How to beautifully decorate the courtyard of a private house: some simple ideas from decorators

Spring and summer time in the countryside - this is a time of relaxation, fantasy and magic. Using inexpensive tools and materials, you can turn ordinary summer cottages into a fairy garden, a lush flower garden or an elegant park with a sparkling fountain, graceful statues and mosaic paths. It is pleasant in the late evening to relax with your family on the shore of a picturesque pond, and the neighbors are unlikely to pass by the beautiful courtyard of a private house, decorated with man-made decorations.

Flower Symphony: unusual flower beds and flower beds

The easiest way to make the courtyard cozy is to split several flower beds from different sides so that they make up a vivid composition. To organize several border or house groups, a lot of imagination and skill is not required, every beginner summer resident can cope with this. We’ll better consider a few original options that can truly be called masterpieces of decorative art.

One of the luxury options is a flower car. The basis is an unnecessary miracle of technology - a small old car, motorcycle or bicycle. Horizontal and partially vertical surfaces are covered with a grid filled with nutrient soil. To make the carpet fun and resemble a flowering meadow, use low curb flowers or climbing plants.

Material about the best varieties of climbing plants and flowers will also be useful: ozelenenie / vyushhiesya-rasteniya-i-cvety-dlya-sada.html

In addition to a layer of soil, packed in a special mesh, you can use low, compact trays, flower pots or flowerpots, placed on the surface

Even a country house can be turned into a large floral bouquet, decorating it with a lot of flowerpots with bright flowers. For the design of the walls, any unpretentious climbing plants, for example, petunias, which for lush flowering need only a little soil and regular watering, are perfect.

There are two options for decorating walls with flowers: selecting shades of the same color scheme or placing different plants in different ways, regardless of their color

An original and economical solution is mini-flower beds made from old shoes or household utensils. A pair of children's rubber boots, a sprawled shoe, a broken jug or a broken wooden tub can act as a flower pot. Habitual objects get a second life and continue to delight us, but already in a floral frame.

You can learn more about how to decorate the garden with unnecessary things from the material: dekor / idei-dlya-dachi-svoimi-rukami.html

As an original planter you can use things that have served their age, for example, children's shoes, large toy cars, old bags

As you can see, creating a beautiful courtyard with your own hands is not at all difficult, it would be a desire.

Topiary Topiary

The most advanced owners of suburban areas do not even think about how to beautifully and originally decorate their yard. They simply pick up the pruner and turn the bushes growing around the building into bizarre shapes. To understand the art of topiary, you need to learn how to use simple tools and have a little imagination.

What species of trees and shrubs to choose?

One of the popular shrubs is boxwood. When thinking of a composition from this plant, it should be remembered that its branches grow very quickly, so the main haircut will have to be done twice a year. Noble yew is no less ideal for topiary, which is pleasant and easy to care for.

The prickly holly is perfect for creating a hedge, with which you can zoning a summer cottage. Also looks good green fence made of privet, which must be looked after only in the warm season. Cotoneaster is good for creating the most extraordinary figures, but the growth rate of shoots makes you engage in haircut quite often.

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The densely planted boxwood shrub is a real find for those who like to spend a lot of time in the garden. Labyrinths, hedges, rockeries, solitary figures from boxwood bushes will decorate any yard

Haircutting tools

All tools are available and easy to use:

  • saw - to remove the thickest branches and twigs;
  • delimbers - helps to get rid of branches located at a long distance;
  • brush cutter - an indispensable tool for forming a crown;
  • secateurs - for accurate cutting of shoots and thin branches;
  • garden knife - replaces any tool.

Brief care instructions

At the initial stage, do not even try to tackle complex figures that require jewelry work. It is better to dwell on simple, compact, uncomplicated forms in the form of balls, cubes, pyramids. The distance between neighboring plants should not be less than 80-100 cm, so that it is more convenient to care for and prune overgrown branches. The tool must be kept in a sharpened state in a dry room, then it will be easy and pleasant to work.

The thicker the pruning, the more magnificent hedges and figures will grow. Young plants are easily stopped by secateurs or an ordinary garden knife. If it is necessary to let out a number of new shoots, then the bush is cut at a height of 15 cm from the soil surface. The more diverse plant species used in the preparation of the green composition, the more natural and interesting it will look.

The magical power of sparkling jets

The most attractive place during the summer heat is a pond. Pools, ponds, man-made streams, fountains are not only beautiful, but also functional. Suppose the spray from the fountain irrigates the surrounding plants, and the pool is a real escape from the scorching sun.

A small waterfall created with its own hands from a pile of stones looks very picturesque. It is not difficult to find stones, decorative tiles, fragments of ceramic products, especially after repair or construction of a house. If a riverbank or quarry is nearby, stones can be delivered from there.

To arrange such a cute fountain, you will need large and small stones of different colors and a pump mechanism that pushes a small stream of water

A real work of art is a sparkling fountain that looks equally harmonious in the cool depths of the garden and in the center of the playground. The device of the fountain does not take much time and money, and a beautiful and original courtyard in the country is provided. The process can be conditionally divided into 2 parts: the construction of a reservoir and the connection of a water spray system.

It is easy to equip a small pond according to the following plan:

  • dig a hole;
  • cover the bottom and walls with a large piece of a thick waterproof film;
  • fix the edges of the film around the circumference;
  • fill with water;
  • decorate the sides of the pond with stones, plates, ceramic products, statues, flowers.

Components for the fountain device can be bought at the store. Some systems are equipped with various nozzles that allow you to change the configuration of the water pattern.

The timeless beauty of stone gardens

If the desire to decorate the infield is huge, and there is not enough time for leaving, there is a simple solution - to set up a stone garden, unusual, beautiful in its own way and a little mysterious. It can only consist of stones and sand, be diluted with evergreen plantings or flowers, as well as a small pond or waterfall.

When choosing stones, you should pay attention to their color and texture: the more diverse the workpieces, the more interesting and unusual the composition will turn out. As a filler or base, you can use colored pebbles or crushed granite, as well as river sand with different shades - yellow, white or red.

It will also be useful material about the technology of independent device gravel garden: dekor / ustraivaem-gravijnyj-sad.html

A wonderful find for a rock garden is a traditional alpine slide, which can be placed both in the center and somewhere on the side. For decoration, it is better to use low flowers of the curb type - lush bushes of roses, peonies or dahlias will close the stones and distract attention to themselves. Viola, Lungwort, Adonis, Oregano, Diamanthus, Loosestrife, Saxifraga, Veronica Carnation and Geranium are small in size, but have dense inflorescences of bright colors that can revive a cold stone picture.

The stone on a seasonal dacha is always nobility, elegance, stability. It can be used to decorate ponds and pools, to build bridges and walkways, as well as decorative elements of the garden

Your imagination and work skills on the ground will tell you how to quickly and beautifully decorate the yard. In addition to the above methods, you can use seemingly ordinary things to decorate the territory - garden paths, small buildings (arbors, wells), benches, funny sculptures from improvised materials.


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