How to build a firewood in the country: we build a building for storing firewood

A fireman in the country seeks to build any zealous owner. You can’t do without it if you have a fireplace and you like to stay in the country on cool evenings, warming with its warmth and looking at the fire. If in the country there is a potbelly stove, stove heating, and just for grilling and barbecue always need firewood. And firewood needs a cozy house so that they do not become damp and are not scattered in different places of the yard. Drovnik is not only a necessary outbuilding, if it looks aesthetically pleasing, it decorates the territory. And to make a beautiful fireman with your own hands is quite possible, as you will see in the course of the article.

What are firewood men like?

To begin with, the size of the woodcutter and its appearance directly depend on the amount of firewood that you can use per season.

The easiest option is a canopy with the floor slightly raised above the ground and three walls. Such a building can be located in the yard separately, or make an extension to the barn, house.

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A solid, robust log fire canopy can be built if you have strong logs for construction. The roof of this woodcutter is simple - the slate is laid directly on the floor beams

A woodcutter can also be part of a barn if you foresee this in a building plan. It can also be a structure resembling a gazebo with or without a door.

This is a woodcutter, and a barn for storing equipment, a practical structure with a gable roof and a window, the presence of which ensures constant ventilation

What materials are better to use for construction?

Most often, wood is used for the construction of the woodcutter (walls, floor), the roof is better made from a more practical material - it is convenient to use polycarbonate, slate, corrugated board. If the room is closed, firewood should be well ventilated. Polycarbonate is a relatively new and convenient material for farm buildings. You can use it for walls, in this case you will need to leave gaps so that the firewood is ventilated.

And forged products always look rich and beautiful. Drovnik is no exception. A shod house for firewood can be bought ready-made or made to order. Forged firewood is usually small in size, so it can be put in a convenient place - on the street or in a house near the fireplace.

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A beautiful forged firewood with a polycarbonate roof. The construction is quite large, there is enough space for a seasonal supply of firewood, and its aesthetics makes the woodcutter an attractive object on the site

Do-it-yourself firewood construction options

Freestanding construction

To build such a woodcutter is better on a small elevation, in a dry, shaded place. To maintain the quality of firewood, it is important that they are well purged; direct sunlight only harms them. Decide on the size - how much firewood you are going to store, whether the woodcutter will be designed to store other equipment. We start with the construction of the frame. If you use the blueprint design shown in the drawing for construction, you will receive a wood storage shed where other things and utensils will fit.

An example of a drovnik-shed project, where you can place garden tools, firewood, and other summer cottage utensils

Stages of construction:

  1. First, poles are dug in (they can be from metal or from wood). Pillars should be covered with crushed stone or filled with concrete, well tamped.
  2. The floor of the woodcutter should rise at least 10 cm above the ground. Logs and roofing material are laid on bricks.
  3. We nail boards and we finish the finished frame also with boards. Gaps should be left between the boards to allow airing of the wood. You can nail boards in parallel to each other, or in a checkerboard pattern.
  4. The roof of the woodcutter is shed, its edge should protrude a considerable distance (up to 30 cm) in order to protect the firewood from rain and snow.
  5. When working with wood, do not forget about its processing with special means from moisture, fungus, insects and decay.

As already mentioned, the woodcutter can be a very aesthetic building. In order to give it an attractive look, use varnishes and paint, garden decor (carvings, lights, various figures). The design for storing firewood, braided by garden climbing plants, will look great.

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Frame firewood - all walls of the structure are open, which provides good ventilation for firewood, a raised floor above the ground keeps the bottom layer of firewood from damp

Fireman at the wall of a barn or house

Now consider how to build a firewood extension to the barn or house. In this case, the wall will play the role of insulation. This is a positive point, but the inconvenience is that water will flow down the walls, drip from the roof. So think over this nuance so that rain and melt water do not spoil the wood.

As in the previous version, you first need to choose a place. If you place the structure near the south wall, the tree will become loose under the action of direct sunlight, and it will burn faster, so it’s better to place the firewood at the north wall so that the firewood is well ventilated.

The stages of construction coincide with those described above for a separate building.

If you have materials for the woodcutter - slate, boards, its size can be calculated by the size of the materials. Firewood in it must be stacked so that the tree is dried naturally, and stacked in rows of logs held each other.

In this case, the woodcutter is part of the veranda - the firewood is protected from rain, well ventilated, the masonry does not take up much space

Note! Some owners believe that it is not necessary to do sex in a drovnik, and they make a mistake. Of course, you can not do the floor, but there will be no natural air flow in the structure without a floor, random moisture will accumulate at the bottom, and the bottom layer of firewood will be moist. The floor in the woodcutter can be remade once every 15 years, but your firewood will always be dry.

The frame drovnik is the most functional design, lightweight, providing good air flow. The blown and cool inside of this design allows you to quickly exit the moisture accumulated inside, and the tree retains its qualities.

Alternatively, it is possible not to completely cover the woodcutter from three sides, and sew one or two walls with a wooden grate. Such a house for firewood will resemble a gazebo, if you have other buildings in the style on the site, it will complement a single architectural ensemble. If you live in a country house and in the cold season, wooden shutters can be made to protect firewood from snow.

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Building a budget drover

Consider another option - how do we make a firewood man at the lowest cost. I must say that the cheapest option is a wooden frame and metal upholstery, but it is impractical - metal sheets do not contribute to good ventilation, they create a greenhouse effect. It is better to spend a little more money, and make a shed entirely of wood. As in previous versions, a pair of walls can be left open, ventilation gaps must be made in the cladding.

Work Stages:

  1. We dig in the ground beams for the frame, fill them with concrete, well ram. The frame must be treated with a means of moisture.
  2. We make rafters from boards, we also process them with a moisture-resistant composition. A practical roof will turn out if you use a layer of roofing material, and put slate sheets on it with an overlap. Slate should protrude 20 cm along the edges of the walls. After the construction of the house and outbuildings there is always something left - you can use both ondulin and metal. For fastening ondulin and slate, it is recommended to use nails with wide hats.
  3. To create the floor, we lay bricks at a certain interval from each other, put roofing material and logs. For the floor, it is good to use boards tightly laid to each other.
  4. To make the structure more rigid, you can make braces along the side walls.
  5. Water will drain from the rooftop, so you can equip a drainage ditch to drain it.
  6. Firewood can be painted to match the rest of the buildings on the site, or varnished, preserving the color of the tree.

What else can I use as a firewood man?

If you don’t have the desire and time to build a firewood yourself, you can use other constructions that are perfect for storing firewood:

  • You can make a firewood using warehouse structures to move goods - they can be folded in the form of a cube - and the firewood is ready, it only needs to be covered with roofing material or oilcloth;
  • Under the firewood, you can re-equip the old rabbitry, it is enough to remove the nets, doors that form the front parts of the structure, and you can fold the firewood inside.

Warehouse pallets are quite suitable for creating a wood shredder. We put them one on one, we cover them with slate or oilcloth from above - and one of the simplest woodcutters is ready

A good woodcutter will come out of rabbitry after removing the front wall. If you or your neighbors have unnecessary old rabbits, use this option

There shouldn’t be any special difficulties when creating a woodcutter, having spent a little effort, you will provide a reliable place to store firewood in your area.


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