Examples of the use of small architectural forms in the garden and in the country

A summer cottage is a territory intended not only for gardening, but also for recreation. I want her to be beautiful in all respects - luxurious, well-groomed plants and decor, forming with the site a single whole and pleasing to the eye. A gazebo, a bench, a bridge on the site will help to create a special atmosphere, small architectural forms of wood, metal, concrete create special zones in the garden that resemble a fairy kingdom.

Fashionable trends in landscape design come to us from Europe, the use of small architectural forms for decorating private gardens has been practiced there for a long time, for us this is a new direction that is quickly becoming popular.

A cozy place to relax is created using a boardwalk located under the trees. Flowers in pots and flowerpots make it even more attractive.

Statues, decorative bridges and benches, gazebos, used to be found only in city parks, today any summer resident can ennoble his plot using these wonderful elements of landscape design.

You can make the garden original by giving the familiar elements an unusual shape. An example would be a butterfly-shaped bench.

The choice of architectural forms, of course, largely depends on the budget, but you can always use small forms in the exterior - the market today offers an extensive assortment in a wide price range. So not only oligarchs can afford small forms.

What can be achieved using small architectural forms? There is a lot of things - to give the site an individuality, divide it into zones, change the design, place accents, use small forms to create a specific style. They perform two important functions: make the site area more aesthetic and provide comfort.

Garden benches are the most commonly used small forms. They can be either simple or surprisingly unusual solutions - for example, like this bench using mosaic

Any small form, with the exception of sculptures, has a practical purpose: trellises protect from dust, wind, are a support for plants, bridges allow you to cross over water, in the arbors it is nice to have a meal and rest, benches in the garden are also great places to relax.

Consider the main types of small forms that can transform a garden into a comfortable sitting area.

Garden bridges - decoration of artificial ponds

Garden bridges are usually wooden or metal architectural structures. The most common option is a combination of these materials, for example, a log bridge with metal railings. The bridge can be curved, flat, with or without railing - it always looks good if there is a pond in the country, it makes the area picturesque, attractive.

Nearby you can place a bench, lights, which in the evening will not only illuminate the territory, but also highlight the water zone. You can use garden sculptures - and you get a cozy and romantic corner for relaxation.

A beautiful forged bridge thrown over an artificial pond is a wonderful decorative element that gives the garden a special grace

Pergolas - a cozy place for a meal and pleasant conversations

For the construction of gazebos, many materials are used - natural and artificial stone, metal, brick, wood. For roofing - bituminous tiles, metal tiles, slate, boards - in general, any roofing material. The purpose of the gazebo is to provide the owners with a comfortable rest, often accompanied by eating or drinking tea.

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A tastefully made gazebo will be not only a comfortable refuge from the sun or rain, but also a decoration of the site.

Openwork arbor made of wood protects from the sun and wind, the roof of soft bituminous tiles gives the structure an aesthetic appearance

Small forms decorated with forging always look advantageous. Such a gazebo on the site is not only a good place to relax, but also a decoration of the garden

Pergolas and arches - zoning the garden with looms

Arches and pergolas are supporting varieties of small architectural forms. Arches are intended for zoning the space, twined with vines, other climbing plants, they create very cozy picturesque corners in the garden.

Classic stone arches today are almost replaced by wrought iron, metal and wood. The budget option is plastic arches, which are also widely used in the decoration of plots. The arch is a decorative element that came to us from ancient times, and has not lost its relevance these days due to the ability to perfectly decorate the territory.

2 in 1 - pergola arch. Although it is not twined with greenery, it looks very good surrounded by dolphiniums and other flowers

Arched structures are often used with pergolas. Classical pergola - a building with a through roof made of beams, which rests on poles. For the manufacture of pergolas, mainly plastic and wood are used.

Pergolas often make up one with garden benches - it turns out a very nice place to relax in a floral setting, protected from the sun

Pergolas cannot be called functional constructions, their main function is decorative, but pergola entwined with ivy or roses can be the best place to relax in the summer, in the shade of plants, where you will admire the beauty of nature. In a small area, the pergola can become the main accent that forms the component of the chosen style (mainly classical).

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Garden sculptures: modernity and classic

Classical sculptures made of plaster and marble, small architectural forms made of concrete - images of angels, ancient gods or sculptures of lions surrounded by luxurious colonnades are not suitable for any garden. The best place for them is a large garden or a regular park.

Modern sculptures and garden figures are great options for a small plot. Such small forms as figures of gnomes, animals, flowers, cars, miniature copies of palaces and castles will contribute to creating a positive mood in both adults and children. Moreover, they look great both in the afternoon and in the evening, with illumination anywhere in the garden - by the pond, under the canopy of tall trees, in the flowerbed and on the playground.

Such sculptures will be appropriate in a large garden, on the porch of an impressive house. A small fountain in the classical style can be installed in a smaller area

Such cute plaster figures are inexpensive, and their use in garden decor creates a positive attitude

You can purchase a more expensive original contemporary sculpture of designer work and place it in a specially designated corner of the garden.

And you can also make a garden sculpture of cement yourself, read about it: dekor / figury-iz-cementa.html

Such a brooding elf can be placed in a quiet corner of the garden, a place for solitary thoughts.

Flowerpots and containers - a budget way to decorate your garden

Artistically designed flower containers are also small architectural forms. They are accessible to anyone and are able to significantly ennoble the space of your garden. If you select containers for plants, taking into account their size, material, shape, color, murals and other external characteristics, and place them in the places you want to focus on, the garden will sparkle with bright colors. Plus flowerpots and containers also in that it is the most affordable garden decor.

The container with flowers is located inside the decorative trolley - a very interesting small form in the country style

Even if you have a small area where the buildings are not very beautiful, with the help of small architectural forms you can turn it into a place with your own hands, where you will be happy to spend time in the lap of nature.


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