Tropical pineapple - where it grows, useful properties, especially flowering and fruiting

Pineapple is one of the most beloved and valuable fruits not only in our country. The recognized king of tropical fruits gives people their freshness in hot countries, and the northerners are reminded of the summer by its sunny colors and southern aroma. Pineapples do not grow on palm trees Pineapple is a tropical herbaceous plant of the bromeliad family

Grapes Lily of the valley - a new variety with excellent taste. Main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the variety

It would seem that most recently grapes were considered a thermophilic plant, and it could be grown only in the southern regions with a mild climate. Thanks to the efforts of wine-growers-breeders, varieties capable of withstanding harsh winters began to appear and today there are already a great many of them

Strawberry Asia - Italian Beauty

There is nothing better than sweet, fragrant strawberries grown in your own area. But since this culture is often sick (especially fungal diseases), many gardeners avoid contacting it. Meanwhile, there are varieties resistant to pathogenic fungi - for example, strawberries Asia. Growing history Variety Asia appeared in the city of Cesena (Italy) in 2005

Grape varieties Sensation - earliest receipt of berries at the cottage

The Sensation grape variety to some extent answers its name: having an original shape and variable color of berries of excellent taste, it compares favorably with both its consumer properties and simple agricultural technology. Due to its frost resistance, the variety finds fans in almost all climatic zones of our country

Variety Raspberry Phenomenon - phenomenally tasty berries in your garden

When choosing a raspberry variety for their infield, each gardener focuses on his own preferences: one needs an unpretentious plant, the other a high-yielding plant, the third a frost-resistant one. Raspberry Phenomenon combines not only all these qualities, but also a number of other advantages and is suitable for growing in almost any climatic conditions

Strawberry Malvina - large, sweet, late

Strawberries are the favorite and most popular culture grown in summer cottages. Sweet, fragrant berries are loved not only in our country, but also abroad. Breeders of the whole world are working on the creation of new species. German scientists gave strawberry lovers a good gift - a new variety called Malvina, which, due to its large, beautiful and tasty fruits, quickly gained popularity among gardeners

Irga Canadian: description and care tips

Canadian irga is a very decorative and abundant fruiting shrub. Its berries are not only tasty, but also very healthy. The plant is appreciated by gardeners for their general simplicity, high productivity, and immunity to many common diseases and pests. Description of Canadian Irgi Irga - deciduous tree-like shrub from the pink family

Edible honeysuckle: a brief overview of the best varieties for growing in different regions

Honeysuckle relatively recently began to be grown as a berry crop. But breeders have already managed to develop many varieties of this plant, which differ significantly from each other both in taste characteristics and in the degree of resistance to adverse conditions. Edible Honeysuckle Species To date, more than 100 species of honeysuckle are known

Tall blueberries Patriot: characteristics of the variety and growing rules

Blueberries are rapidly replacing blueberries from the markets. It is sweeter, does not get dirty hands, is widely used for medical purposes. This berry is grown commercially in the United States, Europe and Australia. Tall varieties, giving up to 10 kg from one bush, are especially popular. These include Patriot blueberries

Rumba grapes: characteristics of the variety and conditions for growing

Grapes have long been considered a great addition to a garden or plot. It can be grown on walls, trellises or trellises. With proper planting, grapes take up little space. For the fruits of the plant to ripen, you need soft earth and plenty of sunlight. To grow in a cool climate, breeders have developed special frost-resistant varieties, one of which is Rumba

How to grow strawberries Victoria: characteristics, care and prevention of diseases

Scarlet, covered with dew drops, strawberries can be found in every garden plot. It is not surprising, because this berry is not only beautiful, but also tasty and healthy. Juicy fresh strawberry fruit, as if melting in the mouth. For the winter, jam, jelly, and pastille are made from it. Berries are rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, a group of vitamins B

Beans: species and varietal diversity

Beans are among the ten most common and consumed vegetables. Therefore, it is not surprising that in almost every garden you can find beds of this useful crop from the legume family. Indeed, one garden is not enough here, because the enormous species diversity of the culture and the unpretentious nature of cultivation and care attracts gardeners to plant different varieties that differ not only in the appearance of the plant itself, but also in the color, taste and quality characteristics of the fruits

Kiwi - what kind of fruit, how does it grow in nature and in culture

Original kiwi fruits are very much appreciated for their great taste, exquisite aroma, high vitamin content, excellent transportability and long-term storage for several months. This useful and unpretentious plant feels great in the gardens of the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine. You can grow it in indoor conditions or in a greenhouse

Laura grapes: characteristics, breeding rules

Many gardeners want to grow grapes on their site, but are afraid to face the difficulties that arise. In this case, for breeding, Laura grapes are quite suitable - a table variety that has a lot of advantages and does not require complicated care. History and description of the variety Grapes of Laura (the more correct name is Flora) was bred by Odessa breeders

Isabella grapes: all about cultivating varieties, crop care recommendations

Isabella is one of the most common grape varieties in the world. By appointment, it is a canteen, that is, universal. It can be consumed fresh, make wine, cook stewed fruit, jam, jelly and so on. This variety is popular with gardeners due to the general lack of care, high yield, low calorie content, and the ability to withstand most of the diseases typical of the culture

Gigantella Strawberries: Variety Description, Planting and Care Tips

Garden strawberries (often called strawberries) are the most desired and long-awaited berry in our gardens. To collect a rich harvest, it is important not only to follow all agricultural procedures, but also to choose the right variety. Strawberry of the Dutch selection Gigantella is a record holder that never ceases to amaze gardeners with the size of fruits

Winter is just around the corner: how to shelter a vine

Contrary to popular belief, the vine is not so thermophilic picky plant to die in case of accidental frost in the fall or a sharp drop in temperature in winter. Many technical and some table grape varieties survive the cold without shelter in climatic zones with mild winters. But a caring gardener will certainly prevent unpleasant surprises associated with sudden cold snap and sudden temperature drops that occur not only in January - February, but also in the off-season

Harvest, early, decorative - Pleven grape variety

A beautiful arch or arbor twined with grapes with large ripe clusters of amber color is the dream of many gardeners and winegrowers. Pleven grapes - unpretentious, stably productive and tall, will help to bring it to life. Further it is described in more detail. The Many Faces of Pleven - Variety Description Grape variety Pleven - Bulgarian selection Grape variety Pleven - Bulgarian selection

Zemklunika Merchant - a hybrid of two berry crops in your garden

Zemklunika Kupchikha appeared on the sites about two years ago. The variety was introduced to the State Register in 2017, but in a short time the fame of the hybrid has already spread throughout Russia, neighboring countries and the Internet. There are many videos, articles and reviews dedicated to this variety

Atos table grapes: its advantages and disadvantages, care features

According to various estimates of scientists, people began to grow grapes 6-8 thousand years ago. Today there are more than 20 thousand varieties of culture, but selection does not stand still, every year scientists and amateur breeders bring out new ones. One of the most notable novelties of the last decade was the early ripening variety Athos

Meet Delicious Asparagus - Favorite Vegetable of French Kings

All of us have often seen light and fluffy asparagus branches in the composition of the original bouquets. But it turns out that asparagus is not only an ornamental plant. In Italy, young shoots are served with pasta and shrimp. In Germany, cooked with goat cheese, truffles and caviar. Since the time of Julius Caesar in Europe, asparagus was grown as a vegetable and was present on the menu of blue bloods

Moldova grapes - high yields, grapes for the whole winter

There are many grape varieties, including those bred specifically for the difficult climatic conditions of Russia. Nevertheless, not all varieties combine such advantages as good winter hardiness, high productivity and long shelf life. If you are interested in these qualities, you should pay attention to the late table grapes of Moldova, which, with proper care, will give a huge harvest of large and juicy, albeit slightly sour berries

Raspberry Zyugana - a promising repair grade

Raspberry Zyugana is considered one of the most promising repair varieties. With improved characteristics, it surpasses many other varieties in yield, beauty and taste of berries. Sweet, with a slightly noticeable sourness and a real raspberry aroma, they are in demand among buyers, which makes it possible for farmers who grow berries for the market to make good profits

Strawberry Elizabeth 2 - royal harvests with good care

The fame of strawberries Elizabeth 2 is very contradictory. Some gardeners say that the variety is super-yielding, the berries are large and tasty. Others are disappointed with bushes with an abundance of mustaches and one dry and tasteless berry. There are two main reasons for negative reviews. The first - instead of the famous Elizabeth 2, a fake was bought, the second - improper care

Monterey - California's Removable Garden Strawberry

To enjoy sweet strawberries longer, you can grow varieties of different ripening periods. Or plant only one variety - Monterey's repairing strawberries - and pick berries on the plot from early summer to mid-autumn. Monterey Strawberry Growing History Monterey garden strawberry, which is commonly called strawberries, was bred in the USA by scientists at the University of California in 2001

Kesha table grapes: description, nuances of planting and care

Kesha grapes deserve special consideration among the table varieties of this culture due to sugar and large berries and high yields. For him, it is not intended to use any special techniques when planting and cultivating, it is only necessary to follow the general requirements of the agricultural technology of grapes

NiZina grapes - a great option for an amateur variety for beginners

Over the 20 years of its existence, NiZin grapes have become a classic hybrid form grown in many gardens of almost all climatic zones of our and neighboring countries. The variety, bred at the end of the last millennium, fell in love with winegrowers both for the excellent taste and marketability of berries, as well as for their unpretentious care and adaptability to various conditions

How to feed raspberries in the spring: nitrogen, mineral and organic nutrition

All living things in nature grow and develop if they find enough nutrition for this. In raspberries, as in any plant, the roots have limited growth. They braid a clod of earth 30–50 cm deep and 1–2 m in diameter. All raspberry bush takes all the nutrients from this volume in the first 2 years after planting. Th

Diseases and pests of redcurrant: treatment and prevention

On the garden plot, currant bushes from the moment of bud opening to maturation of lacquer-red clusters are threatened by host of pests and pathogens. Sometimes you think about what efforts it is worth to grow a healthy crop without losses. You have to choose: either consistently and stubbornly fight insect pests and pathogens, or immediately buy seedlings of varieties resistant to diseases

Grapes are not afraid of frost: the concept of frost resistance and the features of growing such varieties

Grapes are inherently heat-loving culture, comes from countries with a favorable climate. However, amateur winegrowers want to grow sunny berry even in the midland of Russia, in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. For this, grape varieties with increased resistance to frost are bred. Getting generous sweet berry crops in harsh conditions is not difficult, but it’s useful to know the intricacies of growing and caring for grapes.

Blueberry Bonus: how to grow on your site

In Russia, it is not yet customary to grow blueberries on an industrial scale, although people who have a site tend to plant a couple of bushes of this useful crop on it for their own needs. Novice gardeners often choose Bonus blueberries as an ornamental shrub. This variety has other advantages. Blueberry Bonus: Growing History The Bonus variety is considered to be young, but at the same time very promising - mainly due to large berries

Copper sulfate - a simple and effective tool for the preventive treatment of the vineyard

Grape bushes, like other residents of orchards and vegetable gardens, require competent care. In the arsenal of the chemical industry, there are hundreds of drugs that improve growth and prevent plant diseases. However, to maintain the health of the vines, you can do with an affordable remedy - copper sulfate

Pruning and forming a bush of black currant: features of spring and autumn pruning

Blackcurrant, like most berry crops, bears fruit better with proper care. Every year, starting from the moment of planting, currant bushes need to be cut and cleaned. There are different ways of pruning a plant, they are used depending on age, condition of the bush, season, and other conditions. Blackcurrant bush structure Blackcurrant - a bush up to two meters high

Bazhen grapes: variety description and care recommendations

Until recently, grapes were considered exclusively southern berries. But now, breeders have bred cold-resistant varieties and hybrids that successfully take root and bear fruit not only in central Russia, but also in the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East. Moreover, in terms of taste and productivity, they may well compete with the usual southern grape varieties

Vitamins with tears: how to plant onions

Probably there is no garden where at least a small bed was not planted with onions. This vitamin plant does not require ultra-high labor for growing, but onions have their own secrets. In the southern regions, onions can be obtained from seeds in one season, in most places they try not to tempt fate: first they set onion sets, and plant it next year to get a crop of large commodity bulbs

Strawberry Festival - a classic domestic variety that requires special care

For more than half a century, Strawberry Festival has been pleased with its productivity of gardeners in all Russian regions. The berry grows well and bears fruit in the frosty Northwest, the sunny Caucasus, in the Central Black Earth Region and in harsh Siberia. The variety is susceptible to diseases and pests, but the flaws fade against the background of the annual abundance of delicious and beautiful berries

Mexican tomato in a bright flashlight, or how to grow vegetable physalis

Vegetable physalis is, unfortunately, not a habitual resident of our gardens. This vegetable is grown by rare enthusiasts, and the fruits of the Mexican tomato - so often called vegetable physalis - are extremely healthy and tasty. They make caviar, vegetable stew, add to the first dishes, salt and pickle, make candied fruit and boil jam

Grapes Beauty: we grow without problems

The love of the vine and its sunny gifts comes from the depths of centuries. And today, gardeners respect this amazing plant: they carefully grow it, cherish it and cherish it, so that later they can fully enjoy the fruits of a unique taste or drink a glass of good wine with friends. About a grape variety with a tempting name Pretty woman heard in this century

Dessert and wine grape varieties: the best of the best

For modern gardeners of the southern and northern regions of our country and neighboring countries there are no problems with the choice of grape varieties and varieties due to the variety of dessert and technical types of heat-loving culture. The grapevine with fruits of different shades and sizes, having a unique taste and aroma, with proper care, allows you to experiment on the garden plot and grow adapted hybrids of grapes bred in the last decade by Russian and foreign breeders

Mongolian dwarf: superdeterminant Siberian tomato variety

Low-growing tomato varieties invariably cause increased interest, since it is believed that caring for them is somewhat easier. Among these varieties, the Mongolian dwarf stands out especially - a tomato whose bush grows almost Plastusian, not up, but in breadth, like many plants in Siberia, where the variety was bred

Maria is a wonderful late-ripening dessert pear

The fruits of most late varieties of pears are famous for sweet juicy pulp, in their taste a full bouquet appears, ripening during the summer period. They contain more nutrients and vitamins than early varieties. One of the late winter is the dessert variety Maria, whose large fruits are distinguished by a long shelf life and a very good taste

Planting grapes in autumn as an alternative to spring: what are the benefits?

Many beginner winegrowers prefer spring planting, as it guarantees the survival of the seedling and eliminates its freezing in winter. However, experienced gardeners are advised to plant grapes in the fall. The problem of freezing is easily solved by the organization of shelters, therefore it is not a significant obstacle to the autumn procedure

Kodryanka grapes: description of the variety, especially planting and growing

Today, grapes in our garden plots are as common a plant as an apple tree or a cherry. This culture is grown in the European part of Russia, in Siberia and the Far East. Therefore, it is not surprising that scientists in the world have already bred 20 thousand grape varieties, of which 3 thousand are grown in the CIS

Pear Conference - an old, popular variety

Pear Conference - an old variety common in many countries with a warm climate. Popular in Europe, America, China. Where and how to grow this pear - it is useful to know the gardener about this. Description of the variety and its full characteristics The characteristics of the pear tree Conference depend on the stock on which it is grafted

Gooseberry pruning: basic rules and tips

Gooseberries belong to those popular shrubs that can be found on almost any garden site. This unpretentious culture does not require complicated care, it is only enough to correctly form a bush and timely prune it. Why and how to cut gooseberries Pruning is an affordable and effective way of caring for many trees and shrubs, with which you can solve a large number of problems - from low yields to crown formation for decorative purposes

Blueberry Duke - frost-resistant variety of early ripening

Blue grapes, as the people call blueberries, is famous not only for its dessert taste. Its sweet berries are a real elixir of youth, they inhibit the aging process and rejuvenate the body. The Americans say: "If you grow blueberries, you will never die." This berry culture is still a rare guest in our gardens, however, interest in it increases every year

Harold Grapes - Early and Sustainable

Among the new grape varieties, the variety of the Russian selection Harold is notable for its very early ripening and unusual taste of berries. Gardeners' reviews about this grape are contradictory, but positive still prevail. The history of growing grapes Harold Early ripe hybrid Harold received breeders VNIIViV them

Grapes Delight: characteristics, methods of cultivation and methods of reproduction

Grapes are a tasty and healthy delicacy that has been known to mankind for more than 7 thousand years. Grapes contain antioxidants, many vitamins and minerals. This plant is considered a southern sun-loving crop. However, there are several thousand grape varieties, the characteristics of which differ in different growing conditions, and in terms of ripening, and the amount of harvest

Koenigsberg tomato: so different, but always delicious

Tomato Koenigsberg is a unique variety that, on the market, quickly changed the worldview of many experienced gardeners. They were surprised to learn that a tomato can have a lot of advantages at the same time and practically have no shortcomings. The Koenigsberg variety, created in Siberia, is not afraid of the vagaries of the weather and reliably gives high yields of large fruits of excellent quality

Timur grapes: description of the variety with characteristics and reviews

Each summer resident dreams of growing early and tasty grapes on his plot, characterized by stable crops, resistance and endurance. Timur refers precisely to such old and proven grape varieties and remains always promising despite the emergence of more modern hybrids. History of growing Timur grape varieties Since 1936, in VNIIViV them