Features of the water supply device of a country summer house from a well

We all appreciate comfort so much that even equipping a country house, we try to surround ourselves with amenities. Water supply occupies one of the key roles in creating comfortable living conditions. If for owners of houses in which centralized water supply was provided, the arrangements for arranging the system are practically resolved, then for owners who plan to provide autonomous water supply in their plots, all the hassles fall on their shoulders. Water supply of a country house from a well is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to equip an autonomous water supply system.

Benefits of Well Water Supply

When planning the water supply of a dacha from a well, it should be taken into account that only a properly equipped source can be used to organize a water supply system. What kind of hydraulic structure this will have depends on the owner. But its walls must be reliably protected from soil collapses, and therefore made of masonry, concrete rings or a wooden blockhouse.

You can learn more about the easiest way to dig a well from the store: voda / kak-vykopat-kolodec.html

The easiest way to equip a well is using concrete rings that prevent not only collapse of the soil, but also runoff of surface water

Well water supply involves the extraction of water using pumping equipment and its subsequent distribution to the site and home. In comparison with other options for arranging a water supply system, well water supply has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Easy installation. The owner, possessing at least basic knowledge and building skills, can dig and equip the source independently. However, he does not need to obtain official permission to dig a well.
  • Minimum cost. The construction of a well, in comparison with the same well, does not require significant material costs: it is enough to purchase a water pump and a pipeline. It will be more than a dozen years, and completely free of charge, to provide the dug spring with water.
  • Free access to water. In the event of a power outage, you can always get water from the well, armed with a rope and a bucket.

But the main advantage of the autonomous water supply of the cottage from the well is the ability to equip it with your own hands. Indeed, in principle, the idea of ​​installing such a water supply system is not new and has been repeatedly tested in practice. But the project with the development of a power supply scheme from the well, as well as the selection and installation of pumping equipment, is better to entrust to professionals. This will prevent the occurrence of problems during the operation of the system that arise due to errors made at the design stage.

However, it is worth noting that, due to the close occurrence to the surface of the earth, well water quite often contains a large amount of impurities. Such water can only be used for watering the garden and for technical needs.

It is easiest to purify water with a large amount of impurities for eating it by installing a filtration system

When planning to use water for drinking, you must additionally provide for the installation of a filtration system. In addition, the well itself must be cleaned at least once a year.

How to disinfect water in a well, read the material: voda / dezinfekciya-vody-v-kolodce.html

Choosing a pump and pipes for a water supply system

It is impossible to organize the water supply of a private house from a well without a pump that pumps water from the source and supplies it to the house through a pipeline connected to it. Therefore, when choosing a model, one should take into account the power of the unit, which should be enough to maintain water pressure in the region of 1.5 atmospheres throughout the entire pipe system laid from the well to the house. Conventional submersible pumps are capable of pumping water from a depth of 9 to 40 meters. If the well is located at a considerable distance from the house, it is advisable to install a more powerful self-priming centrifugal pump, which can pump water from a depth of 45 meters.

When choosing a pump, you need to build on the fact that the performance of the unit must exceed the mark of the maximum water flow during the period of its highest consumption. On average, the "stock" of productivity should be about 30%. For example: for a country cottage in which a family of 4 lives, it is enough to install a pump with a capacity of 3-4 cubic meters / hour. It will be enough not only to ensure the operation of home appliances, but also for watering the garden of a personal plot.

If the depth of the well, from which it is supposed to equip autonomous water supply, does not exceed 10 meters, then it is best to install a small pumping station equipped with an automation system and a hydraulic accumulator

The pump system is good in that it allows you to increase the life of the pump itself. It works at full capacity when it pumps water from a well into a hydraulic accumulator, and then only squeezes the necessary amount of liquid into the water supply system leading to the house.

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To equip the water supply at the summer cottage, you can use pipes made of steel, copper or metal. The latter option is more preferable, since the polymeric material bends quite easily, which greatly simplifies its installation when laying the route. It is not subject to corrosion.

Technological stages of arranging such a system

Well water supply technology includes several stages:

  • Development or selection of a ready-made power supply scheme;
  • Laying trenches for installing caissons and laying pipelines;
  • Installation of pumping equipment;
  • Installation of a water treatment system;
  • Laying the pipeline from the source to the house;
  • Installation and connection of equipment in the house.

Material on how to clean and repair a well will also be useful: voda / chistka-i-remont-kolodca-kak-provesti-profilaktiku-svoimi-rukami.html

Before installing pumping equipment, you should take care of wiring the water supply system inside the house.

The finished scheme should clearly show: the source of water intake, a water pump with a control unit, a water tank and a pipeline

To equip autonomous water supply from a well to a house, a trench is dug, the depth of which should be below the level of freezing of the soil (on average not less than 30 cm). To prevent corrosion changes in the surface, it is advisable to coat metal pipes with a special protective compound.

A pipe is laid at the bottom of the trench, the end of which is brought out through an opening in the well ring and lowered into water, not bringing 35-40 cm to the bottom of the well. The pipe must be placed at a slope of 0.15 m through each meter of product length. The end of the pipe is equipped with a strainer, which protects the suction hole from the ingress of impurities, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of the pump itself.

Read more about selecting a water filter: voda / filtr-ochistki-vody-dlya-dachi.html

The hydraulic accumulator is equipped at a height of at least 1.5 meters from the floor level, most often in the attic or roof. Thanks to this arrangement, in the event of a power outage, a pressure of water will be provided, at which it will continue to flow by gravity to the tap.

Indoor and dry premises - optimal conditions for the placement of pumping equipment, the creation of which allows to extend the life of the water supply system

It is better to place the pumping equipment itself indoors, where the air temperature does not drop below + 2 ° C even in the cold season. The best option is in the back room.

Installation recommendations for the pumping station: tech / nasosnaya-stanciya-svoimi-rukami.html

In the event of a malfunction in the well system, a check valve must be provided, which is installed in front of the pump inlet, to prevent water from draining from the main to the house. To automatically turn off the pump, it is advisable to install an electric contact pressure gauge.

After installing all the main and additional elements of the system, check the internal wiring to the points of consumption, and only then connect the pump station to the control panel.


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