Flowerbeds from tires or how to make a masterpiece from an old wheel with your own hands

The desire to ennoble the summer cottage, transforming it into an attractive cozy corner for a comfortable stay, is quite natural. Favorite by many gardeners, flower arrangements are invariably a popular element in the landscape design of suburban areas. A worthy setting for such compositions are often flower beds made of tires, which are one of the easiest to create and practical to use products. Of course, you can buy ready-made flowerpots in specialized stores. But the flower beds made of tires created by hand are not only a beautiful and functional design element that gives the design of the site exclusivity and uniqueness, it is first of all the pride of every summer resident.

How to choose the right tire?

It’s great when there is maybe there is a choice. Choosing between old tires of a domestic manufacturer and imported products, preference should be attributed to the latter. Imported used tires have softer and thinner tires, which are much easier to work with. If you choose between "summer" and "winter" tires, then the winter version is more suitable for work.

When deciding to create original flowerbeds from tires with your own hands, turning old used tires into bizarre street vases, you need to prepare the source material in advance and consider its design

In order to make a flowerbed from an old tire, it is advisable to choose wheels with maximum tread wear. The erased tread layer makes the product softer and can significantly facilitate the process of turning it inside out.

Tires contaminated with earth and sand must be cleaned. And it's not even that it is more pleasant to work with a clean product. Just when working with dirty tires, the blade of the knife and file dulls much faster.

Step-by-step manufacturing example

Stage # 1 - drawing a cut line

Before you start making a flowerbed from a tire, you need to think about how the finished product will look: a bowl with smooth edges, a flowerpot with a wavy cut line or a flowerbed in the shape of a large flower bordered by petals or fringe.

A drawing along the contour of which a cut line will be drawn is applied to the side of the product

Thinking over the shape of the cut, it is necessary to be guided by the fact that the result should be a construction on the principle of "pan - lid": a deep lower part and a cut upper part. Throughout the entire circumference, the contour is easily applied with a felt-tip pen or chalk.

The edges of the slice made in wavy lines or decorated in the form of denticles and fringes look interesting.

Stage # 2 - Contour Cut

Thinking how to make a flowerbed from an old wheel, designed in the form of a large flower, it is necessary to cut the petals along the edge of the product. The size of each petal should not exceed 10-12 cm. Otherwise, when the tire is turned out in these places, the rubber simply will not bend, and the flowerbed will not take an even round shape.

A shoe knife can be used to cut the wheel. A well-honed tool will significantly speed up the work

To facilitate the cutting process, you can use liquid soap to lubricate the knife blade.

It’s great if you have a jigsaw saw on hand. Using a jigsaw, it is convenient and quick to perform curly sawing.

Labor mechanization is detailed in the video:

After cutting the tire along the contour, along the tread recesses, it is necessary to make longitudinal cuts at a distance of 5-10 cm.

Stage # 3 - inversion of the tire

When creating a flowerbed on a leg of wheels with your own hands, the first thing you need to do is turn the rubber tire inside out. For many craftsmen, this stage of work becomes a real stumbling block. The process of eversion of rubber itself is a rather laborious process.

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Some masters recommend cutting the steel cord to facilitate the process.

In order to cut the metal cord, it is necessary to use the grinder to perform several cuts on the outside. Cut rubber smoothly. The contact of the disk with the cord can be judged by the plaque formed on the surface of the product and the emitted white smoke. To make cuts at an equidistant distance of 15-20 cm.

After preparatory work, you can begin to twist the tire. Before you begin to turn out a tire cover for a flowerbed, we would like to tell one secret: it is enough to turn inside out at least a small piece of the tire, and work will go “like clockwork”.

The eversion process is well shown in the video:

The flowerbed of the old wheels is ready, you can proceed to decorate it.

Design of the finished product

To create and grow flower beds in black forms is not entirely aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, as soon as the flowerbed is given the desired shape, you can begin to decorate it. While the outer surface of the inverted flowerpot is not covered with a layer of dust, it is desirable to paint it.

Painting is the easiest and most affordable way to design a black rubber flowerbed

Oil, enamel and nitro paints are excellent for painting rubber products. On a clean surface of rubber, the paint lays in an even layer and holds for a fairly long time. To paint the flower beds, you can also use car paint remnants. Using an aerosol can, work can be completed in just a few minutes.

The use of light colors in the design of the flowerbed will prevent overheating of the earth inside the tank.

The combination of colors looks interesting when the base of the flower bed is decorated in one color, and the cloves or petals are in another

Most craftsmen paint a rubber flowerbed only on the outside. But nevertheless, in order to give the container a more attractive appearance, it is desirable to slightly capture the upper part of the inner surface of the product.

In the design of the flowerbed, you can give complete freedom of imagination. Glass aquarium pebbles glued to the petals of the flowerbed will create the illusion of dew drops.

Wanting to further decorate the flowerbed, an ornament of a different color can be applied on top of the monophonic paint layer. But you should not be especially zealous: with violent growth of flowers, the flowerbed pattern can be completely closed by hanging or creeping plants.

A minimum of costs, a little free time - and a chic decoration for the arrangement of a suburban area is ready

Such a flower bed will become a worthy addition to the interior and an element of the landscape design of the cottage. It remains only to fill the tank with a layer of soil and plant your favorite flowers.


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