Garden arch for flowers in the country: design ideas + step-by-step master class

The territory of the summer cottage should be perfect in all respects - pleasant for relaxation and comfortable for work. The beauty created by one’s own hands is doubly pleasing, and today's innovations in design make it possible to perfectly decorate the territory of the site. Arches for flowers have a very special decorativeness, allowing you to create comfortable places for relaxation, zoning the space, and placing expressive accents.

The species diversity of structures and their place in the garden

A separate arch will be a spectacular accent of the garden area, with the help of a group of arches you can create a tunnel or gallery of amazing beauty, the beautiful wall of their flowering trellises can hide the rest area from prying eyes, or hide not very presentable outbuildings. Arches can also form something like a gazebo - a cozy place to relax.

The garden arch is not only a wonderful way to decorate the house territory, for weaving plants (especially roses), it is one of the most convenient ways to grow them

A very simple rectangular arch in production reveals the effect of a deep perspective of space. Bright accents of the composition are given not by climbing plants, but by flowers in tubs, a lawn and a path from crushed stone

Much depends on the appearance and material of the structure, as well as on which plants will be used to braid it. For the manufacture of arches, materials such as wood, metal, plastic, natural stone and their various combinations are used.

The sturdy construction with stone supports and a trellised roof covered with vines forms an original shady arbor where you can comfortably relax on benches

Such a creative arch is made of logs and dry trunks without bark. It looks bizarre and unusual and plays the role of a gate. If you have unusual ideas - try to implement them, your garden is the best place to experiment

Garden country arches for flowers have many forms - vaulted, trellis (when several lattices are connected into a single whole), trellis (a lattice supporting climbing plants) and the shape of a voluminous arch with repeating elements (pergolas).

Today, there are many ready-made arches for sale - various wooden structures (from simple to very complex), inexpensive plastic and a wide variety of forged ones. Forged arches with thin, graceful lines are especially beautiful. For them, it is even better when the plant does not completely braid the arch, allowing you to admire the beauty of the work.

Forged arches are very light and elegant designs, which in themselves are a beautiful decor. In this case, the forged fence, the back wall and the lantern add decorativeness, over time a very cozy arbor will turn out

You can buy a ready-made arch for your garden, but if you wish, an arch for flowers in the country can be made independently. A self-made flower arch will look no worse than a finished one. We will describe an example of creating a simple design that everyone can do.

We make an arch of wood ourselves

You need to find 4 or 6 wooden poles or beams (height 2 m, width 100/100 mm or 75/75 mm). The vertically mounted posts will be the supports of the pergola, to which two lateral transverse beams are attached, and the crossbars are attached to them. For the crossbars, a edged board (20/200 mm) is suitable. Poles are installed in recesses with a depth of 0.5 - 1 m. The depth depends on the type of soil, for loose soil it should be greater. For the design to be practical, the part of the pillars that will be buried must be treated with bitumen and wrapped with roofing felt, roofing material or other waterproofing material. At the building level, check the vertical installation. Empty space in the pits can be covered with gravel, but concreting will, of course, be the most reliable way.

The model of a garden pergola: 1 - supporting posts or bars, 2 - beams, 3 - crossbars. For the convenience of plant growth, it is recommended to pull the fishing line, twine, or fill the crossbars in the form of a lattice

It is pleasant to create beauty in your country house by your own efforts, and such a pergola will be a wonderful decoration and shelter from the heat. It can be positioned along the track in the recreation area. The presence of 4-6 pillars makes it possible to create a real gazebo, in the shade of which you can hide and relax.

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In order for the plants to grow well and braid the pergola, twine can be pulled between the posts. If you stuff bars between them, the pergola will look very nice. To prevent the tree from being exposed to insects and atmospheric influences, be sure to treat all parts of the pergola with a special composition. Lattices can also be placed on the roof - this is more convenient for plants and in general the design will benefit from this.

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Here is another example of the construction of a wooden arched structure:

If you use metal elements - fittings, a corner, they need to be degreased, and then painted. Wooden elements will be more securely fastened with galvanized materials. A wooden arch is better for plants in that in severe frosts the tree will not be as cold as metal. Sometimes parts of plants freeze to icy metal and die

An example of the construction of this garden structure is quite simple, but if you paint it, use carved decorative elements, you will get a very nice garden arch.

There are also several videos on our topic that may give you some ideas:

How to plant plants to decorate the arch?

After making and installing the arch, you need to think about which plants you want to plant as decorative. Both annuals and perennials need to be planted closer to the base of the structure. Perennials grow slowly, so in the first year or two their growth will be small and there will be no special decorative effect. You can plant next to them annual curly plants - morning glory purple, sweet peas, decorative beans. They can decorate the arch in the first year. Alternatively, you can hang beautiful ampoules in a cache-pot or in pots - begonia, petunia, and pelargonium. This will give the arch a picturesque look, and you will not need to wait until, for example, clematis or climbing roses grow.

When the plants completely braid the arch under the flowers, it will become a wonderful place - shady and beautiful. The arch is good and when fresh greens cover the structure, but it looks most impressive, of course, during the flowering of plants. It is no coincidence that today it is fashionable to decorate wedding ceremonies with blooming arches - arches create a wonderful solemn atmosphere, demonstrating the beauty of nature and the ability of human hands.

Arches of roses are some of the most beautiful. You can combine rose varieties, for example, as in this case, climbing roses adorn the arched structure, and other varieties planted in alternation with ground cover plants form a luxurious carpet below

The video shows examples of creating an arch and decorating it with curly and ampelous plants:


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