Garden buildings

Homemade sliding gate device: step-by-step installation instructions

The final stage of the installation of a country fence is the installation of a gate and an entrance. There are two main types of gates - swing gates, consisting of two leaves, and sliding (sliding, sliding), which are manually or automatically moved along the fence. The second type is considered optimal, since it saves space and does not create additional interference when opening

Wooden carport: how to build shelter for your car

When planning the arrangement of the territory of a suburban area, each owner-motorist must provide a place for one or even two cars. But even having a garage on the site, there is not always time and desire to drive a car every time you enter the yard. A do-it-yourself carport is a great addition to a stationary building

How to choose a dry closet for a summer residence: compare 3 different designs with each other

The classic "toilet of the toilet type" with a cesspool and unpleasant odors spread around as a summer toilet is not very attractive to anyone. Someone prefers to equip the toilet using a septic tank, a considerable number of summer residents choose dry closets, which began to be used on our sites

Types of fences for giving: how to choose the best option for your needs

A fence is the first thing that the owner of a summer house takes care of after building a house and summing up communications. A strong fence protects against intruders, closes it from prying eyes, decorates the adjacent area. And that is not all. In addition to performing its direct functions, it also plays a symbolic role - it denotes the boundaries of possessions, where a person feels himself a sovereign master

Building a garden bench: 5 ways to make a bench with your own hands

What materials can a do-it-yourself shop be made of? As practice shows, for the manufacture of a garden bench, you can choose any building material: natural or artificial. The most common material, of course, is wood. The simplest version of the bench consists of two chocks and a board nailed to them

Summer shower for a summer residence: device diagrams + step-by-step erection

In hot weather, an outdoor shower for a summer residence is not a luxury, but a necessary outbuilding. The shower gives you the opportunity to freshen up, wash away the dirt after gardening. The presence of a shower on the site provides a comfortable stay in the country, especially if there is no swimming pool nearby suitable for swimming

We make a street wash basin for a summer residence: simple (and not so) options

City dwellers are so used to the benefits of civilization that even in their suburban areas they try to create comfortable conditions. An outdoor wash basin for a summer residence is one of these: a minimum set of amenities on the site is simply necessary, because you have to wash your hands quite often

How to independently attach a porch to a wooden private house

The porch is a functionally significant element of the architectural ensemble of a country house, which, in addition to its practical purpose, performs an aesthetic function, emphasizing the beauty of the entire building. Acting as the front part of the building, the porch of a private house can tell a lot about its owner: about his tastes, attitude to his plot, material wealth

Patio area in the country: step-by-step arrangement with your own hands + design ideas

An open-air living room in the shade of plants is a cozy corner on a site where it is pleasant to retire from the hustle and bustle of the street, enjoying unity with nature or chatting in a pleasant company. With the help of such an element of landscape design as a patio in the country, you can equip a kind of courtyard in your area, where you can spend time devoting it to your favorite pastimes or relaxation

Garden arbor with barbecue: a review of 2 examples of DIY construction

For many today, the cottage is a place of relaxation and enjoyable activities related to the decoration of the surrounding landscape. People come here to take off the burden of worries that has accumulated during the working day or week, to move around, chat with friends and relatives. Often in the country and a pleasant feast, which usually does not do without barbecue

Installation of sliding gates: from filling the foundation to the installation of automation

Sliding or sliding gates are gaining popularity among private developers, since all the necessary components for their installation at an affordable price have appeared on the market. At cost, swing gates are, of course, cheaper. Movable designs benefit in aesthetics and ease of use. You can reduce costs by saving on the services of installation companies by installing sliding gates with your own hands

Do-it-yourself BBQ from brick: make a stove for cooking on an open fire

The Americans believe that they invented a barbecue, although they admit that the Spanish conquistadors spied on the process of cooking meat on an open fire from the Peruvian Indians. However, the word barbecue (barbecue or bbq) is of English origin and translates as cooking over an open fire. In the mid-twentieth century, a spherical grill boiler was invented, after which a barbecue appeared in vogue

Installation of a gate in a fence from a professional flooring: a short educational program on installation technology

The instinct of self-preservation inherent in each of us is manifested in the desire to protect our home from dangers. Fences, gates and gates are an essential element of protection. But a person is also not alien to the desire to surround himself with beautiful objects. Therefore, it is not surprising that modern elements of the fence, in addition to their direct purpose, also act as the decorative design of the site

An example of building a brick gazebo: everything is much easier than it seems

Modern people are increasingly going to the country to relax, chat with friends or just stay in nature, away from the bustle of the city. Sitting in the company and treating guests with barbecue is especially pleasant in the fresh air, but with amenities. Such conditions can provide a cozy gazebo right in the garden

DIY forged fences: how to make a fence with forging elements?

A beautiful fence is a business card at home. It should not only protect its owners from “uninvited” guests, but also act as a wonderful addition to the design of the site. From the whole variety of types of fences, forged fences stand out spectacularly, graceful lines and delicate metal weaves that simply fascinate with their beauty. Ho

What are gabions and how they can be used in landscape design

Gabions are called containers twisted from metal wire, which are filled directly on the object with stone or rubble. Many years ago, these engineering building structures were actively used by the military in the construction of fortifications (redoubts). Now, with the help of gabions, they form the banks of water bodies, arrange retaining walls, and strengthen slopes

How to insulate the veranda yourself: increasing the frost resistance of the summer structure

In a harsh climate, the owners are doing their best to warm the house or cottage. For example, to protect the front door put a veranda. This is a kind of vestibule, where there is a mixture of cold street air and warm, from the inside. But, while warming the house, they do not always take into account that additional warming will not hinder the veranda

Master class: children's wooden town for children with a slide made of plastic and a swing

A children’s corner in a summer cottage is sought to equip all families with kids. What could be better for a child than outdoor games in the company of friends? Today you can make a children's town for your summer home on your own, assemble it from purchased items, or combine ready-made items and improvised materials.

We make a wooden street table for a summer residence: step-by-step instruction (+ photos and video)

A roomy table, set on a summer cottage, serves as a gathering place for all family members. In the summer, no one wants to be indoors, no matter how beautiful and comfortable it is. Therefore, in good weather, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually organized in the fresh air. The availability of equipped space facilitates this task, and the absence complicates it

DIY polycarbonate gazebo: features of the construction technology

Pergolas are one of the most popular elements of landscape design that allows you to transform the appearance of any site. The variety of products made of wood, metal, polycarbonate and other materials allows owners of country houses to choose a gazebo, which will help create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort

Retaining walls in the landscape: from what and how can good “supports” be made?

If a summer cottage or personal plot is located in an area with a difficult terrain, then with its arrangement it is necessary to solve the problem of strengthening slopes and slopes. Using retaining walls in the landscape, you can not only eliminate this problem, but also decorate the territory of the site with another architectural and planning element

What we should build a house: an overview of 3 options for children's play houses

Remember your childhood. Remember how you played in adulthood, in which you always had your own home? Let it really be just a small space under the table, curtained from around the world by an old bedspread. It seems that all this has happened so recently. And how many years have passed since then! Now you already have your children who also dream of their own tiny little corner

How to install a lock on a gate or gate from a profile pipe

Installing the lock on the gate is the final stage of the installation of the fence. In our country, most often summer residents and owners of private houses install gates, the frame of which is made of shaped pipes - this is a robust construction that allows beautifully decorated gates with forging elements

The device of peat dry closet: we make a mini-factory for the production of compost

For modern summer residents, a dry closet becomes a good solution in all respects - you can buy it or make a dry closet with your own hands, in any case, the material costs and the amount of time spent on arranging a toilet of this type will be much less than the cost of installing a septic tank or a toilet that is boring for everyone with cesspool

How to build a garage in the country: a step-by-step construction of a capital building

Many townspeople try to go to summer cottages in the summer to relax, breathe fresh air, and at the same time work on the ground. In addition to the garden house in the summer cottage, it is desirable to have a garage, which houses not only a car, but also various garden tools, equipment, and power tools

How to make a cellar in the country: everything about the construction of a semi-buried structure

It is difficult to replace the cellar in the country with a refrigerator: only a special room will contain vegetable stocks and dozens of jars of salads, jams and pickles, which were carefully prepared by zealous housewives. One of the popular options is not to use the basement of a residential building, but to build a cellar with your own hands near the house, making the original exterior decoration and equipping the interior to your liking

How to make a polycarbonate canopy: equip a covered area for a summer residence

Original visors, spacious pavilions and translucent canopies today adorn the courtyards of many sites. The buildings, decorated with modern building material - polycarbonate, look very attractive, harmoniously blending into the architectural ensemble. Owners of private houses are increasingly equipping polycarbonate canopies with their own hands, creating picturesque arched structures

Fence on screw piles: fencing device for unstable soil

When planning the construction of a fence on the site, each owner wants to get a reliable, durable and at the same time aesthetically designed fence that will protect his possessions from curious eyes and “uninvited” guests. Fence on screw piles is the optimal solution for the construction of a solid fence, the construction of which does not require large financial investments. Sc

How to glaze a terrace: features of installation work

If we proceed from the very concept of “terrace”, which means an outdoor recreation area, standing on the foundation or on the roof of the lower floor in multi-tiered cottages, then such a building has no walls at all. It was originally conceived as a paved area where you can place sun loungers, light furniture and relax in the sun. Su

How to make a picket fence at your cottage: my garden is my castle

A few centuries ago, our ancestors made of sharp wooden stakes created a reliable and beautiful fence - a picket fence. Today, this functional protective structure is once again becoming popular in suburban construction. The palisade is an ideal addition to the site with elements of "ethno" decor or decorated in a "rustic style"

Motorhome for a summer house: how to quickly and cheaply solve a comfort problem?

The desire to have in the country house is not a stationary structure, but mobile housing is explained not only by the dream of traveling. Everything is much simpler. In the summer, the owners of a suburban area actually move there and, of course, equip their house, creating comfort in it. Part of the property also moves here, providing summer residents with comfortable accommodation

DIY garden house: classic of timber + non-standard according to Finnish technology

Nowadays, most people in the warm season want to live in nature. Breathing clean air, temporarily getting rid of the atmosphere of a noisy smoky metropolis and constant stresses is the dream of many citizens. Some years have been collecting the necessary amount for the construction of a capital house in the country

Decorating the house outside with siding: material overview + installation instructions

Describing a country house or a country house, we devote a lot of time to its interior decoration. But after all, the first impression of your housing largely depends on how it looks from the outside. In addition, the quality of the exterior decoration has a significant impact on the safety of the house, its durability, as well as how comfortable living in it can be

Do it yourself summer kitchen in the country: how to build it yourself + design examples

Where, if not at the summer cottage, you can fully relax from the routine city problems. How nice it is to have a barbecue in the fresh air and spend a pleasant evening with friends and relatives. The place in which there is an oven for cooking daily meals and barbecue, as well as equipping a convenient area with a dining table, many of us are familiar as a summer kitchen

Do-it-yourself squirrel house from a log and a cut board

The reason for acquiring a suburban area is often the desire to leave the bustle and stress in the city, to be closer to nature, relax, breathe fresh air. If the site is located near a forest or a park area where squirrels are found, friendship with these funny animals can deliver many pleasant moments

Arbor from a log: how to build with your own hands on the example of 2 projects

A beautiful country house, a well-kept lawn, smooth garden paths, lush flower beds - a wonderful picture, but as if slightly unfinished. A lively, cozy addition to the summer cottage landscape is a gazebo - a small open building, which will save from the heat, and will become a comfortable corner for relaxation or lunch

Parking for cars in the country: examples of outdoor and indoor parking

Stationary garages for cars are rarely built in summer cottages, because there is no reason to spend money on them if you come occasionally, and even then in the summer. But you will not leave the car in the open air either, because an unexpected hail can spoil the paint, and the scorching sun can deform the panel and discolor the inner lining

Overview of buildings for a summer residence, which can be built in the form of a geodesic dome

Buildings in the country, made in a non-standard form, decorate the site and increase its attractiveness. Houses, gazebos, greenhouses, built in the form of geodesic domes, certainly will not go unnoticed. Implementing a small geo-dome project is a snap. Many gardeners can cope with the construction of such a structure, despite the originality of the frame structure

How to make a tent for a summer residence: we make a portable place for summer holidays

Not every owner of a country house has the opportunity to build a gazebo on the site, in which it is pleasant to spend time enjoying the rest. A wonderful alternative to a traditional gazebo will be a tent for a summer residence. A convenient design that protects the owners and guests at sultry noon from scorching sunlight or on a cloudy day from raindrops can be purchased at the garden center

We make a fence from a metal picket fence: the old fence in a new way

The fence for a summer cottage or village should fulfill two mandatory functions: serve as a protective barrier and be an element of decor. Choosing the right material for its construction, you can emphasize the advantages of the cottage and create a truly reliable and durable protection. It is not surprising that summer residents are increasingly choosing a fence from a metal picket fence - it fully complies with the requirements

Wooden pergola: how to build and effectively decorate with your own hands

A classic pergola is called two or more arches that are interconnected. This capital or collapsible structure is intended to form a shaded transition from one part of the garden to another, a place for privacy and relaxation on a hot summer day. Despite such a romantic role, the pergola is able to solve quite earthly problems

How to make a wooden toilet in the country: building codes + device example

Beautification of a summer cottage usually begins with the construction of a toilet. The summer resident cannot do without this construction. All other buildings, such as a country house, a bathhouse, a gazebo, appear later. Having built a wooden toilet in the country with his own hands , a person can safely do gardening, enjoying fresh air during breaks and admiring the beauties of the countryside

A personal example of the construction of a frame summer house: from the foundation to the roof

The beginning summer resident, who has just bought a land plot, has to think about building a small house. The choice of building materials is made taking into account the financial resources available to the developer. Low-budget projects are being built using frame technology borrowed by Russians from Western builders

Playground in the country: what can you build for your child with your own hands?

In childhood, the favorite place of any of us was a children's playground with a carousel, a swing, a sandbox and other interesting devices. Moreover, spending time in this amazing, never bothering place was not boring even in solitude. What can we say about a fun company of friends, when you can constantly come up with new interesting games and so do not want to go home

How to make a brazier from a thick-walled pipe with a roof: a first-hand workshop

In the warm season, it is difficult to sit in a stuffy room. Especially during the holidays, when we habitually go to nature or, who have such an opportunity, to the country. The most traditional dish of all feasts during this period is barbecue. Unfortunately, natural phenomena are not subject to human laws

Ideas for arranging a playground in the country for one or several children

Have you noticed how quickly young children learn all the gadgets that fall into their hands? A two-year-old baby will figure it out with a remote control or phone, and by the age of three they can handle tablets. Just a doll or just a machine is an ancient age. Children like mobiles that can move around, talk, sing, or give out music

A “living” arbor from tree trunks: how to grow a frame of an unusual structure

When there is little room in the country house for various buildings and you want to green the territory to the maximum, you can combine practicality and aesthetics by creating a large arbor from living trees. Outside, it will resemble a lush green lodge, and inside the hosts will be able to arrange moments of relaxation and rest in the shade of rustling foliage

Open-air cinema: how to equip an open-air cinema

Residents of the city, even finding themselves in nature, are not able to abandon the benefits of civilization. They strive to provide themselves with the living conditions they are used to. And this means that we do not plan to part with video and television. On the contrary, summer and fresh air push us to ensure that this popular entertainment is moved from the stuffy room to the courtyard

Construction of a metal fence: do-it-yourself erection instructions

A summer cottage is always a small private world, and it does not matter whether it is a gingerbread house with a pink flower garden, a large cottage with a swimming pool or an ordinary village house with three rows of vegetable beds. We love our country corner, we try to protect from prying eyes and uninvited guests, therefore, we establish a fence around our protected area

How to combine a bar and a summer kitchen with a pool: for those who love chic

Probably there is no homeowner who would completely abandon the idea of ​​placing at least a small body of water in his dacha. And if the total area of ​​the site allows, then the construction of the pool in the immediate vicinity of its own cottage becomes quite real. What could be better than swimming on a hot day? It wil