Today this series of software products is highly demanded in the Russian market of computer programs. This is due to the trend in the construction of suburban housing, which has manifested itself in recent years and is strengthening and expanding every year. Over 10 years, the program was reprinted four times, in total over 200, 000 units of this software product were sold. The program was created just taking into account this trend and is a great help for those who change their living space, perfectly adapted to the average user, does not require special training.

Version 12 Deluxe is a computer software product for unprofessional use in order to create a conceptual design of both a country house and an apartment in an apartment building of almost any configuration, a design of interior premises of any degree of complexity with a wide selection of finishes, accessories, lighting and furniture, and also creating projects of various landscapes of the garden plot. At the same time, it has many properties of professional programs and has a simple and easy-to-use toolkit and high-quality graphics that provide users with great opportunities for design and navigation in an interactive three-dimensional environment. After creating a project, the user can navigate through it in a fully three-dimensional space. The layout and interior of the room can be viewed from any angle and from any point of view. The software product includes a constantly updated library of typical projects of apartments and country houses.

The Deluxe version has the ability to create photorealistic images that are almost no different from real photos. They clearly reproduce all textures, colors, lighting and shadows. All of these elements can be easily changed to obtain a more “accurate” image. You can observe your model in real lighting, change the degree of illumination and adjust any environmental conditions, even the time of day and geographical location.

The main advantages of the computer program "FloorPlan3D Version 12 DELUXE":

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  • Design of premises, design of cottages.
  • Automatic area calculation and accurate sizing.
  • Libraries of objects (walls, windows, doors, cabinets, sections, etc.) are included in the product.
  • The ability to work not with one, but with several built-in object libraries and connect or disconnect them as desired.
  • Broken walls.
  • "Fill" the walls in a 2D representation.
  • Create custom doors and windows.
  • Editable templates.
  • 3D preview.
  • The ability to depict winding paths.
  • Installation and adjustment of light sources in space.
  • Empowering photorealistic images.
  • Support for new operating systems.
  • New standard designs of apartments and cottages.
  • Automatic creation of stairs, including screw.
  • Elements of the plot and private houses (attics, balconies, terraces, etc.).
  • Special features (sloping roofs, multi-level ceilings, etc.).
  • New textures and materials. A wide selection of color shades.
  • Bulletin for the procurement of materials indicating the quantity and prices with the possibility of exporting to MS Excel.
  • Export objects in virtual VRML format.
  • Import objects from 3D Studio.
  • Moving around a project in three-dimensional space.
  • Create a video clip in Quick Time format.
  • Image filters.
  • Project Information Window.
  • Flexible settings (unit formats, position of the sun, grid).

In addition to the disc, which includes the work program and the tutorial, the Deluxe Edition package also includes the disc with the collection “Furniture and Interior Parts Collection for FloorPlan 3D”, which includes 392 elements.

Interface Languages: Russian

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Shipping Method: Electronic Delivery

You can purchase a licensed version of the program here - the price is 1249 ₽.


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