. With the help of this jet, contaminants are removed from the surface of the car.

What to look for when buying a unit?

If it’s easier for you to buy a device than to make it yourself, it is advisable to be well-versed in the operating parameters of the minimax and other circumstances of its operation. Such, for example, as the presence in your area of ​​service centers that can provide warranty service for the device.

Device performance

Productivity - an indicator that characterizes the flow of water per unit of time (minute or hour). The higher the performance of the device, the greater the pressure created by it. Average productivity is 7-12 liters per minute or 420-720 liters per hour.

Water pressure is the main parameter

The value of the water pressure determines how efficiently and quickly your car will be washed. An inexpensive version of the device provides a pressure of 70-100 bar. Please note that this figure can easily turn into 50-80 bar if the car is washed with the help of the water intake, and not the water supply. It is clear that then the process may be delayed.

High pressure washers (150-180 bar) are more expensive, but they can be washed faster, and the result will be better. Therefore, we put money on one side of the scale, and quality and time on the other. The choice is yours.

Mini washing machines are of different types, but they need to be selected taking into account our own needs and capabilities: we do not always need an extra class

Pay attention to the filter.

Modern minisinks are equipped with filters. But the quality of our water is so low that an extra filter in the device will definitely not hurt. If a small abrasive particle gets into the pump of the device, this will lead to breakage. Try to avoid replaceable cartridges. Reusable filters work more efficiently and can be easily washed.

Different types of pumps

Pumps in minisinks are made of metal or plastic. The latter are divided into collapsible and non-collapsible. The cost of the pump is approximately 70% of the total price of the device, so buying a new non-separable pump with its possible breakdown will cost too much. A model with a collapsible pump is more expensive when buying, but as a result of its operation, you will benefit.

However, plastic pumps are worse than metal ones. They deteriorate from overheating and too hot water. This circumstance should not be forgotten.

Minisink has a resource

The lack of information about the resource of the device does not give us a complete picture of the product. But we ourselves must clearly understand how we plan to operate the device, and for what purpose we buy it.

For example, if some models of minisinks can withstand up to half an hour of continuous operation, then for others even 20 minutes are the ultimate load. Karcher Series 2 and 3 can flush only one car per day, and Series 7 can wash up to seven cars per day.

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What is a total stop?

The system in which when the handle of the gun is released the water supply automatically stops, is called “total stop”. Its presence extends the service life of any model of washing.

The washing machines can have a wide scope, especially in the presence of different nozzles and the possibility of connecting this device to the water supply

Water abstraction technology

Connecting the device to the water supply system instantly helps to ensure pressure in the system when water is taken spontaneously. But not every time there is the possibility of such a connection. In this case, the minisink should work with the intake of water from the tank. Sometimes it’s such a job that is prohibited and the instructions say that internal parts can get extra wear. The product may only be operated as specified in the instructions.

Nozzles and accessories

Various additional nozzles expand the scope of application of washing machines. Karcher company with 1-2 nozzles included in the basic package, offers to purchase up to an additional 20 different accessories. Other producers have less choice.

The possibility of using auto chemical goods

Some models include the addition of auto chemical goods to the tank, in other cases, chemistry can be supplied through a special device or a special foaming agent is needed that is worn on the tank. With the last two options, washing the engine with aggressive chemicals will be difficult.

Warranty & Maintenance

Ready minimoyka is assembled so that it could be opened only in service centers. Warranty conditions and availability of centers must be clarified in advance.

A few more words about how to choose a purchased mini-wash, you will hear from a specialist in this video:

If there is no money, we do a mini-wash yourself

A self-made mini-wash will not only save the family budget, but also give an additional pleasure to the motorist: the availability of the parts used in its production is simply inspiring. The operating voltage of the device is 12 volts: you can operate it by inserting the plug into the “cigarette lighter” or from the household network through a rectifier.

Parts required for work:

  • the working motor of the washer Volga, Nine or another car;
  • a brush for washing the machine, worn on the hose;
  • cigarette lighter plug;
  • two three-meter hoses 6 and 10 mm in diameter;
  • a piece of corrugated hose 25mm in diameter;
  • switch button;
  • two-wire electrical cable 5-6m long;
  • M8 brass bolt with washer and nut;
  • two polyethylene 10-liter cans;
  • 6 galvanized self-tapping screws with a diameter of 4x12 mm;
  • some sealant.

So, the order of the work. A thin hose and wires are placed in a larger diameter hose. Then it is threaded into the hole, which must first be done in the canister, and fixed with a sleeve. A receiving tube is attached to the washer motor. A switch button is installed on the brush. If desired, it is decorated with a piece of corrugated hose 25 mm in diameter. The connection of the bottom of the wire is well shown in the diagram.

One of the two cans needs to be cut to make the second sink bottom with a shuttle, on which the power wire will be wound, and a rotary lid. To supply water to the brush, press the switch button. A short press of up to 50 seconds is enough with breaks of 15-20 seconds.

Homemade mini-wash is very easy to manufacture and wonderful to use: I drove to a place where there are no people and washed the car without problems and costs

How exactly you need to cut the canister is clearly visible in the photographs. In the right photo you can see the bottom of the canister with a washer motor mounted on it

The washer motor must be secured with a clamp that is cut from the remains of the second canister. For its fastening, an M8 bolt mounted on a sealant is used. Hoses are worn on plastic sleeves, which are perfect housing from markers or simple ballpoint pens.

After unsoldering the wires, a second bottom is attached with screws, then a rotary cover. Remember to use sealant wherever it is needed.

All that is necessary to do a minimo yourself is depicted in this and previous photographs and diagrams: it remains to stock up on details and patience

After washing the car:

  • the hose is hidden inside;
  • the wire is wound on a shuttle, closed by a rotary cover;
  • in winter, the remaining water must be drained.

This mini-wash allows you to not depend on the source of water, wash the car often and with pleasure.


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