How to choose a gas trimmer for the lawn so you don’t regret it later?

Maintaining order in the summer cottage is impossible without periodic mowing the lawn, shrubbery, weed grass, etc. Otherwise, this vegetation is capable of turning a summer house into a wasteland overgrown with weeds over a season. Either an ordinary braid can help in this (although a rare owner today retained the ability to use it!), Or her “descendant” is a trimmer. It is more convenient to use gasoline models in cottages, because not every area has electricity, and wires will not interfere with work. It remains to decide how to choose a gas trimmer so that it is easy to use and easily mows not only grass, but also young shrubs, powerful weeds and even tree shoots.

Analyzing engine features

The heart of any mechanism is the engine. The duration of work and the quality of mowing depends on its power and design features.

A two-stroke engine is harder to refuel, but easier to carry, but a four-stroke engine is easier to maintain

Internal structure of the motor

Most often, the grass trimmer is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine, the power of which varies from 0.5 to 3.3 kW. For the engine to work without interruptions, a fuel mixture is prepared for it from AI-92 gasoline and special oil for two-stroke engines. Changing the brand of gasoline or type of oil is unacceptable, because the engine will start to work unevenly and overheat. The mixture is prepared in the exact proportion, otherwise the gas trimmer will fail long before the end of the warranty period. Such a motor requires certain skills, so it is better for inexperienced owners to purchase models with four-stroke engines. They do not require the preparation of mixtures, and gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers.

Four-stroke models are more powerful, so they are able to carve complex, overgrown with shrubs. But if you need a lawn trimmer, then these capacities will be too much. In this case, it is worthwhile to focus on two-stroke engines, which, moreover, have less weight, and are cheaper.

Engine make

The desire to buy a "non-Chinese" model from you may never be realized. Many European manufacturers do not produce motors, but prefer to buy them from companies specializing in engines. And for the most part, these firms relocated their plants to China, since there are more favorable conditions for production. So Briggs & Stratton, and MTD, and Mitsubishi are the engines of the Chinese assembly. "Overboard" is still one Honda. So, choosing a famous brand trimmer, tune in that in 90% of cases there will be a Chinese motor inside. But not the basement, but the factory one, of good quality!

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We select the cutting tool

To cut vegetation, the brushcutters are equipped with a cutting tool, the form of which depends on the power level of the unit. So, low-power models are most often equipped with a cord (or fishing line), more "strong" - with metal knives and a milling cutter.

Consider how to choose a trimmer taking into account the cutting tool.

Varieties of Cutting Cord

Trimmer fishing line is of different thicknesses: 1.2 - 4 mm. Each unit comes with a fishing line of the recommended thickness, which should not be exceeded if you want to avoid premature wear of the bushings.

The most versatile, capable of cutting both green grass and dry plants, will be a fishing line with a circular cross section. A square can cut lignified and thick plants, such as raspberries. Lawns are usually mowed with an asterisk, because it has the most sparing regime: the grass tolerates a haircut and is faster to recover than after mowing with a round cord

Cord also has a difference in structure. If you look at the cross section, you can see that one fishing line will be round, the second - square or polygonal. There are even curly options, such as stars or rounded protrusions. Such a variety of fishing lines helps to choose the most suitable option for your site.

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Types of trimmer knives

If you’re visiting the country rarely and mowing the site a couple of times a season, it’s better to buy a model with knives instead of a cord. Tall grass tends to wrap itself around the spindle when it is mowed with fishing line.

Knives are available in plastic and metal. Plastic blades easily destroy dead wood and hard plants (burdock, nettle), but it is better to cut green shrubbery with a metal tool. Knives are not suitable for rocky areas, because when they collide with a very hard object they give back kickback, which is unsafe for the scythe.

If you choose which trimmer is better by the number of blades of the knife, then practice shows that the more teeth, the better the braid copes with heavy areas. For owners who buy a trimmer for hay, three or four-toothed knives are not suitable, because they crush the grass too much.

An eight-tooth knife can cut even small trees, while a three-and four-tooth knife is designed for dense bushes

Bar structure options

The rod is a conductor connecting the motor to the cutting system. Inside it is a shaft, which can be direct or flexible. And, accordingly, the shape of the rod is straight or curved. The first option is more reliable and durable, but if there are many different heights and inaccessible places on the site, then it is better to purchase a model with a curved bar.

A curved bar will help to mow inaccessible places

Pay attention to whether the bar is collapsible. In this case, it is more convenient to fold it into storage.

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Hand strainers

Mowing the site is a rather difficult process, because the working unit vibrates, and you need to not only hold it in your hands, but also cut it as accurately as possible. And if you add here the considerable weight of powerful gas scythes, then for an unprofessional summer resident this process can end with pains in the hands and back. To distribute the load on the body evenly, belt cutters are provided in the scythes. We will figure out how to choose a trimmer for a summer residence taking into account this device.

A single belt distributes the load unevenly, so with prolonged mowing, the shoulder begins to hurt

Models with a 1-shoulder belt are cheaper than the rest, but then the load will fall on one half of the body, and this leads to pain in the shoulder. The best option is double straps with shoulder straps made of soft material. To protect against the vibrating unit, a thigh pad must be included in the kit.

Double straps use both shoulders, but it is better to use them for light weight trimmers.

The most expensive, but also the most effective devices for load distribution - knapsack pendants. They are adjustable for any shape, so the pigtail can perfectly fit the snap-in "for yourself."

A knapsack suspension is ideal for powerful braids, otherwise the hands will not be able to hold their mass for a long time

Having looked at our recommendations for a specific trimmer, do not forget to turn it on. Only in this way will you feel how comfortable it is and whether you can cope with the level of vibration.


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