Felling: amazing muscat with a pear flavor

Among the variety of grape varieties, it is not easy to choose one that really lives up to expectations and settles in the garden for many years. This sort of grape can be Valyok - super early, productive, disease-resistant, frost-resistant, with excellent original taste - it is a worthy contender for the title of the ideal variety.

Valek grapes: description and characteristics

The hybrid form of grapes Valyok was bred by Ukrainian amateur breeder Nikolai Pavlovich Vishnevetsky. Having tested many varieties and forms on his plot, he never found the ideal grape - high-yielding, with a dense, tasty berry and a long shelf life, besides growing well in the climatic conditions of the Kirovograd region (this is where the vineyard and the breeder’s experimental plot are located). Nikolay Pavlovich brought such grapes himself. Today 16 hybrid forms of grapes developed by Nikolai Pavlovich are described, most of them are well known and loved by winegrowers. A worthy place among the hybrid forms of Vishnevetsky is Valyok - a white table grape with an early ripening period (about 100 days), which has a pleasant fruity-nutmeg taste.

Valka berries are oval, large, dense, turn golden yellow when fully ripened

The felling was obtained by crossing such varieties as Talisman, Zvezdny and Rizamat, and absorbed their best qualities.

The bush of this hybrid form has a large growth force. The author of the cultivar recommends planting Valyok with a root bush. The vine ripens over its entire length over the summer. Full fruiting can be expected in the second or third year. Having accumulated a perennial vine, the bush bears fruit more and better.

The plant has bisexual flowers, flowering lasts up to 10 days, pollination is wonderful even during rains. Moreover, Valyok is a good pollinator for other nearby growing forms and varieties of grapes.

The clusters are large, on average 1.2–1.5 kg, can reach 2.5 kg, very dense. The berries are also large, oval (inside the cluster due to the high density of the berries they may have a different shape), fleshy, with a soft, well-eaten skin. A distinctive feature is a pleasant nutmeg shade in taste and a pear aftertaste. The color of berries is from green to golden yellow when fully ripened. Ripe berries can hang on the bush for a very long time without cracking or falling, but you will have to take care of insect protection - Valka berries are extremely attractive for wasps. But it should be borne in mind that with overexposure of clusters on the bush, the characteristic musky taste of berries can disappear, although the berries themselves will remain dense and crunchy. Berries and clusters are transportable, have a good presentation. Subject to the rules of cultivation, the yield of each adult bush is about 20-30 kg.

The roller is resistant to mildew, oidium and gray rot.

The yield of the Valyok variety is high, the clusters are large and dense, can be on the bush for a long time

Frost resistance of the hybrid form - -24 ° C. In cold regions, shelter for the winter will be required. Many gardeners practice growing this form in a greenhouse, but with competent agricultural technology, Valyok grows well in open ground even in colder regoins than the Kirovograd region of Ukraine, where the variety was bred and tested.

In cold regions, Valyok can be grown in a greenhouse, so the probability of full ripening of berries increases significantly

Video: description and properties of the sort of Valyok

Growing Features

When growing Valyok grapes, it is enough to follow the basic rules for growing the culture and know some of the features of the variety that will require additional attention from the gardener.

The extremely tall Valka bush needs good support. Trellis will be an ideal support, they will not only support the bush, but will also contribute, thanks to the even distribution of clusters, good ventilation inside the bush and the influx of sunlight.

Extremely tall and productive Felling needs good support.

Planting with a root bush is preferred, but many gardeners say that there are no problems when planting the cuttings. It is possible to grow on a stock, but this method of growing for this variety does not guarantee the preservation of its properties.

I Valyok was planted last year with a cuttings, this year gave out all the shoots with flowers, while I left two inflorescences, and then I’ll look along the way.

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One of the features of the variety, which some gardeners consider a drawback, is the high density of the bunch. The bunch can be thinned out at the initial stage of its formation. But most wine growers claim that density does not affect the quality and condition of the berries: they do not crack, do not pea, do not rot, and remain as tasty.

The variety is affected by wasps, so care must be taken to protect the grapes from these insects: put traps, cover the bunches with a protective net, destroy the wasp nests near the planting.

You can protect ripe clusters from wasps with the help of special mesh bags

Felling loves light soils. It is recommended to plant it on light loams with a small amount of black soil. Some gardeners in reviews of the variety note that Valyok feels good on sandy soils.

Felling does not require a long formation, although, as already mentioned, with the accumulation of perennial vines, productivity increases. It can be trimmed for 6-8 eyes. Bunches are tied from the bottom nodes (2 for each shoot).

Grade Reviews

Reviews about the variety are mostly positive. Gardeners praise the high yield, admire the unusual taste of berries, their good preservation, note resistance to adverse weather conditions, to diseases and rot, early ripening. Only too dense clusters occasionally cause discontent.

This year Valyok showed a good result against the background of the other varieties; almost no deaths were observed. Ripened by about August 10, but this year everything was late, I think its real ripening period in us [Volgograd Region] will be on August 1–5. The taste is very interesting, some fruit tones are really felt. The bunch is dense, but the berries are practically not choked, the yield should be good, at least 2 clusters to shoot, and this, after rationing, nevertheless, the vine grows beautifully and by August 18 it has already begun to ripen. ... I have never seen the trickling.

Evgeny Polyanin

I think gf Valyok is the most delicious grape for us in our vineyard [g. Poltava], this year he annoyed a couple more bushes "for himself" so that he would not have to deny himself pleasure. For standing with a pruner and a bowl to cut the grapes for the family for dinner, I have repeatedly heard the phrase from my wife: “There is no valka - there is absolutely nothing to eat ...” and sullenly goes to the rest of the nutmegs. And since it is still working (cutting through) with Valka clusters, then why not increase the berry.

Sergey Gagin

The hybrid form Valyok has been growing in our Belgorod region, MK Tavrovo 2 for the third year already. Despite last year's frosts, the kidneys woke up 100%. Pollination went well, you can even say pollinated. Therefore, I had to work with clusters using scissors, removed one fifth of the berries. I want to say that despite the fact that gf. It requires a little attention, but I am very pleased with it! Namely, a very productive, unusual nutmeg with notes of pear. With the implementation, I had no problems, it left at a high price. He planted a second bush for himself.

David Alvertsyan

Many people compare Valyok with Arcadia, noting that Valyok is no worse, and even surpasses the latter in some respects. But Arcadia has long been considered a reference variety!

... If you compare with Arcadia (without underestimating the merits of this variety), it is indisputable that gf Valyok is higher in all respects:

- matures 7-10 days earlier;

- stability is higher (Arcadia needs to be processed after every rain);

- taste qualities not comparable in favor of gf Valyok;

- productivity is not lower than that of Arcadia;

- Valyok retains taste until frost, much has already been said about this, and Arcadia - ???

nikoly bilik

Vine growers who planted Valyok grapes on their plot, sincerely admire him and recommend the variety to fellow gardeners

Felling tested by gardeners in different regions. He found his admirers who willingly recommend the variety to other gardeners and winegrowers. Rather unpretentious, hardy, productive, it can become a real decoration of the garden and delight the whole family with beautiful golden berries with an unusual muscat-pear flavor.


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