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Florist lunar calendar for april 2019: when to transplant, and when to leave alone?

For most indoor flowers, April is a month of active transplants, replacing land in flower pots, watering, feeding and processing from pests. You need to do a lot, because very soon the pets will finally leave the period of winter dormancy and will actively grow. Florist lunar calendar for april-2019: favorable and unfavorable days April 1, waning moon

Care and breeding of nephrolepis at home

Nephrolepis is a representative of the fern genus. Some experts attribute it to the Lomariopsis family, others consider it to be the representative of the Davallievs. However, these nuances for lovers of home flowers are for reference only, and the plant itself is a wonderful decoration for a home or office

Pandanus: how to grow a tropical giant at home

Pandanus is an extremely interesting plant. Growing it is very easy, you just adhere to simple rules. True, some growers are scared of the gigantic size of an adult plant. But those who can allocate a spacious and warm corner for the development of pandanus on their living space will not regret it. Pandanus Description Pandanus or Pandanus is an amazing plant

How to grow blue spruce: a review of growing technology from seeds and cuttings

Type: conifers Flowering period: june Height: 25-30m Color: Green, Bright Blue Perennial Winters Shady Drought resistant Among the variety of conifers, blue spruce is considered an elite plant, as it has an amazing color, lush needles and a solid appearance. No wonder she more often than other representatives of her kind flaunts near Government houses, banks and other institutions of considerable importance to the city

Astilba - a favorite of shadow gardens: planting rules and recommendations for care

Type: Saxifrage Flowering Period: June, July, August Height: 8-200cm Color: pink, burgundy, lilac, snow-white Perennial Winters Shady Loving The herbaceous perennial astilbe is very much appreciated by experienced gardeners and novice lovers for its lush flowering. And its name, which arose from the merger of the two words "a" and "stilbe", is a vivid confirmation of this, in the Greek translation denoting the expression "very brilliant

Hibiscus or Chinese rose - a curiosity of home decor

Many have heard that there is a room flower called "Chinese rose", but most have no idea that this is one of the famous varieties of hibiscus that grows in the southern climate directly on city streets, and in the northern regions it has long been successfully cultivated in the volume of a flower pot

Florist lunar calendar for May 2019: hot season for transplants and top dressing

Do you think that in May the hot time comes only for the owners of suburban areas? Let me disagree with you. Owners of indoor "greenhouses", even if they have typed no more than a dozen plants, will have something to do. Transplanting, dressing, forming crowns, tying up, creating favorable conditions for growing pets

Decorate the garden with crystal grass: “God-given flower”

Type: Aizov Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 10-15cm Color: Red, White, Purple, Pink, Orange Perennial Sun loving Drought resistant Mesembryantheum is a rather rare flower in our country. Its seeds are sold far from everywhere; reference books for gardeners are also rarely mentioned

The secrets of citrus: how to grow lemon, orange and tangerine trees

Type: Citrus Flowering Period: December, January, February, March Height: 50-1200cm Color: Orange, Yellow, White Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Bright lemon, orange and tangerine trees with their huge flowers and mouth-watering fruits always become the most important accents of any garden. But, unfortunately, they do not grow in the Russian climate under the open sky - only in greenhouses and at home

Hoya or wax ivy: all the nuances of growing and caring at home

Liana plants organically look in any interior due to their plasticity and versatility. They can be planted in ordinary pots, hanging flower pots, to form "green walls", interesting shapes. Hoya also has an “additional bonus” - very elegant flowers-stars of bright shades, effectively contrasting with dark leaves. Ca

Lush peony asters: when and how to plant on seedlings and in open ground?

The pion-shaped aster is considered one of the most beautiful varieties of asters. Its advantage is not only an attractive appearance, but also long flowering, low maintenance, a wide variety of varieties. The inflorescences of this plant are similar in shape to peonies, so it got its name. It is recommended to flower growers who decide to grow this flower on a site to begin with when to plant the seeds of a pion-shaped aster and what kind of care she needs to provide

5 beautiful plants that our children and grandchildren will no longer see

Annual Shady Loving Man often recklessly refers to nature. Satisfying his curiosity and irrepressible needs, he exterminated a large number of representatives of the animal and plant world. On the verge of extinction are several more species of amazingly beautiful flowers, and if measures are not taken to preserve them, then our children and grandchildren can never see them

Florist's lunar calendar for July 2019

If you think that working with flowers is relevant only in the spring, then you are very mistaken. July is a month no less eventful for any lover of indoor greenery. Owners of home greenhouses will not have to be bored: they are waiting for transplanting, feeding and trimming green wards, as well as the fight against diseases and pests

7 indoor plants that bring happiness and wealth to the house

Annual Shady Loving It has long been known that some houseplants have unusual abilities and can bring happiness, wealth to their owner’s house, and change their life for the better. Let's talk about several types that will help in attracting money and well-being. Pelargonium Pelargonium (geranium) attracts cash flows and brings material wealth and stability to the house.