Encyclopedia of plants

How to grow spruce: planting and care technologies, an overview of reproduction methods

Type: conifers Flowering Period: May, June Height: 30-35m Green color Perennial Winters Shady Drought resistant Green spaces in the countryside - it is clean air, and natural decor, and a great functional tool for building landscape design. Perfectly in any climatic zone of Russia, coniferous inhabitants of forests take root, among which are slender Christmas trees with lush, dense needles

Knifofiya: variegated buds to the envy of all country neighbors!

Modern flower gardens often adorn exotic specimens previously unknown in our country. Mostly these plants come from the tropics, but this does not stop lovers from successfully breeding them in the suburbs. Knifofiya is one of such perennial flowers. Tall bizarre candles rising from a rosette of narrow long leaves - such splendor is spectacular both as a solitary plant, and as part of a mixborder or alpine hill

Brovallia: how to grow a tender plant blooming all year

A tender, flowering browllia is tirelessly rare for our window sills and gardens. Meanwhile, this pretty flower is very popular in many foreign countries, especially in America. It is grown as a houseplant, as a garden annual plant in a cool climate and perennial in the south. They love browllia for abundant and very long (in good conditions up to 17 consecutive months) flowering, and the difficulty is that the bush is difficult to maintain for more than two years

Ctenantha: how to care for a beautiful woman from Brazil at home

Variegated plants enjoy steady popularity among gardeners. The lack of bright colors and the ctenant does not interfere. She is rather capricious and demanding when leaving at home, so for her maintenance requires some experience, but watching it is very interesting. It is better for beginners to pre-train on her less whimsical "relatives", for example, calathe and arrowroot

Kislitsa (oxalis): features of caring for a butterfly flower at home

Oxygen or, as it is popularly called, rabbit cabbage is a fairly popular plant among gardeners. It is grown not only in the garden, but also at home, and is valued primarily for its decorative and unpretentious care. Of particular interest are unusual leaves, the shape of which resembles an exotic flower or butterfly

Why geranium does not bloom and how to fix it

Geranium has been appreciated by mistresses and gardeners for several centuries due to bright elegant inflorescences and a long flowering period, which lasts from March to November (it can vary due to different environmental conditions, quality of flower care, as well as climatic factors). Why is geranium not blooming

Epiphyllum - unpretentious and flowering plant for the home greenhouse

Epiphyllum is very similar to the usual Decembrist, but undemanding in care, and its flowers are more magnificent and brighter. This is a find for those who can not devote much time to domestic plants. The standard set of rules for caring for the epiphyllum will help to grow a healthy and beautiful bush with juicy green leaves from a small stalk or process

Dicenter (“broken heart”): the rules of planting, growing and caring

Type: poppy seeds Flowering Period: June, July, August Height: 15-40cm Color: Pink, White, Purple, Persian Blue Perennial Winters Shady Loving Lush rose bushes, tall thickets of gladioli and even lines of marigolds and calendula near the cottages look great, but quite traditional. Why not revive the familiar landscape with such a wonderful plant as a dicenter

Planting and caring for a climbing rose: the rules for arranging a climbing rose garden

Type: Rosaceae Flowering Period: June, July Height: 5-15m Color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, vinous Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Summer residents love rose bushes for their lush color and delicate aroma. Small bushes on the porch, flower beds along the path, a platform near the gazebo or pool - delicate rose buds can decorate any part of the land

Monstera - learn to properly care for tropical vines.

Europeans saw this beautiful liana with carved leaves in the tropical jungle of South America and immediately christened it a monster, a monster. So she entered our homes under this name, simultaneously adding the letter “e” to it. How to provide care and reproduction of monstera at home, we will describe below. Mo

Planting, growing and caring for onion irises - gardeners secrets

Type: iris Flowering Period: May, June, July Height: 15-40cm Color: Purple, Blood Red Perennial Sun loving Loving Spring flowers are the most coveted, they are associated with warm sunshine, the imminent onset of summer. Apparently, this explains the great popularity of irises - since the beginning of May, lush buds of all shades of the rainbow have been revealed in the flower beds of suburban areas

Durant: how to grow a "heavenly flower"

Duranta is not often found in collections of flower growers, and in vain. An attractive bush with flowers in a sky blue or lavender hue is not picky about growing when grown at home, it will decorate any interior and give the joy of contemplation to the owners. In addition, a number of varieties have been developed by breeders that differ in coloration of both flowers and leaves

All about pachypodium: species, care, reproduction, treatment for pests

Indoor flowers like many. And unpretentious, easy to care for - all without exception. These include, for example, palm trees and cacti. Pachypodium is a symbiosis of these two seemingly completely dissimilar plants. They grow on the island of Madagascar, in African countries: Angola, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia

Juniper: choosing the right variety, planting and care technology

Type: conifers Flowering period: may Height: 1.5-30m Green color Perennial Winters Shady Drought resistant Unlike the southern and tropical regions, in the northern latitudes conifers have a special place in the garden landscape - in the off-season and in winter only they can revive the garden with their own colors

Eustoma - the gentle daughter of the prairies in your garden or on the window

Type: Gentian Flowering Period: July, August, September Height: 0.15–1 m Color: white, purple, pink, yellow, green, Biennial Eustoma (lisianthus) again aggressively attracts a lot of fans. Combining the tenderness of rose flowers, the power of lush leaves and a slightly capricious character, it is used to decorate events and make elegant bouquets.

We grow peonies: variety selection, planting, care and propagation technology

Type: peony Flowering Period: June, July Height: 50-200cm Color: white, pink, red, burgundy, yellow, lilac Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Peony is a popular ornamental plant with spectacular colorful flowers and large leaves, characterized by high vitality, longevity and frost resistance up to -40 degrees

Limnantes - fried egg flower in your garden

The flower of limnantes originates from North America, the name of the plant was coined by the Greeks (it means “blooming in a damp ditch”), and the fun and undoubtedly accurate comparison with scrambled eggs (because of the yellow middle and white petals) occurred to the British. Florists and summer residents of Russia learned about limnantes not so long ago, but already managed to appreciate its high decorativeness and undemanding care. Wh

Phalaenopsis: home care for a butterfly orchid

Orchids on the windowsill are the dream of most amateur gardeners. But many do not dare to land them, fearing difficulties in the course of work. Indeed, these flowers are quite moody. But there are exceptions, for example, the Phalaenopsis orchid. They look no less impressive than other varieties, and caring for them at home is incomparably easier

Bougainvillea: how to tame the obstinate beauty

The riot of the flora of the southern countries impresses everyone who has been there. And one of the most vivid impressions makes bougainvillea. White, purple, violet, purple, pink, yellow and cream brushes of this plant hang from the hedges, decorate parks and gardens. I want to take such beauty home, so tourists bring bougainvillea cuttings

Adiantum at home: growing without problems

Adiantum is one of the most common ferns that growers grow at home. Thick openwork greens of bright light green leaves, introducing a touch of "spring forest", and the relative unpretentiousness in care - this is what almost all lovers of indoor plants appreciate it. Origin and distribution Adiantum, or the venus of hair, is rightfully one of the most elegant ferns

Growing and caring for cyclamen at home

Cyclamen is a plant that attracts many amateur gardeners with a general decorative effect, compactness, abundance and duration of flowering. Moreover, his buds open in late autumn or even in winter, when most houseplants fall into "hibernation". It can not be called too whimsical, but it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the conditions of detention in advance

How to grow a luxurious spirea: planting technology and a workshop on care

Type: flowering Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September Height: 15-25cm Color: White, Pink, Red Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Spirea is considered to be one of the most beautiful shrubs. It is widely used to decorate the local area. It is unpretentious, resistant to winter frosts. Planting and caring for the plant usually does not cause problems

Bear Ear, or Arctotis: Greetings from South Africa

As an ornamental flower culture, arctotis has been growing for about two centuries, but in Russia this plant is not known to everyone. These flowers are very graceful, have a rich color. They are considered distant relatives of the gerbera. But her flowers are always open, and the arctotis necessarily close at night and on cloudy days

Peacock flower, or Description: how to provide her with decent home care

Peacock flower, or Episia - a beautiful indoor ampel plant. Its magnificent picturesque foliage, smooth and shiny in some varieties or velvety in others, amazes with a wealth of colors: green, purple, silver, copper, reddish, brown. And during flowering, the description completely changes: against the background of variegated colored leaves, bright "gramophone finishes" bloom

Lantana: growing an exotic flower at home

Lantana is an exotic tropical flower that has successfully adapted to the microclimate in modern apartments. Lovers of home plants appreciate it for its abundance and duration of flowering. Blooming buds gradually change colors, so lanthanum looks very unusual. Many flower growers hesitate to start such an exotic, fearing difficulties in leaving, but in fact the plant is surprisingly unpretentious

We grow rhododendrons: the nuances of planting and care, all about reproduction

Look: heather Flowering Period: April, May, June Height: 0.3-1.5m Color: White, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Purple Perennial Winters Shady Loving It is difficult to imagine a suburban area without the usual permanent residents - peonies, roses, poppies, dahlias, decorating flower beds and flower beds with their lush caps throughout the summer

Streptocarpus: growing an African "bell" on the windowsill

Streptocarpuses, the natural species of which were grown by our grandmothers at home, are again at the peak of popularity among collectors. Recently, thousands of chic varieties with varied colors of charming colors have been bred. Streptocarpus blooms for a very long time, delighting its owners. Caring for it is simple, so the plant can become an ornament to the collections of experienced gardeners or settle on the windowsill of those who are just starting to grow flowers in their home

Nemantanthus - tropical goldfish in our flowerpots

Nemantanthus, or hypocirrhosis, is a tropical plant that has appeared in our home flower gardens relatively recently. Therefore, not all plant growers know how to properly care for this handsome man so that he is always green and pleasing to the eye. Caring for a nematantus really requires some effort

How to use barberry in landscaping: planting and care lessons

Type: Barberry Flowering Period: June, July Height: 30-300cm Color: yellow, green, red Perennial Winters Sun loving Drought resistant Quite often you can see decorative hedges and individual shrubs of barberry. The most suitable territories for growing plants are the Caucasus, Crimea, regions with a mild climate

Caring for roses in the fall: how to prepare bushes for wintering in September and October?

Type: Rosaceae Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 30-300cm Color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, vinous Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving With the advent of September, a crucial period begins for rose growers. The flowering time for many varieties has already passed, and it's time to prepare the bushes for wintering

Myrtle tree - a symbol of peace and tranquility in your home

For lovers of light and natural aromas, myrtle is best suited: it helps to improve indoor air, improve the atmosphere, and its leaves are used as a medicine. In addition, it is grown to create a bonsai tree. And among the variety of varieties you can choose suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners: leaving is not difficult, but you should still remember some features

How to keep a sprig of mimosa fresh and fluffy longer

Mimosa, or silver acacia, unanimously recognized in our country as a symbol of the women's holiday on March 8 is a delicate and short-lived flower. Fluffy balls of bright yellow color please with their unique beauty and pleasant aroma only 4-5 days. Therefore, having received a charming bouquet as a gift, many ladies often think about how to keep their mimosa fresh and fluffy longer

Growing roses in Siberia: choose winter-hardy varieties + planting and care rules

Type: Rosaceae Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 30-300cm Color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, vinous Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Siberians joke that wimps do not survive in their harsh winters. We need a persistent character, not only to people, but also to plants

Croton (codium): caring for a fastidious handsome man at home

Croton (or codium) is a very bright, attractive plant whose beauty does not depend on flowering. The green-yellow, red or pink foliage is dense and seems very durable. If the croton is healthy, it will be so: a bright bush will delight you with a riot of colors all year round. However, this flower is fussy, should it not please, and the leaves will hang sadly

Green Balls of Salinity: Home Growing and Care

Among the decorative-deciduous plants, salinolysis occupies a special place. Delicate plants with creeping shoots are able to transform any interior: they can form round fluffy balls, grow in the form of a thick beard or openwork green meadow at the foot of the giant ficus. Openwork curly leaves look great next to other flowers

Muraiya: tips for caring for an exotic tree on the windowsill

Muraiya is not only a spectacular decoration of the interior, but also a very useful plant. Any home grower can plant this unusual, abundantly flowering and fruiting tree at home. Caring for it at home is not difficult. An additional “bonus” is an amazing floral and citrus scent that fills the room during the flowering of murraya. Ap

How to plant primrose perennial and provide her with proper care

Primula (Primula) refers to herbaceous plants of the family primrose. Its name in Latin means “first”, and the people called it lamb, a talisman of happiness, keys. In ancient times, the flower was endowed with magical power and included in the composition of various potions. Planting primrose perennial and caring for it has some features, and if you give the plant proper attention, it will bloom with the same spectacular buds as in the photo. Fe

Medinilla: how to provide her with decent home care

Among the flowering houseplants, medinilla is a clear favorite. Seeing the luxurious long-term flowering of a tropical beauty, it is impossible to pass by and not get such a spectacular copy for your collection. But for the sissy to show her true beauty, you have to surround her with attention and love

Beautiful swimsuit - the heroine of legends in your garden

The leotard is a perennial plant, characterized by large bright flowers of spherical shape. Belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. Depending on the type of accessory, it can reach a height of 50 to 100 cm. It is unpretentious in care and easily grows around the entire perimeter. Due to its predisposition to dark areas and high humidity, it often serves as a decoration for garden ponds and streams

Badan in the garden - planting in the open ground and further care

A real decoration of a country garden can be a canoe. This amazing herbaceous shrub with a long peduncle covered with numerous flowers is beautiful from the first days of spring to late autumn. Its leaves are bright, juicy, in some varieties huge as burdocks - they can turn any corner of the garden into a fairy tale - whether it be a pond, a rocky hill or a modest garden path

Moody and beautiful hydrangea: secrets of planting and avoiding wise gardeners

Type: Saxifrage Flowering Period: June, July, August, September, October Height: 1-4m Color: White, Pink, Blue, Purple Perennial Shady Loving Flowers have always been an adornment of any garden. It is on them that the gaze rests, they attract us with their beauty, skillfully lure with an exuding aroma

Features of growing tropical columnae at home

Kolumney is an original and beautiful liana native to equatorial America. But for some reason in apartments it is less common than its relatives - for example, calories and gloxinia. Of course, there are some nuances in its cultivation, but this is not a reason to abandon the beautiful Tropicana columna

Ciperus - varieties, planting, reproduction, care at home.

Tsiperus is an unpretentious perennial houseplant of the sedge family. Lusty, ready to grow even in an aquarium, in the light or in partial shade. How to provide flower care and propagation at home? Origin of Cyperus In nature, cyperus grows in the wetlands of the tropics and subtropics. Most often it can be found in Central America, Africa, on the island of Madagascar, along rivers and on the shores of lakes, where it can reach up to three meters in height

Beauty Camellia - Queen of Home Flowers

This beautiful flower is known in almost all corners of the world where plants can live. Many dream of growing it, but then retreat from their venture, having heard from other floriculturists stories that this beauty was not worthy of taming to domestic life. Indeed, a beautiful and proud plant, as evidenced by gorgeous photos, in nature becoming almost a tree, at home for some reason begins to act up and wither

A wonderful gift of nature: the cultivation and care of asparagus at home

Asparagus is a beautiful houseplant valued for its delicate delicate greenery. This airy creature is a true miracle of nature. The plant looks especially impressive when bright red fruits appear on fragile branches. Elegant asparagus, reminiscent of lace, will decorate any collection of flowers grown at home

Decorative saw: how to care for a striped beauty

Varieties of pylaea are so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to believe that all these plants belong to the same species. These plants are valued for the decorativeness of the leaves, since their flowering is inconspicuous and sometimes even inconspicuous. Caring for a saw at home is simple, and beginner gardeners can do it

Stone rose (younger) as a decorative element of the garden

Type: Crassulaceae Flowering Period: June, July, August Height: 5-35cm Color: pink, red, white, yellow, purple Perennial Winters Sun loving Drought resistant The young - a beautiful succulent in its original form, has other interesting names. Latin sempervivim is an eternally living plant, or folk - a stone rose

Growing Roullia and caring for it at home

Rowell infrequently found on the windowsills of amateur gardeners. Most likely, the reason for this is the fast flowering. But ruellia deserves our attention at least for its unpretentiousness and ease of care. Description of Ruellia and its origin Ruelia (second name - Dipteracanthus) belongs to the Acanthus family

Digitalis place in landscape design + rules for planting and growing it

Type: plantain Flowering Period: July, August, September Height: 30-150cm Color: Purple, Pink, Purple Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving In the back shaded courtyard, and among the garden trees, and in the sun in the center of the motley flower bed, digitalis — a tall, lush melliferous plant with large flowers similar to openwork bells — feels great. Pr

Guzmania: tropical beauty home care conditions

Growing exotic plants on your windowsill is becoming an increasingly popular activity among gardeners. And such a beauty as guzmania is generally the pride of any housewife. The unusual appearance of the plant is eye-catching. Caring for it will not be difficult, so the flower can be grown at home without any problems