How to choose a good electric jigsaw so you don’t regret it later?

Jigsaw has universal capabilities for processing any materials at home. Any craftsman engaged in construction, repair, woodcarving, carpentry, has this type of tool. To know how to choose an electric jigsaw from the rich assortment offered in specialized stores, you need to understand the main technical characteristics. Manufacturers give the produced models various additional functions, which affects the price of the tool. However, these functions are not always in demand in practice. So, when choosing, you can not focus only on the cost of the model, thinking that the more expensive the tool, the better. Then what are the criteria for choosing a jigsaw?

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What is a jigsaw and what is it used for?

Jigsaw power saw, and abbreviated electric jigsaw, refers to a hand tool equipped with an electric drive. The small dimensions of this tool affect its weight, which, in fact, is not felt. Using a jigsaw you can quickly and efficiently perform the following types of work:

  • direct cuts of materials such as wood, plastic, drywall. metal sheet, laminate, ceramic tile, etc .;
  • curved cut of any of the above materials;
  • cutting round holes of the desired diameter;
  • cutting rectangular holes.

The purpose of the jigsaw is to perform a large number of operations both in longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet material, and in curly.

Example: an electric jigsaw manufactured by Skil in the Netherlands is used in everyday life to directly cut parts made of wood and other materials.

Design Features of a Jigsaw Electric Saw

Material cutting is provided with the help of a special file, driven by the operation of an electric motor. The frequency of the reciprocating movements made by the file vertically reaches 3500 moves per minute. To install the mechanism, a support platform is used, which is also called a slab or sole. The base plate is used as a guide and provides high precision cutting of the material by maintaining a constant distance to the work surface.

Having the ability to rotate the support platform by an angle of up to 45 degrees allows you to change the slope of the cut. The material for the manufacture of the platform is usually steel, aluminum or high-strength plastic. Manufacturers close the file with a transparent protective screen made of plexiglass (organic glass), which ensures the safety of work.

Jigsaws differ in the type of handle design, which can be:

  • staple-shaped, allowing a good view of the cut line;
  • mushroom-shaped, facilitating work on inclined planes.

The type of pen does not affect the quality of work, and therefore they choose a tool according to this criterion, based only on personal preferences.

The design of an electric jigsaw intended for professional use, equipped with many additional functions that facilitate the operation of this type of hand tool

Hitachi cordless jigsaw, manufactured by a well-known Japanese company, is designed to work in places inaccessible to connect the tool to the mains

If you plan to use a jigsaw without connecting to power, then purchase battery models. Only in this case, keep in mind that the operation of this tool is limited in time. The power of battery models is usually low.

Additional features of the power tool

Here is what can be included in the jigsaw design:

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  • The stroke frequency adjustment function is used when working with different types of materials. The choice of the stroke frequency can be made not only before the start of the operation, but also during it by pressing the start-lock button. At the same time, it is possible to increase productivity. True, such a mode of operation of a power tool results in rapid wear of the working blade.
  • The presence of a multi-stage pendulum mechanism, which is typical for all modern models of electric jigsaws, allows the file to make additional horizontal movements (both towards sawing and vice versa) and cut the material only when moving up. This function affects the increase in productivity without reducing the life of the file, but contributes to the deterioration of the surface quality of the cut. Therefore, when making a finishing cut, it is recommended to disable this function. This recommendation should be followed when working with sheet steel and hardwood.
  • The function of illuminating the working area with a lamp integrated in the jigsaw construction increases the degree of convenience when working in low ambient light conditions.
  • The presence of a quick file replacement system facilitates the process of extracting a worn cutting blade by pressing a special lever.
  • The automatic blowing off of sawdust by a fan cooling the engine allows you to free the cutting line from the resulting sawdust and settling dust.
  • The ability to connect a power tool to a vacuum cleaner through a special pipe ensures quick cleaning of the work surface from waste, which helps to improve the visibility of the cutting line.
  • The presence of a device for turning the file, thanks to which the working blade can be rotated 360 degrees, allows you to cut circles of different diameters in the material.
  • An angle clamp is required to secure the position of the tool at an angle from zero degrees to 45.

What of this you need - choose only for you.

Professional or household appliance?

Electric jigsaws, like the entire power tool, are available for both professional and domestic use. In everyday life, equipment is used less intensively, so its power is inferior to professional models designed for continuous operation. A small number of additional functions, as well as a minimum working resource, which is quite enough for a single use of the electric saw for its intended purpose, is also characteristic of a household tool. Prices for household models of electric jigsaws are 2-3 times lower than for professional models.

When choosing, take into account the fact that household low-power jigsaws can cut wood parts having a thickness of not more than 70 mm, and of steel - not more than 2-4 mm. Professional models with high power and productivity can cut wood up to 135 mm thick, aluminum sheets up to 20 mm, steel sheets up to 10 mm. Knowing the thickness of the material that you will cut, it is easy to determine which jigsaw is best to choose for this operation. Power tools for domestic use are available in China and Poland. High-quality tools for professionals are produced in Germany, Japan, Sweden.

Cutting out round holes of various diameters with an electric jigsaw in wood, steel and other sheet materials is quick and smooth

A model of an electric jigsaw (electric jigsaw) designed for professional use, released by the Bosch German company known on the market for power tools

The main criteria for choosing a specific model

The main indicator that you should immediately pay attention to is the power of the tool. Remember that for household models, this figure is from 350 to 500 watts, and for professional models - from 700 watts. Depth of cut, duration of the period of uninterrupted operation, and the life of the tool depend on the power of the jigsaw.

Important! Powerful models are also characterized by more weight, which is important when working with a manual power tool.

No less important criterion is the number of moves per minute. After all, the speed of work, as well as the cleanliness of the cut, depends on the value of this indicator. For most models, the number of strokes per minute varies from 0 to 2700-3100. Although there are jigsaws in which this indicator reaches 3500 stroke / min.

The comfort of using a power tool depends on the file replacement system, which can be fastened with either screws or a clamping device. In the latter case, the blade is replaced in an accelerated form without the use of a special tool.

Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the stroke frequency only if you intend to use a jigsaw to process various building materials. Some sheet materials are cut at certain values ​​of this indicator.

If health is expensive, then purchase models that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner. This function protects the eyes and respiratory organs from fine dust generated during work with the tool, and also allows you to keep the workplace clean.

The presence in the set of replaceable files, special oils for the lubrication of work surfaces, screwdrivers and other little things is a pleasant addition to the product. However, all this can be bought if necessary in the same specialized stores and service centers opened by manufacturers.

Lightweight and silent Makita jigsaws are of high quality workmanship and the presence of a large number of additional functions. The tool is produced at the company's own factories located in Japan, USA, UK, China, Romania

The production of jigsaws involved in such well-known companies as Bosch, Makita, Meister, Hitachi, Metabo, Skil. Before choosing a jigsaw of a specific manufacturer, pay attention to the technical characteristics of similar models sold under other brands. With this approach, you can buy the right tool for less money.


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