Examples of the use of forged furniture in the garden: how to add sophistication to your country house

Choosing garden furniture is not as easy as it sounds. Traditional wickerwork is not very durable. Willow vine and rattan are afraid of excess moisture. Every evening, cleaning furniture from the garden to the house is not too pleasant. What if it rains at night? Treated with special solutions and varnishes made of wood is much more resistant to moisture, but their coating will have to be updated periodically. Excellent resist all manifestations of the weather of plastic products. But in terms of aesthetics, plastic things lose. But forged furniture is able to match any landscape and has many other advantages.

What is good metal furniture?

Agree that elegant metal products, similar to glittering lace, look truly aristocratic.

Agree that such furniture can decorate any interior. But she, to all her merits, is also durable

The forged headset looks decent, if not sophisticated. You can not be afraid to leave it even in the rain. But only for the winter it’s better to remove such beauty

What other benefits does wrought iron furniture have for garden?

  • If you cover such a product with special anti-corrosion compounds, you can not hide it from rain or snow. The vagaries of the weather will not be afraid of him. However, with the onset of winter, it is best to send furniture to a dry room. And in fact, at this time of the year, gatherings in the fresh air do not happen very often.
  • Metal structures will not be chewed by pets, and small children are unlikely to be able to inflict any significant damage on them.
  • Special care is also not needed, and we periodically wipe any thing from dust and moisture; such care cannot be considered special and difficult.
  • Versatility is one of the main advantages of metal products. Any stylization of the landscape perfectly perceives forged furniture. She will find a place in the European, Scandinavian, Arabic or even Caucasian interior.
  • A well-made metal headset is unusually durable. Once acquired by the owner of the garden, he will delight not only his children, but even his grandchildren.

Those who still doubt in favor of which products to make their choice, it is enough to invite to the salon, which presents a variety of forged furniture, and the results of his thoughts should no longer be doubted. We offer you to draw conclusions by watching this video.

How exactly can you decorate your garden?

The metal is plastic, the furniture from it is able to realize any fantasies of the master who created it, or the customer who has outlined a special set for himself.

Imagine such a hammock bed not in a room, but right in the garden. A thin canopy-veil, which is able to protect a sleeping person from annoying insects, will be very handy.

Nominee # 1 - bench for relaxation and contemplation

At the sight of a forged bench, Pushkin involuntarily recalls a fruitful Boldin autumn, an autumn leaf, sheltered on a bent armrest. Completely made of metal products compete in their beauty only with garden benches, in which metal and wood are successfully combined with each other.

The design of such a bench is strong and reliable. Moreover, it becomes a real decoration of any garden. It’s nice to sit on it after work, and just to dream while sitting on such a little bench is a pleasure. However, why exactly sitting? The bench in its dimensions allows it to lie down on it. And, best of all, you can use it absolutely regardless of your own complexion.

It is not surprising that the poet, sitting on such a bench, will come up with the brightest thoughts that he can translate into works of art

Forged benches can look very diverse. The top photo has a solar and life-affirming product, and the bottom one is brutal, as if from a saga about vampires and werewolves

By the way, if you still decide to make benches yourself, then we have an excellent briefing: * Garden bench for a do-it-yourself garden: six projects for every taste *.

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Nominee # 2 - chairs and tables, dining sets

Are you going to make an arbor, a veranda or an open terrace in east, European, Asian or Caucasian style? Or maybe you prefer baroque or high-tech? In any case, there is a suitable forged headset for you. Even laconic ornament or intricate ligature of a picture can convey style features, and we imperceptibly plunge into the interior that we always dreamed of having.

The arbor decorated with a vine, the furniture is already built in. As you can see, it goes well with the surrounding landscape and for sure the guests, once in such a cozy place, will be satisfied

If you think that wrought iron chairs may seem too hard, just use removable cushions of the right degree of elasticity as overhead seats for your chairs. Such chairs and armchairs will please you with comfort and special elegance of products that only people of two professions can create: glassblowers and metal artists.

A very comfortable headset for the veranda allows guests to sit with maximum comfort. The peripheral part of the tabletop rotates, and the central part of the table is stationary, which helps to serve it

Particular attention should be paid to the table. Whether it's a small magazine option or a full-fledged massive product that can become an ornament for your dining room, the forged table will not look bulky. Strength combined with openwork is a hallmark of garden and country furniture forged from stainless steel.

The forged leg of the coffee table looks particularly impressive in combination with the glass surface of the countertop. Despite the apparent fragility and weightlessness, this is a stable and durable thing.

Nominee # 3 - relaxation in a rocking chair

Swinging or just relaxing in such an armchair is extremely pleasant. You can relax blissfully without thinking about whether this thing will break under your weight. This rocking chair is really convenient, practical and, thanks to art forging, has a great view. It is important to choose a thing from stainless steel and with a reliable coating, then it will be almost eternal. Do not hesitate to exploit it you will not get bored.

These rocking chairs are very different. Which one did you like more? Probably the answer depends on what kind of interior you are trying to create at your cottage

Nominee # 4 - openwork swing

A hanging swing chair is an unusual fruit of design thought, which many liked. Like a strange flower or ripe fruit, such a piece of furniture can hang right in your garden. Its smooth and clear lines delight, and the play of light in the weave of metal calms, inspires. If necessary, this chair can play the role of a cradle for a child.

But not only the swing chair, but also the traditional swing more familiar to us, are made of forged metal. When choosing such a design it is very important to make sure of its safety, especially if children will use it. The structure should not have sharp corners, the surface of its seat and back should be flat. The swing itself is stable.

That's where the strength of metal comes in handy, so when using this cradle. Truly exclusive design sophistication

Such swings are quite traditional. They are convenient to swing and alone, and in the campaign. It is only important to make sure that they are stable.

Little tricks of a good choice

It is always nice if a person is happy with his purchase both in a year and a few years after its completion.

Such things have no age. The upholstery can always be replaced, and the headset itself will look both in place and in time in any era

Real fans of forged products are not going to stop there. Next in turn is a wonderful car that can also be decorated with art forging

What you should pay attention to, for your choice of forged furniture to be happy, we will tell you now:

  • Pay attention to the flat thrust bearings, which should be in the metal furniture, if the headset will be on the veranda or terrace. This will help to avoid damage to the flooring.
  • Still, such furniture is recommended for use in outdoor conditions. The reason for this is the high weight of the forged products, the manufacture of which is usually low-carbon steel.
  • When caring for such interior items, abrasives cannot be used: they are capable of leaving scratches.
  • A special varnish is what can be coated with metal if desired. It is important to choose the right one so that it does not go cracked by a change in temperature conditions.
  • When combined in a metal thing with wood or fabric, care is carried out taking into account the characteristics of these materials.

Forged furniture, unsurpassed in originality and beauty, gives your garden a special charm. Your home becomes truly unique.


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