Garden buildings

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands: analysis of several best designs

How pleasant it is to enjoy the sounds of nature and listen to the lively twitter of the feathered family in your suburban area. To attract these little helpers to the site, who destroy all kinds of pests, you should prepare for them a small "gift" - a feeding trough. Winter is a real test for birds

DIY furniture from pallets: garden designer from pallets

Pallets are an inexhaustible source of ideas for arranging a suburban area. From them you can build comfortable furniture, functional systems for storing things and create original decorative elements. The main advantage of the pallet is that the material for their manufacture is raw wood, which serves as an excellent basis for creating exterior elements that can give comfort to your possessions

Features of the installation of a fence from a professional flooring with your own hands

The fencing of a summer cottage, the construction of a fence is one of the first tasks on the list that need to be solved by a summer resident who is involved in the arrangement of his plot. To hide the territory from prying eyes, you can make a practical fence from a corrugated board with your own hands

Overview of the 7 most popular materials for decorating the facade of a private house

The technology and materials for decorating house facades are being considered at the design stage. The appearance of the building should fit into the landscape, be neat and beautiful. In addition to the decorative function, the facade decoration also performs purely practical tasks - it insulates, soundproofes the building, protects the supporting structures from moisture, wind, steam, and temperature changes

Do-it-yourself treehouse: basic installation nuances + examples of arrangement

Probably, there will not be a single child in the world who would not want to have his own house, located on the branches of trees. This is not just a place for games - it is a small world with its own laws, rules, traditions. If there are several tall strong trees in the summer cottage, you can come up with a simple project and bring it to life, to the delight of children, and adults too

DIY summer houses: 7 original ideas

What could be more comfortable than a warm family circle, when after a working day everyone dines at the same table or has a tea on a weekend, and even in the fresh air? What can be a carefree friendly party with a kebab wine in the back of the cottage, under the thick crowns of trees? Where can you be alone with yourself, relax in solitude and enjoy the silence

How to make tandoor at your dacha: from a brick, wooden or plastic barrel

Stay in the country is a unity with nature. I want to cook on fire, sit by the fire, listening to the twilight rustlings. To cook food on fire, barbecue or barbecue is most often used, and we suggest you make your own tandoor. What it is? This is an oriental oven-roaster, which allows you to cook a lot of delicious dishes, which otherwise it is simply impossible to cook

Do-it-yourself aviary for a dog: equip a living area for your pet

Starting the construction of the house, many owners immediately start a dog, especially if the construction is far from temporary housing. But, thus solving the problem of protecting the site, one should take care of a comfortable home for the faithful “servant”. You can, of course, make a booth and put the dog on a chain near it, but this option is only suitable as temporary housing. So

Do-it-yourself trellis for grapes: how to make supports under the vineyard

Few gardeners resist the temptation to grow a wonderful sunny berry - grapes on their plot. After all, fruit vines, which include grapes, successfully develop and bear fruit even in the middle lane. However, in order to get a good crop, the plant needs to create favorable conditions. He needs space for growth, adequate lighting, water, and, of course, the support that the liana could cling to

Country house: what types of designs are + do-it-yourself example of construction

When the land has already been bought, and the cottage has yet to be built, its future owners simply need a utility room. Do-it-yourself cabins are purchased or built as temporary housing or even as a budget option for a country house. Subsequently, it can be used to store garden tools, barbecue and furniture from the gazebo

How and from what is the cheapest way to build a house: compare materials and technologies

Building a new home is always a big expense. Few people can afford to build without paying attention to estimates. Most often you have to save in order to fit into the budget. However, the savings should be reasonable, because the owner himself and his family will live in a new place. The building should be warm, dry, comfortable, pleasant in appearance

How to make a hammock with your own hands: general rules + two step-by-step master classes

A hammock is a convenient place to relax, able to decorate any suburban area. The product, invented by the South American Indians, allowed not only to provide a comfortable sleep, but also to effectively protect it from flying midges and night dampness inherent in this area. Modern people use a hammock mainly for short-day rest in order to relax in the shade of trees, enjoying the rustle of foliage and the singing of birds

How to make drinkers and feeders for chickens: an overview of the 5 best home-made designs

On the shelves of supermarkets at any time of the year you can find fresh fruits and vegetables. Not a problem today to buy poultry meat. Why, then, summer residents do not stop growing their own crops and do not abandon the farm. We are confident that each of the gardeners and poultry farmers will tell you how much the products grown by their own hands are tastier, juicier and more environmentally friendly

Veranda in a summer cottage: a step-by-step example of self-construction

Closed and open, stone and brick, with windows on the wall and half-shaded - the verandas have long been transformed from small buildings that play the role of utility rooms into spacious and functional rooms. If desired, the additional area becomes both a summer dining room and a refuge on a hot day, and, subject to careful warming, a winter garden

Do-it-yourself doghouse: building a frame insulated structure

Many in childhood dream of having a dog. But in a city apartment there is not enough space for her, but a country house gives the opportunity to realize, finally, children's dreams. It will be spacious enough even for a large dog. The dog who will live here will not only be the guard and reliable guard of the site

Smokehouse for summer cottage: design options for cold and hot smoking

What could be better than a pleasant vacation in your own country house, when a hearth has been bred on an open area, and you enjoy unity with nature in the emotional company of relatives and friends. For complete happiness it remains only to try a dish of smoked fish or meat, prepared with your own hands

DIY garden bench: six projects for every taste

One of the attributes of a garden or a recreation area on a suburban area is a bench, sitting on which you can read a book alone or, conversely, spend some fun hours with friends. How to make an ordinary shop comfortable and at the same time turn into an element of garden decor? The way out is simple - a DIY bench for a summer residence

How to make a hut for children in the country: design options for all ages

Children love to retire to play in secluded places, which can be in the most different corners of the summer cottage. Not always the shelter chosen by the child is liked by adults. At the same time, some parents simply shout at their children, while others offer to build a hut, but already where it will be appropriate and safe

How to make DIY rabbitry: examples of home-made designs

Living in your own home beyond the city limits attracts many: fresh air, the absence of the usual fuss and, of course, physical labor, which brings certain results. It does not matter what exactly you will grow on your site. You can restrict yourself to just flowers. When you hold in your hands a banal cucumber, which you yourself have raised, you experience an unusual feeling of pride and joy from unity with nature

Do-it-yourself brazier of metal: we make a portable barbecue machine according to all the rules

Brazier is a multifunctional invention that has an eastern origin. The peoples of the Middle East called it a brazier made of copper. It looked like a bowl with legs, equipped with wide horizontal fields, a hemispherical lid with a flat top and carrying handles. This device was used not only for heating and cooking food, blankets were warmed on it to cover it already warm

How to build a firewood in the country: we build a building for storing firewood

A fireman in the country seeks to build any zealous owner. You can’t do without it if you have a fireplace and you like to stay in the country on cool evenings, warming with its warmth and looking at the fire. If in the country there is a potbelly stove, stove heating, and just for grilling and barbecue always need firewood.

Do-it-yourself hanging chair: two step-by-step master classes

It is unlikely that you can meet a person who would not feel like hanging out in a comfortable chair and feeling the smooth swaying movements of a suspended structure. Comfortable swings and hammocks have always been very popular. Today, a number of hanging seats has been significantly expanded: hanging sofas and armchairs decorate many suburban areas, easily fitting into landscape design

How to build a chicken coop: instructions for the construction of a "mansion for hens" in the country

Cottage is a great place to relax, but it is also a great reason to change activities. It is not in vain that the arrangement of a summer residence and the cultivation of ornamental and horticultural plants are becoming a popular activity for citizens. However, today those who are going to build a chicken coop in the country with their own hands do not surprise anyone

Construction of a metal gazebo: an overview of the main technological stages

On a hot sunny day, when the walls of a country house are thoroughly warmed up and do not give the desired coolness, many of us often have a desire to find a place to relax in the fresh air. A good solution for arranging such a cozy corner in the open air will be a gazebo made of metal with your own hands

Useful compost: rules for laying and combining plant waste

If you got bad land on the site where you don’t want to grow anything, enrich it. It is easiest to bring black soil, but it is not always possible to get it, especially in the city. To bring in abundant chemistry is also unprofitable: in the end, you yourself will consume it. One thing remains: to make nutrient soil ourselves.

Overview of tools to protect wood from moisture, fire, insects and rot

Wood is a soft, but durable, beloved by many material for the construction of houses in summer cottages. Even if the building is built of brick or foam blocks, logs, timber or planks are used to build a bathhouse, garage, gazebo, veranda. Not without wooden decor - a well, benches, swings, bridges. Fences and fences are also made of wood

Polycarbonate greenhouse: design options and DIY construction

Greenhouses and other buildings using polycarbonate are popular today among summer residents and owners of private houses. Polycarbonate is a relatively new inexpensive material with a lot of advantages, which is why a do-it-yourself polycarbonate greenhouse is the best choice for many. It’s quite possible to build it yourself, it’s easy to maintain, and growing a crop in it is a pleasure. To

How to make a trellis for cucumbers: we make supports from improvised means

Cucumbers, like any climbing plants, trying to be caressed by the sun's rays, entwining with their thin stems found on the way supports, tend to rise. In the wild, these piers are surrounded by growing trees. When growing cucumbers as cultivated plants, trellises are built to facilitate the care of them and to obtain a rich harvest

How to make a garden chaise longue: 4 options for making garden furniture for relaxation

It is so pleasant to retire in the garden after a hard day's work or sit on the lawn by the pond in order to relax, rest and enjoy the sounds of nature. And what kind of garden furniture do most associate with a comfortable rest? Yes, a garden deck chair! A convenient portable elongated chair, in addition to direct functional value, will act as a spectacular exterior element that emphasizes the style of a summer cottage

DIY scarecrow: 3 workshops + photo selection of the best options

Throughout the summer period, a summer harvest of berries — cherries, wild strawberries, currants, raspberries — ripens in the dachas, and hardworking summer residents cook stewed fruits, jams and preserves from them. But not only they like to feast on sweet and juicy berries: cunning birds fly in flocks in search of dessert and leave behind only naked cuttings and garbage. De

How to make a birdhouse with your own hands: a step-by-step master class (photo + video)

Birds are indispensable helpers in the fight against pests of green spaces. The best way to call them for help and bring them to your site is to make a birdhouse with your own hands. Presenting the birds with comfortable houses, the owner of the suburban area provides himself with peace of mind for the harvest and good mood from a pleasant neighborhood

Terrace in the country: step-by-step construction with your own hands + design

So that the city dweller could breathe fresh air at least occasionally on the 20th floor, people came up with balconies. The owners of private houses or summer cottages have more than enough air, but they are still drawn to inhale it with all the comforts: stretched out in a rocking chair or sipping tea at an elegant table

We make gates from corrugated board with our own hands on the example of a swing option

From a wide range of building materials suitable for the manufacture and installation of gates, individual developers most often choose corrugated board. Preference is given to this building material for a number of reasons, among which strength, durability, decorativeness and, of course, reasonable price can be noted

How to independently make a hosblok at the dacha: we build a high-quality back room

Before starting the construction of a large cottage or a small country house in a suburban area, a modest compact structure appears, which can be called a change house, utility room or utility block. A useful room, divided by partitions into several sections, can play the role of a bathroom, pantry, tool storage, or even a summer kitchen

Making a rope ladder: 3 ways to make a universal design

A rope ladder is a convenient and necessary device in the household. When folded, it takes up a minimum of space, but if necessary, when other marching structures for some reason cannot be applied, it always comes to the rescue. A rope ladder is indispensable in case of repair of hard-to-reach areas on the roof

How to build a frame shed: a complete analysis of construction technology from A to Z

The arrangement of any suburban area begins with the erection of a barn - a building necessary for the storage of building materials, firewood and other household equipment. To build a barn with your own hands is a simple and quite feasible task, which can be realized by any owner who is at least a little versed in construction

Standards for installing a fence between neighbors: we study what legislation says

Buyers of land plots, as well as individual developers who begin building houses on land acquired or allocated by local authorities, are concerned about the proper installation of fences. In order not to violate the interests of people living nearby, as well as not infringe on your rights, you must clearly know what kind of fence can be placed between neighbors according to the law in force in the territory of this subject

DIY garden swing: a selection of design ideas and how to implement them

How can I diversify the rest in the country, make it easy, fun and enjoyable? There are many ways, and one of them is the installation of a swing in the garden or on a specially provided playground. Whether it will be a separate building or fixture in the gaming complex - it makes no difference, the main thing is that it brings a lot of joy and positive

Wooden picket fence: the technology of erecting the most popular fence

In Russia, wood has long been widely used as a building material. Log houses, window frames, interior items, kitchen utensils are built from it. This natural material allows you to create an atmosphere of inner comfort and coziness. A wooden fence made of picket fence is one of the most popular types of fences in suburban construction, which is simply indispensable when arranging a site in a rustic style

Types of greenhouses: a comparative overview of various types of structures

Many gardeners and gardeners build greenhouses on their plots. This expands their ability to grow healthy, environmentally friendly products. Vegetables and fruits can be obtained all year round. The main thing is to develop a project correctly, choose good materials, build, order or buy a high-quality finished construction

How to make a wooden rocking chair: equip a place to relax

Private garden is a great place for work and leisure. For a full-fledged summer vacation, people came up with a variety of devices from a swing to a hammock. A classic item of comfortable furniture are chairs. But someone ingenious managed to make an addition to his design that made it even more convenient: a rocking chair was born

Fence device made of mesh netting using the example of tension and sectional structures

In some country cooperatives between the sites it is impossible to install a fence of slate and other materials, because they greatly obscure small areas. In this case, a good exit would be a fence from the netting net - it does not prevent the sun from entering the area, it does not impede the natural circulation of air

Installation of fence posts: mounting methods for various structures

Fences are an integral element of the arrangement of suburban areas. Protections serve not only reliable protection against curious looks and uninvited "guests". They are the final touch on the integrity of the architectural ensemble. Beautiful, elegant and reliable fences, being the "face" of the site, are designed to maintain its aesthetic qualities

Children's sandbox in the garden: constructing a cool place for children

Happy are those whose garden is filled not only with flowers and all kinds of decorations, but also with fervent childish laughter. Children are the main lovers of country adventures. We are trying to take them away from city noise and smog, so that they can enjoy nature and breathe fresh air. But it’s not enough to bring a child to the country, he needs to be occupied with something.

Visor above the porch: the best design ideas and workshops

It is enough for the owner of the cottage to go out onto the porch in the rain or snow, as the question of whether or not to have a visor will be unambiguously decided in favor of this design. That's just a convenient time for its construction will be irretrievably lost: you have to wait for spring

How to make a wooden staircase to a country house or an arbor: step-by-step instruction

A house in the country can be one-story or have 2-3 floors - here a lot is determined by the financial situation of the owners. Usually, if there is enough money, people prefer to build a two-story house - there is more useful area, and it takes up as much space on the site as a one-story building or a little more

How to attach a veranda to a country house: step-by-step first-hand instruction

If you decide that in the house or in the country there is not enough veranda, then it can always be completed. But first ask yourself: why do you need an additional extension? If purely for relaxing against the backdrop of nature, then it makes sense to get along with an open terrace or gazebo. The veranda is erected to increase the thermal insulation of the house, because it plays the role of a vestibule between the street and the front door, blocking the direct entry of cold masses into the premises

How to build a country house from a container: an easy solution to the problem of a country house

The construction of a small country house from a used container that was bought at a low price attracts many owners of suburban areas. After all, you can find a "roof over your head" in a matter of days. The purchased container can only be brought to the country house and installed in the space reserved for the house, using loading and unloading equipment

Do-it-yourself stationary barbecue made of bricks: equip a picnic area

Warm days come and summer residents rush to their sites. It is time for spring worries. But in the general hustle and bustle it is important to feel all the charm of the awakening nature, to breathe with full breasts the clean air, devoid of urban smog and burning. Work is work, but we already devote it for a whole week, and trips to the country should, first of all, give pleasure

Greenhouse from window frames: how to find a new application for old windows?

Old wooden windows that have served their age and have given way to plastic ones are usually sent for recycling. But such material may be suitable for summer residents to create a temporary or stationary greenhouse. There is not always enough money for factory structures made of polycarbonate, but here - free, solid and very beneficial material for plants