How to get rid of reeds in the area: effective methods of weed control

3 years unsuccessfully fighting with reeds in his area. The site is elevated, leveled - 70 cm ASG and separate bulk ridges are made. Tell me, please, with what herbicide can it be destroyed and during what period to act to get rid of it? Olga Specialist response Hello Olga! Your problem is familiar to many gardeners, gardeners and farmers

Why does not chrysanthemum bloom in autumn

Hello! Tell me why autumn chrysanthemums do not bloom in my garden? It's already October, but no flowers are visible! I'd like to enjoy bright colors before the arrival of winter! Victoria. Specialist response Hello, Victoria. There are several reasons for the lack of flowers in chrysanthemums

Why does thuja turn yellow and what to do to stop the process

Tui after winter turned a little yellow, especially towards the ends of branches. Growing for the third year, in a fairly high place. He fed nitrophos for the third year (this year) on a tablespoon per plant. Tell me what to do. Andrew. Specialist response Hello Andrey! There are many reasons why thuja turn yellow

Why there were many cones on the thuja and whether it is necessary to delete them

Too many cones-seeds have formed on young thuja this year. What is the reason and what to do about it? Get rid of them or leave so? The view of the bushes became untidy. I want to help them somehow ... Irina. Why do cones appear on the thuja and whether to remove them Anyone who is even a little familiar with the principles of building garden compositions or simply fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of coniferous plants, will surely give the palm of primacy to various species and varieties of thuja

How to beautifully design a plot in the Tver region

Hello! Recently bought a plot, we plan a trip to the nursery for planting material. What shrubs do you recommend buying for spring composition and how to decorate the space behind the house, where does the shadow go in the afternoon and become gloomy? We purchased a plot in the Kalinin district of the Tver region, 35 km from Tver

How to grow a rose from a handle: practice tips

The rose blooming delicate buds attracts the attention of even the most indifferent contemplator of garden beauties. It is impossible to pass by this aristocrat without saying: “Ah, what a delight!” Many people prefer to receive a wonderful bouquet of roses as a gift, while others like to grow them on their site. So

How to recreate an English romantic garden on your site: landscape design specialist tips

I am taking the first steps in creating a garden. And what happened is not very happy. I wanted to make something similar to an English romantic garden. As a result, the free central part of the garden, given to the lawn, turned out to be too large, not my opinion, regarding the plantings located around its perimeter

Stratification of seeds at home: why and how to carry out

Hello! How can seeds be stratified? I'm afraid to freeze them, but I got it with difficulty. Tell me, what is needed for this? Varenik Specialist response Good day! Some gardeners often experience in their practice that the seeds that they sowed in the current season do not germinate after the expected time

How to choose a good secateurs for gardening

Opening the last winter leaf on the calendar, you involuntarily think that the long-awaited spring will come soon, the sun will warm and the fragile messengers of the awakening nature - spring primroses, will climb out of the dark thaw. Summer residents will begin to actively harvest their seeds for seedlings, pots and fertilizers

Who is responsible for the death of green spaces in the adjoining territory of the new building and where to turn for help

Hello! In the courtyard of our new building, the builders landscaped and landscaped. But in the second season, planted trees - birch trees, linden trees, maples, mountain ash - almost completely died, of which 30% of all plantings survived. What could this be connected with and how can the improvement of the yard be improved