Florist lunar calendar for May 2019: hot season for transplants and top dressing

    Do you think that in May the hot time comes only for the owners of suburban areas? Let me disagree with you. Owners of indoor "greenhouses", even if they have typed no more than a dozen plants, will have something to do. Transplanting, dressing, forming crowns, tying up, creating favorable conditions for growing pets ... The list is extensive, and the lunar calendar of the grower for May 2019 will tell you when to carry out certain useful procedures.

    Lunar calendar for gardeners in May

    • May 1, waning moon.

    A great day to properly loosen and water the soil in flower pots, but it is better to refuse manipulations with the plants themselves. The only thing they will perceive painlessly is the treatment of pests.

    • May 2, waning moon.

    Showing loosening, watering, root and foliar top dressing, pest control. You can gradually, without fanaticism, proceed to formative or sanitary pruning.

    • May 3, waning moon.

    All the recommended works of the previous days are relevant, but getting rid of the excess promises to be especially successful: dry, rotten and diseased leaves, pests, shoots too long.

    • May 4, the new moon.

    Do not deal with adult flowers, but in order not to lose May day, you can sow the seeds of garden annuals and flowers for growing on balconies.

    • May 5, the growing moon.

    The division of tubers and rhizomes of garden perennials that have not yet entered the active phase of growth, as well as the rooting of cold-resistant bulbous flowers, will go well. Pets are shown trim trim.

    Pruning is necessary to rejuvenate the flowers and give them a more neat appearance.

    • May 6, the growing moon.

    Watering - no, planting and replanting - yes, but only when it comes to plants that have not yet begun to bloom. Tip: pay attention to decorative vines, this time is especially conducive to everything that weaves and curls.

    • May 7, the growing moon.

    Do a variety of soil work, plant and transplant indoor flowers, shorten too long shoots, divide perennial rhizomes and root bulbs. Abundant watering and top dressing are undesirable.

    • May 8, the growing moon.

    The period is still favorable for transplants. With other types of work, with the exception of moderate watering, wait a while.

    • May 9, the growing moon.

    Try to avoid any manipulations that could damage the leaves and stems. Now juices are actively moving along them, so watering and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers are quite appropriate. Successfully pass and transplanting indoor flowers into new pots, and sowing seeds in the ground.

    • May 10, the growing moon.

    The favorable time for transplants is running out, use the moment to complete everything that you did not have time. The day is good for tillage, preventative measures against flower diseases and pest control. Cropping is prohibited.

    If in April flowers are transplanted only when absolutely necessary, in May this is the usual procedure.

    • May 11, the growing moon.

    The next two days, the plants are better not to disturb. Want to do them a favor, sanitize them by washing the window sills with laundry soap and gently wiping the leaves with a damp sponge.

    • May 12, the growing moon.

    Good seedlings will come from those sown in the ground or, for regions with a cold climate, soaked seeds of annual garden plants. All that is acceptable to do with home crops is to carefully remove dry leaves and stems.

    • May 13, the growing moon.

    A good day. Flowers planted today quickly grow, transplanted - easily take root in new "apartments", fed - absorb nutrients as fully as possible.

    • May 14th, the growing moon.

    Another auspicious day when everything is developing and gaining strength. Sow seeds, transplant flowers into the soil and pots, root, water, feed the plants with mineral fertilizers.

    • May 15th, the growing moon.

    If the air temperature on an unheated loggia or balcony is kept above + 15 ° C, it is time to transfer indoor flowers closer to the sun and fresh air. If frosts are still possible, the plants “walk” on the balcony during the day, returning them to the apartment at night.

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    • May 16, the growing moon.

    The roots of the pets are full of strength and therefore can easily endure any of your actions: loosening, transplanting, transshipment, but try not to disturb the stems and leaves. Feeding will be useful if you have not carried it out earlier.

    • May 17, the growing moon.

    Watering should be generous, but not excessive, otherwise the roots will begin to rot and mold will appear in the pots. The rest of the recommendations are unchanged.

    • May 18, the growing moon.

    The dormant period is approaching. Collapse all active actions, only the most careful loosening, spraying, treatment from pests and diseases is shown.

    • May 19, the full moon.

    Day of rest. Do not disturb flowers without urgent need.

    • May 20, waning moon.

    Plant juices move down to the roots, and you can begin to sanitary pruning and the formation of crowns. However, gentle tillage and watering will also please pets.

    Do not water plants that fall in direct sunlight at noon - cause leaf burns

    • May 21, waning moon.

    Sow balcony and garden flowers, plant onion and tuberous plants - dahlias, gladioli. Indoor plants water and spray.

    • May 22, waning moon.

    A good day for forming pruning, removing excess shoots, fertilizing the soil.

    • May 23, waning moon.

    Inspect the flowers for disease-affected leaves or pests and take measures to eliminate possible problems. Trimming and transplanting in the discharge of unwanted procedures.

    • May 24, waning moon.

    Engage in loosening, top dressing, watering. You can continue to sow balcony flowers and plants for planting in the ground.

    • May 25, waning moon.

    Tillage day. The recommendations of the previous day remain.

    Loosening will supply the roots of the plant with oxygen

    • May 26, waning moon.

    The flowers will perceive the pruning pruning painfully, but the sanitary one will do them good. Get rid of dry leaves and rotted parts of plants, today it is allowed.

    • May 27, waning moon.

    Make sure that your pets receive plenty of light, but do not suffer from excess sunlight. Now is a good period for growth, let nothing hinder it.

    • May 28, waning moon.

    Watering and top dressing with organic fertilizers will bring benefits. But aggressive procedures like pruning or transplantation postpone to a more suitable day.

    • May 29, waning moon.

    Engage in pest and disease control, loosen and well moisten the soil in pots. Top dressing is recommended only for those colors that still do without it, pruning - to anyone.

    • May 30, waning moon.

    Loosening and treatment of diseases and pests, watering, root and foliar top dressing, and sanitary cleaning on window sills are shown.

    • May 31, waning moon.

    The next favorable period for caring for green pets starts, lifting most of the bans. Feel free to work with the soil, form crowns, break off dry leaves, transfer flower pots to the balcony, tie up climbing plants.

    Trusting the advice of the lunar calendar and your own intuition, you can turn even the most modest set of indoor flowers into a homely jungle, there would be a desire. And the lack of time or money will not become an obstacle, because the main thing that your favorites need is love and care. You have plenty of them, right?


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