Glowing stones for landscape design: techniques for lighting the site

A garden on a personal plot is a place that every owner can turn into a cozy corner, using interesting ideas offered by modern landscape design. Moreover, the garden can look attractive and mysterious at any time of the day - and in sunlight, and at dusk, and in the dark of night. Luminous stones as garden decor have been used relatively recently, they can revive the night landscape, make it colorful and fantastic, but in the afternoon, framing with neat rounded stones will make a flowerbed, pond, stream or garden path more beautiful.

Stones glowing in the dark perform not only a decorative function. This is a source of lighting, which is usually enough to navigate in the garden at night. Located along the path, around the pond, near the benches for relaxation, they will shimmer with a soft light, pleasant to the eyes, without violating the twilight harmony in the garden.

Varieties of luminous stones

Plastic stones with luminosity catalysts

Such stones look almost like natural, they accumulate light during the day, and glow at night. They weigh significantly less than natural stones, so they are easy to transport and place in the right places.

They have a long service life, it is easy to care for them - you can wash artificial stones with ordinary detergents. Glowing stones for landscape design can be used when decorating garden ponds - they are not afraid of water and form a beautiful illumination of a pond, fountain, pool.

Decor flower beds with colorful plastic stones. Stones of different colors look good in the daytime and at night

Homemade luminous stones

Stones for work you need to choose yourself. It is best to use pebbles - it has a beautiful rounded shape with which you can successfully decorate any garden object. Pebbles can be placed along the path and around the flower bed, put a pile of pebbles in the center of the flower bed, decorate individual plants in the garden. How to make a glowing stone? To do this, use fluorescent paint, sold in hardware stores. After staining, when the paint dries, the stones are varnished on top for outdoor use.

You will get a wonderful garden decor, and very little money will be spent. The luminescent pigment in the composition of such a paint is heat-stabilized; its quality determines the quality of the paint itself. If you get good paint, the luminous stones on the site will retain their properties for more than a ten-year period.

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Hollow polymer structures with LEDs inside

Such stones are not too similar to natural ones, in the daytime they are translucent and resemble, rather, some kind of alien objects.

It looks like stones with LEDs

LEDs have a long lifespan of up to ten years. The manufacture of luminous stones on LEDs is carried out by special enterprises. Their considerable advantage is the variety of forms. You can choose several varieties for the garden at once - large boulders, pebbles or very small pebbles resembling stone chips. Their placers look especially beautiful and unusual in the dark, resembling a starry sky.

Such stones are quite expensive, but in order for the garden to look original, it is not necessary to purchase them in large quantities. Sometimes a picturesque luminous boulder near an alpine hill can create a romantic atmosphere.

A scattering of stone chips in the night garden. It can also be used for small objects - a narrow path among greenery, small flower beds

Decoration Examples

Contouring Objects

A luminous object looks beautiful both close and from a long distance, or from a height. If you like to go out to the balcony in the evening, you will surely enjoy the flowerbed, which is surrounded by luminous stones along the contour. Contouring is also well suited for walkways and ponds.

Contouring the track with green luminous pebbles

Spectacular contouring of flower beds and nearby objects in a gravel garden. Stones can be laid out in a solid line so that the contour is clearly visible, and in the middle to position the stones at a certain distance from each other

Spot framing

If the embankment of stones is almost continuous during contouring, then much less is used for spotting, and the light of each pebble is visible separately. For many, this type of decoration and lighting is preferable - individual stones look more impressive, and they require a little. Some people like such a dotted pattern of multi-colored stones along the path, others prefer a luminous strip of one-color stones.

Spotlight track with multi-colored stones. Such lighting in the garden can also be arranged if you are collecting guests for a holiday - they can surround a gazebo, fountain, benches

Spot lighting with stones of the same color. Large luminous semicircular stones - a complete replacement of lamps, only the cost of lighting will be less

Single object to highlight a small composition

If the garden is small, one large luminous boulder will look very good, highlighting a bush, tree or other object. Its light will be softer and more mysterious than the light of a lantern.

Large configurations of stones today can be found only in polyethylene and with a lamp inside

Glowing stone patterns

To create patterns, stones with LEDs are used. Their flat shape and durable material allows you to walk along them, from them you can even create tracks of a certain shape that will look especially beautiful in the dark from a height. There are also special stones that can be placed in the water and create luminous paths through a small stream or small pond.

Track made of translucent stones with LEDs. Using these stones, you can lay out a pattern in one or more rows

A path made of luminous stones in a pond can be either purely decorative or a real path along which you can walk. For this, special durable stones are used.

What is this type of lighting and decoration good for?

But with what:

  • Glowing stones are able to highlight all the necessary objects in the dark, and the need for using flashlights is eliminated, which is energy saving.
  • The luminous decorative stone is capable of making any object in the garden original, creating a special mysterious romantic atmosphere in general.
  • The ability to create interesting compositions by mixing stones of different colors, different degrees of luminosity.
  • When night falls, people who rest in their cozy gardens are in no hurry to lie down in bed. We all want to walk in nature under a starry sky, listen to the singing of crickets and cicadas, enjoy the silence of the night. Therefore, landscape design offers a considerable number of new products for twilight and night time. Glowing stones are one of the best ways to create a calm pacifying mood, because walking in the garden shining with mysterious lights is so nice. This decor is able to create a mood, positively affect the psyche.

Using glowing stones in the garden, you can create a real fairy tale with your own hands, which will delight you every time dusk sets in. And this does not require large expenditures, you just need to give free rein to imagination and imagination, which will tell you where to place the composition of the luminous stones and which stones are better to use.


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