Garden glass decor: fragile grandeur at low cost

Glass is a material that is very often used today as a decorative one. Light, elegant, stylish glass furniture is in fashion, and designers decorate the garden with a very unusual, bold decor, bewitching the eyes. Although modern glass is a durable material, in appearance it has remained fragile and airy. Glass decor in the garden fills everything around with shimmer and magical highlights. If there are no bright colors in your garden, the original glass ornaments can replace them - and the site will become surprisingly beautiful, unlike any other.

Some designers are working on creating collections of glass and ceramics specifically for decorating the garden. For example, a collection from Shane Powers is a high style with minimal expense. Beautiful vessels and containers for flowers can be hung in any corner of the site - on the fence, on the trees, decorate the recreation area. In ceramic pots and flowerpots, you can plant any plants, succulents are well suited for glass.

An elegant collection of glass and ceramic for the garden by Shane Powers. Rounded hanging containers, design flowerpots and pots look modern even on an ordinary wooden fence. Such things are also good because they can be outweighed and moved as desired.

Very bright tree made of stained-glass bottles. The trunk is metal pipes, the branches are metal rods bent up. You will need a welding machine, bottles, paint, a pair of pipes and rods

Very interesting, creative compositions can be created using glass bottles. From them you can make a path, a fence for a flower bed, a beautiful screen. The last example will dwell in more detail.

Creative glass bottle screen

The traditional color for the bottle is green, and in order for the screens to be bright, colored, paint some of the bottles with stained glass. When the sun's rays penetrate through colored glass, the atmosphere in this corner of the garden will be magical. It is not difficult to make a screen from bottles and the materials for its creation can be found without difficulty.

You will need metal rods to string bottles, supports, balls of plastic, a corner for the frame, cement. As spacers between the bottles, to give the screen an original look, you can use other materials at your discretion. Of the tools you will need a grinder or a welding machine, a level, a drill or a shovel for arranging poles, plasticine, a drill with a diamond drill.

Such a screen will decorate any terrace, bright colors, a game of sun glare will cheer you up. If you like this venture, you need to start collecting bottles of different colors and shapes, buy stained glass paints - and you can begin to implement the plan

Work order:

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  1. At the first stage, support pillars are dug. It is necessary to dig a one and a half meter hole, insert a pillar, level it and concrete it. When the concrete dries, a frame is welded to the supports, and rods are welded to its lower bar. Then we will string the bottles on them.
  2. The next stage is work that requires caution and accuracy - drilling holes in bottles. A diamond drill is used for this. The drilling site is protected by plasticine, the bottle is fixed. As the drill sinks into the bottom of the bottle, slow down and decrease the pressure.
  3. At the end of this work, the bottles are mounted on metal rods. You can string bottles without spacers between them, but balls, bagels made of plastic and other objects will prevent chips, and the screen as a whole looks more interesting with them.
  4. When the bottles are strung, you need to attach the rods to the frame. You can use staples or welding.

The screen is ready, and with it your garden or terrace for relaxation will be transformed.

Such creative gates and hosts will delight and attract the attention of guests, and you will save a lot on material. So the idea is good in every way - original, attractive and inexpensive

Glass candle holders in the garden

To decorate the garden, you can make cute candle holders from glass jars. Thanks to the catchy, bright decor, it’s not even necessary to light candles in them. At any time of the year - against the background of bright green in the summer, on a snow-white winter cover or a golden autumn carpet, such decorative elements will stand out spectacularly. And if you install candles in banks - at dusk and at night the garden will look mysterious and very attractive.

You will need glass pebbles or shards of colored glass, transparent “liquid nails”, water, a sponge, thin wire, grout for tiles of any color and glass jars of any size and shape. Glass pebbles, or glass drops are sold in specialized stores, and shards of colored glass can be inexpensively purchased in a stained glass workshop. You can buy a glass mosaic.

Glass pebbles - an inexpensive decor, using which you can create amazing things. Pebbles can be pasted over flowerpots, rugs, trim borders, used as decor in flower pots

To create candlesticks, different banks or identical banks of the same or different sizes are suitable - this is at your discretion.

It is very simple to make such candlesticks - it’s enough to decorate the wire rim with various beads and make a suspension. They look original in the daytime and at night.

Operating procedure:

  1. First, glue is applied to the side surface of the can, pick up pieces of glass of a suitable shape and size and press into the adhesive layer. Glue should not stand out at the seams, you need to leave a place for grouting.
  2. Remove excess glue with a sponge or cotton swab immediately until it dries. The glass must be carefully pressed so that it is well fixed.
  3. When the work with gluing the glass is over, the cans should be left for a day to dry in a ventilated room.
  4. Then we work with grout - you can take grout of any brand and use according to the instructions. The finished grouting consistency resembles sour cream. The grout is rubbed into the seams with a rubber spatula. Check that there are no missing seams.
  5. Prepare a container of water, a sponge. After 15 minutes, you can remove excess grout from the surface. Wet the sponge in water, gently remove excess grout, you can even out the seams with your hand in some places. Seams in the end should be smooth.
  6. The grout must be allowed to dry - and the candlestick cans are ready.
  7. Now you need to build a suspension for them. You can use easily bendable wire for gardening. The jar needs to be wrapped around the neck, then measure how much is needed for suspension. There are different ways - you can wrap the neck, cut the wire and twist the ends. Then attach the gimbal on both sides. You can use wire loops. It is better to use double twisted wire - it looks more beautiful, and the suspension will be stronger.

That's all, the candlestick is ready. It remains to find a suitable place for him and hang.

Making a candlestick in pictures: the necessary materials, gluing colored glasses onto a jar, preparing grout, cans after using grout

The final stages for the manufacture of candlesticks: removing grout with a damp sponge, making a suspension from garden wire. Candlesticks in the garden - at any time of the year it is a beautiful decor

Other interesting glass ideas

You can make your garden a work of landscape art using both exclusive decor from designers and the most simple improvised means - glass bottles, banks, fragments of stained glass, pieces of mosaics.

Chic design decor for the gravel garden - spears, balls and fancy curls made of blue glass like outlandish flowers - unusual, eye-catching

Such glass spears are good in a gravel garden, and if several copies are placed singly or in a group in the green zone, it will look much brighter and more interesting.

Beautiful composition with roses. For its creation, forged hooks, jars with pendants, roses and wildflowers were used.

Elegant forms of thin glass are designed specifically for swimming on the surface of the water. With them, the pond comes to life, bright colors add positive, unusual shapes attract attention

Glass bright yellow tree - the central composition of the site, decorates the pond and the park as a whole, shining with sun glare and on a gloomy day

In any case, you will create a wonderful decor for your garden that will not fade or fade, unlike fresh flowers, but will delight you with bright colors and unusual for a long time.


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