Garden equipment

Choosing a hydrophore for a private house: what to look for when choosing a pumping station

The water supply of a private house located outside the centralized system is based on the supply of water from autonomous sources - a well, a well or a storage tank (less often). A feature of underground sources is the lack of pressure necessary for lifting water upward. Therefore, for the continuous provision of a site or building, you need to purchase a regulatory installation for water delivery - a pumping station or, in other words, a hydrophore for a private house

How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw: instructions for working with grinding accessories

A sharpened sharp chain is one of the conditions for the effective operation of a chainsaw. If the chain becomes dull, things will get up in the country: neither can the bathhouse be repaired, no fence can be built, and no firewood can be prepared for the stove. For help, you can turn to paid specialists, but you should remember that this procedure will be repeated at a certain frequency, and this is an additional financial expense and a waste of personal time

DIY chainsaw repair: analysis of the main breakdowns and methods for their elimination

It would seem, why a chainsaw to a summer resident, who is engaged in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, or to the owner of a country house, which has a small garden and several flower beds? The question disappears when there is a desire to build a bathhouse, renovate a greenhouse, tumble down an old business, or just make a bench for relaxation

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment: we analyze all the technical nuances of work

Suburban construction and repair can not do without the use of chainsaws, as well as garden care. Due to a malfunction of the tool, all the work can get up, so it is so important to be able to disassemble it yourself, find problems and fix them. With enough experience and dexterity, even adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw is possible - the procedure is complex, or rather, jewelry

DIY grass chopper: an overview of 4 options for homemade grass cutters

It is good to stroll through your own garden, along its beautiful paths, admire well-groomed beds and flower beds, and then eat a rosy apple right from the branch. But in order for all this splendor to be, there is a lot of work to be done. In order for the soil to be fertile, a lot of organic matter must be added

Pump station: connection diagrams and do-it-yourself installation procedures

Staying in the country, in a summer residence, has additional difficulties, since not everywhere there are centralized communications. Residents of the periphery improve living conditions in a cottage or a house so that it does not differ from urban comfortable housing. One of the points of a comfortable life is the constant availability of sufficient water

Do-it-yourself snow blower: analysis of the 3 best home-made designs

Snow time is the kids' favorite time: skiing and sledding, fun snowballs and building ice castles ... But the owners of country houses are not very happy with the abundance of snow, because you have to take up a shovel and clear the area. It is good when it is possible to purchase a snowplow and turn a seasonal duty into a pleasant job

We make a motor-block with our own hands on the example of a design from Valentin Arkhipov

To cultivate a site with a large area on which a significant part of the territory is reserved for the garden, using only improvised tools is not an easy task. Work on loosening, digging, and also weeding the garden manually takes a lot of time and effort. It is good when there is an opportunity to purchase a walk-behind tractor, which will become an indispensable assistant on the site

Making a trailer for a walk-behind tractor: 4 do-it-yourself manufacturing options

The need for a trailer for a walk-behind tractor in a homestead is difficult to overestimate. It can be useful for many things: transportation of seedlings and harvested crops, as well as necessary tools and even garbage. Having spent just a few days to make a trailer for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, you can greatly facilitate your future work

How to choose a pump for watering the garden, depending on the source of water

In order for summer cottages to justify the suffering of their owners, who spend the whole summer worrying about the future harvest, it is necessary to establish stable watering. True, in rainy years the weather helps gardeners in many ways, but in the heat you have to run in the morning or evening with watering cans, buckets to “water” the planting. An

How to choose a lawn mower: compare electric and gasoline models

In England, there is a saying that the ideal lawn becomes only after 200 years of constant mowing. It is unlikely that our owners will wait so much time, because with proper care the lawn will certainly thank you with a thick and juicy coating in the next season. Grass is like hair: the more you cut it, the thicker it becomes

Choosing a water pump for a summer residence, home and garden: an overview of all types of pump structures

Water pump - the main element of water supply, irrigation, irrigation. The operation of the entire system as a whole depends on its functionality. If the device was initially improperly selected, there is not enough power, or the design of the device is not suitable for the functions performed, then malfunctions are inevitable

DIY do-it-yourself brushcutter repair: troubleshooting

Benzokosa is one of the main tools of the summer resident, used to quickly put the land in order. Owners of private houses also purchase this tool for mowing grass on personal territory. The period of active use of benzokos and electric trimmers falls on the summer period. Before starting operation, the tool is brought into working condition: friction parts are lubricated, the cutting set is changed, and the fuel mixture is poured into the tank

All about chains for power saws: how to choose, correctly replace and sharpen

Among the useful things stored in the back room of the economic owners of suburban areas, you can always find fixtures and devices for cutting wood. This can be a jigsaw, a hand saw, a convenient electric saw or a powerful unit that runs on liquid fuel. Any of the “helpers” requires certain work skills and attentive care. Fo

Adapter for walk-behind tractor: how to build a good cart with a do-it-yourself seat?

Work on the land, whether loosening, digging or hilling, takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, many gardeners, to facilitate the cultivation of land, acquire auxiliary special equipment - motoblocks. Using this universal unit, you can perform a number of diverse works, starting with cleaning the site and cultivating the land, and ending with the transportation of harvested crops and any cargo

How to choose a good power saw: what to look for before buying a unit?

Rest in the country can hardly be called passive - then you need to build a gazebo, then make a bench, then remove old trees from the garden, sawing them into neat blanks to create a decor. In addition to the usual hand tools for wood - a planer, a chisel, a hammer, a jigsaw - many owners have more serious equipment, such as an electric saw for wood

Making a foot shower-tramp: do-it-yourself workshop

Shower helps to escape from the heat in the hot summer days, so all owners of summer cottages dream of building it. The most common summer shower designs include a wooden or metal frame with a capacious water tank mounted on top. This structure is being erected on an elevated site, while the use of used water is provided for in a small septic tank or drainage well

Top 5 homemade cultivators: how to design a do-it-yourself unit

Sometimes it is really more profitable to buy vegetables and fruits in a store. But there is always more confidence in the quality of self-grown products. In addition, work on earth increases vitality, if carried out wisely. But hard physical labor is not always useful, especially for those who are used to working only in the office

Do-it-yourself garden shredder: DIY assembly example

The garden plot is a place where you can enjoy the lush greens for breakfast and bird trills in the morning, as well as spend a pleasant time usefully, immersed in the fresh colors of nature. If we consider the garden from a more prosaic point of view, then creating a neat site is impossible without eliminating plant waste

How to choose a chain saw: recommendations and advice from professionals

The chain electric saw is widely popular among owners of country farms. Although she is not able to fully replace her “sister” with an internal combustion engine, for small-sized sawmills, there is no better option. The tool is easy to maintain: to get started, you just need to connect it to the network. Ho

The principles of the device for automatic irrigation systems

Manually watering a summer cottage is always difficult, especially if its area is not so small. The irrigation system on the site will solve one of the most pressing problems - lawns, flowerbeds, beds will always be properly moistened, and you will not puzzle over how it is more convenient to water the garden without spending a lot of effort on it

Home-made pump for pumping water: a selection of 7 best options

After acquiring a land plot, a summer resident begins to solve the most important problems: you need to start with something in order to settle down. The most important thing is to provide yourself with water. Indeed, since life was born in water, without it all life cannot exist for a long time. It is possible to bring water from somewhere, but only for personal needs

How to independently design a hiller for a walk-behind tractor: analysis of a pair of options

Potato is one of the most popular crops that is grown not only here, but also in many countries of Eastern Europe. Over the course of three hundred years of potato growing history, agronomic technologies have been created with the help of which they have tried to facilitate the cultivation of crops and increase its productivity

How to make a garden wheelbarrow with your own hands: decorative and practical options

There is always a lot to do on the garden plot. From time to time you have to endure something heavy, and this is not always good for your health. It is especially difficult for those who are not used to serious physical exertion. To get pleasure from staying at the cottage, and not pain in the spine, you need not carry heavy loads in your hands, but transport them on a trolley

How to Make a Good Snow Shovel: A Production Guide

Summer cottages covered with a layer of white fluffy snow are truly a fabulous picture that you can enjoy for hours sitting at the window with a cup of tea. But sometimes you have to go outside, but not for aesthetic reflection, but with the goal of cleaning snow deposits from garden paths and car parking

How to make a concrete mixer: analysis of 2 options for self-manufacturing

Any construction work on the site, whether it is the erection of the foundation of the building, pouring screeds or arranging the blind area, can not do without the use of concrete solutions. Wanting to save on construction, many craftsmen knead it manually. If for the manufacture of several liters of mortar you can do with manual physical labor and an ordinary shovel, then to obtain significantly larger volumes it is better to use a special mechanism - a concrete mixer

How to choose a good chainsaw for gardening: advice from competent experts

Saw is a necessary tool for every summer resident and owner of a private house. Even for the preparation of firewood in the barbecue, her help is needed, not to mention pruning trees and erecting arbors, verandas, etc. And if previously used hand tools and hacksaws, then, thanks to progress, today there is an opportunity to purchase automation

How to choose a hacksaw: looking for the best wood saw

In the arsenal of the home master there will always be a functional and easy-to-use circular power saw. But there are situations when it is required to saw off a part and perform a small amount of woodwork, and there is no time or desire to deploy and connect the unit. In these cases, the hand saw is excellent at saving

How to choose a good electric jigsaw so you don’t regret it later?

Jigsaw has universal capabilities for processing any materials at home. Any craftsman engaged in construction, repair, woodcarving, carpentry, has this type of tool. To know how to choose an electric jigsaw from the rich assortment offered in specialized stores, you need to understand the main technical characteristics

How to make an ax: technological process from hatchet to sharpening

The ax is rightly considered the "king" of a carpentry tool. A true carpenter, professional in his craft, knows how to make an ax, perfect for a particular operation. The master, as a rule, has several axes, always ready to work. However, this tool is needed not only by carpenters, but also by ordinary people living in private houses outside the city, as well as citizens who travel for summers or weekends to summer cottages

How to choose a pruner for pruning trees: looking for the best garden shears

In February-March, the air temperature gradually rises, and when it reaches -2 ° C, it's time to start pruning the trees. It is necessary to remove diseased and dried branches, form a crown, thin out, and potentially increase fruiting. Traditional gardening is not possible without the right tools.

Motoblock for the garden: how to choose the model that suits you?

Summer residents, seriously engaged in gardening, can not do without certain equipment, because you can’t work the land with your hands qualitatively, and your health will suffer from this. The first and main assistant can be a walk-behind tractor. This is an expensive technique, but the number of functions that it is able to perform in a year justifies a purchase with interest.

Accessories for carrying firewood: an overview of 4 options from various materials

With the approach of the summer season, we begin to think about updating the inventory, acquiring convenient appliances for the summer cottage - comfort in the country is no less important than at home or at work. The first warming always makes you want to spend time outdoors by the fire, barbecue, but here you can’t do without firewood.

How to choose a gas trimmer for the lawn so you don’t regret it later?

Maintaining order in the summer cottage is impossible without periodic mowing the lawn, shrubbery, weed grass, etc. Otherwise, this vegetation is capable of turning a summer house into a wasteland overgrown with weeds over a season. Either an ordinary braid can help in this (although a rare owner today retained the ability to use it

Do-it-yourself watering timer: tips for a wizard to make a device

One of the conditions for the full growth and development of plants is timely watering. But not always, due to the employment of the owners and the remoteness of the site from the city, it is possible to provide it. Setting a timer will help to solve the problem of creating optimal conditions in compliance with the humidity regime

Choosing a country pump for pumping water: which equipment is better to purchase?

Owners of summer cottages often face the problem of pumping dirty water. To clear the well of sand and clay or to remove dirty water from a decorative pond - pumps for pumping water can help with any of these problems. The presence of such aggregates on the farm is especially valuable when the basements are flooded, or the snow melts in the spring

How to choose a pumping station for a country water supply device

Providing a country house with a water supply system has become a prerequisite for a comfortable life. If the site has its own well or well, a pumping station for cottages is a reasonable and effective solution. Its presence is a guarantee of the supply of water in the required quantity to any home water point

How to choose a generator for a summer residence: gasoline vs diesel

You should not hope that the state will soon please us with high-quality power supply - without interruptions and power surges. Permanent accidents on power lines are the costs of a dear power grid, laid down even during the time of the electrification of Russia in the 1920s according to the GOELRO plan

How to choose a cultivator for a summer residence: what to look at before purchasing?

To facilitate their summer chores, far-sighted owners acquire all kinds of equipment. Units for working with soil are especially carefully selected, because it requires not only annual digging, but also cultivation, harrowing, weed removal, etc. And in this case, a cultivator is indispensable for gardening

What is better than a chainsaw or electric saw: a comparative review of units

The arrangement of a suburban area is impossible without the use of all kinds of tools. The issue of acquiring a saw, necessary for cutting firewood and boards, as well as other woodwork, at some point necessarily arises in front of the owner of a country house. What is better than a chainsaw or electric saw

How to choose a garden shredder - which is better to buy and why?

Many summer residents today abandoned chemical fertilizers to make their own vegetables and fruits as safe as possible. But then what to feed the garden and the garden? Garbage from your own site! Of course, it still needs to be processed and put in a compost pile. But it will be the most environmentally friendly and high-quality fertilizer, and you can find application for all the waste

How to upgrade a walk-behind tractor in a snow blower: different rework options

Motoblock is an indispensable assistant to the owner of a private courtyard, garden or cottage. Compact equipment replaced heavy manual labor, which improved the quality of tillage and saved time on each operation. With the advent of winter, the walk-behind tractor can also be used for snow removal. The easiest way to make a snowblower from a walk-behind tractor is with your own hands using a special snowblower assembled in the factory

We select a motor-pump for watering the garden: types of units + selection tips

For water production, there are about a dozen types of special equipment. One of such units necessary in the economy is a motor pump for watering the garden. It is a mobile station equipped with a water pump, which is indispensable in suburban areas for arranging an irrigation system or creating a private water conduit

Snow Clearing: A Comparative Review of Snowplows

In the snowy winter, the suburban area always looks festive and elegant, when the yard is covered with a snow-white carpet, and the trees and buildings are dressed in a sparkling outfit in the sun. But even this beauty should be maintained in proper form, so as not only to ensure safety and comfort, but to keep country paths, buildings and landscape design elements in their original form

Automatic drip irrigation of the lawn: we bring water to hard-to-reach areas

Lush vegetation on the lawn and beautiful flowers in the flower beds require constant attention and care. Over time, regular watering becomes a boring duty. Automatic drip irrigation of the lawn can help, so simple and understandable from the point of view of the device and installation that it can be done with your own hands

Greenhouse drip irrigation system: an example of a do-it-yourself device

Every gardener wants to get a good harvest in the greenhouse, having spent a minimum of funds and physical effort for this. This dream can be realized by automating the processes of lighting, irrigation, ventilation, heating of a closed structure. The drip irrigation systems, which can be purchased or made independently, allow satisfying the need of greenhouse plants for water, economically consuming its supplies

How to choose a high pressure minisink + analysis of a homemade option

Our roads are far from perfect. Even in large cities, storm sewers do not cope well with water flows after rain, and the dirt flowing from the curb onto the roadway will stain all passing cars. What can we say about country trips? Nevertheless, each driver is obliged to monitor the appearance of his car

How and where to store tools: savvy summer residents share secrets

With the onset of heat, gardeners and gardeners take out tools and various household equipment from sheds and pantries. In the midst of spring work, everything that is necessary for a summer resident should be at his fingertips. Constantly there is a need for shovels, rakes, scoops, pitchforks and pruners

How to choose a street gas heater for a summer residence: a short educational program

Cottage is the main source of vitamins for urban residents, therefore, as soon as snow melts, they “fly” to create greenhouses, greenhouses, plant seedlings. The season ends again with snow, but in late autumn. And the most offensive, when the invested labor is destroyed by unexpected frosts, sudden changes in spring temperatures. Pr

How to choose a garden sprayer: which models are available and which is better to purchase?

Only healthy plants can truly decorate a summer cottage and bring a good harvest. Experienced gardeners know that without the use of special tools to deal with pests is very difficult. For processing fruit trees and shrubs, berry crops and other plants grown on the site, garden sprayers are used. This equipment facilitates the process of applying pesticides and biological products that destroy harmful microorganisms