He mastered the Chinese method of growing tomatoes and seedlings now have 2 times more ovaries

Like all amateur gardeners, I enjoy the process of germinating seeds, planting seedlings and caring for plants. But the main thing for me is to see a rich harvest as the result of my labors. A special place in my garden is occupied by tomatoes.

I have conducted many experiments with this culture. But the most preferred was the Chinese method of growing tomatoes. A feature of this method of growing seedlings of tall tomato varieties is to trim the seedlings and re-build the root system in a picking tank.

For a dive, you can use prepared ground. However, I prefer vermiculite or coconut substrate, thus eliminating the infection of plants and evenly providing them with moisture. The advantages of this method are undeniable:

  • stress transferred during pruning makes the plant stronger;
  • additional transshipment of seedlings is not required, since it does not stretch and the root system does not grow to fill the tank;
  • survival after a dive of more than 80%;
  • when transplanting, you do not need to dig deep holes - their height is the same as that of the container for landing;
  • the stem is lower, the first brushes with fruits are located not far from the ground;
  • 2-3 fruiting brushes will be more;
  • the number of ovaries increases 2 times;
  • Harvest can be removed much earlier.

In March

I planted seedlings in early February at the age of 1 month. I cut the stems of plants cut off at ground level in individual cups until the first germinal leaves (cotyledons).

Gently water with a syringe or syringe, cover with a glass or stretch wrap on top. For 3 days, I place the seedlings in a dark place, and then remove the covering material and place it on the windowsill.

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In April

Seedlings planted in early March, I dive in the way of pruning plants over the first real leaf.

I root the tops of plants in glasses for seedlings, water, cover, put for 3 days in a dark place. Then I open the containers and put it on the windowsill.

In May

I carry out transplantation in open ground in the second half of May. I use the planting scheme 40 × 50 cm. I make holes to the height of the glass and transship the plants in them. Sprinkle with earth, compact the topsoil and water it.


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