Encyclopedia of plants

Hyacinth in a pot - flower care

Hyacinth - a flower of the asparagus family, with a pronounced pleasant aroma. This is a universal plant that is grown in the house and on the street. But in the pot it will not bloom repeatedly: this is possible only when transplanted into open ground. Why hyacinths are grown in pots Flowers are grown both in pots and in open field

Campanula: care for graceful bells at home

The popularity of Campanula among indoor flower lovers is growing rapidly. This is facilitated by its unpretentiousness, duration and abundance of flowering. In order for Campanula to feel good at home, the owner will need to devote a minimum of time to it. There are few rules for plant care, but they are

How to care for begonias: root, tuber, hybrid flowers

The most unpretentious begonias are root. They do not need to arrange a period of rest, like tuberous. However, root care requires year-round care. In winter they are fed, but less frequently than in summer; pruned in the spring. Regardless of the species, all begonias grow well and delight with their decorative effect at high humidity in combination with non-poured soil

Pruning roses for the winter: how to do everything without harming the plant?

Type: Rosaceae Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 30-300cm Color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, vinous Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Roses are the favorites of most gardeners. These beautiful plants adorn many suburban areas. How nice to watch the blossoming buds of roses with petals of the most incredible shapes and colors exuding a delicate pleasant aroma

Freesia - planting and growing at home and outdoors

Freesia is an amazing bulbous plant native to South Africa, which grows among shrubs and on the side of the shores of water bodies. Due to its characteristic aroma, it is also called Cape lily of the valley. The flower got its name in honor of Friedrich Frieze - a German doctor and botanist. For more than 200 years, freesia has occupied an honorable place among flower growers

Dracaena is fine - thanks transplant!

Both in office premises, and in apartments there is a place for dracaenas. They are beautiful, varied in shape and color and easily fit into the interior. But the appearance of these plants depends on the correct care for them. Pictures of dracen Admiring the dracaena is a pleasure! It is not surprising that flower growers are happy to photograph their plants and post these pictures on the Internet

Pruning Dracaena: Useful Tips

To grow a false palm at home, it’s a dracaena, it won’t work if you don’t know the pruning technique. This operation should be carried out regularly - this helps to renew the leaf part and allows you to prevent or cure plant diseases in time. By trimming, a neat crown shape is created, thanks to which the plant decorates any house in such a way. Drac

Chlorophytum: cultivation and care at home

Every beginner grower wants to get a plant that has an attractive appearance and does not require complicated care at home. There is such a flower. This is a well-known chlorophytum. Bright greens cheer up and create a feeling of comfort. But before you start a pet, you need to learn as much as possible about caring for it

The variety of ways to breed dracaena

In order to independently propagate dracaena, a number of rules should be observed that allow not only to obtain young specimens, but also to preserve the main plant without harming it. Propagation of the plant is possible both by cuttings and seeds. It is important to consider that the characteristics of its reproduction will depend on the plant variety

Planting and caring for garden roses: a memo for beginner gardeners

Type: Rosaceae Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 30-300cm Color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, vinous Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving If the lion is the king of animals, then the rose is the unconditional queen of the garden. From ancient times this plant was considered an object of admiration and worship

Drummond Phlox Care Tricks: How to Grow a Luxurious Flower from a Seed

Type: flowering Flowering Period: June, July, August, September, October Height: 10-50cm Color: White, Pink, Red, Purple, Cyan, Blue Annual Winters Sun loving Drought resistant Experienced gardeners rarely arrange compositions only from perennials, since their decorativeness cannot last all season. Combined flower beds look much more impressive, in which annual and perennial plants with different flowering periods are adjacent

Zamioculcas: the right transplant at home

The extraordinary handsome Zamiokulkas in indoor floriculture appeared relatively recently - in the late 90s. Perhaps the flower growers were distrustful of the appearance of an exquisite handsome man in the flower market, having suspected a very capricious plant in it. But as it turned out, Zamioculcas is so unpretentious that even a novice can take care of it

Growing orchids from seeds - chimera or reality?

Blooming orchid is mystically beautiful and attractive. This plant has always been popular, even despite the harsh price tag in the flower shop. Until recently, there was no question of propagating the orchid itself at home, because this business seemed incredible because of the size of the seeds and their wayward nature

The subtleties and nuances of planting and caring for lilies: a complete overview of growing technology

Type: Lilac Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September, October Height: 20-250cm Color: white, yellow, orange, red, spotted, two-pointed Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Lily is an amazingly beautiful flower with a pleasant aroma that has been revered in many cultures. The Greeks attributed to her a divine origin, believing that the lily grew from the milk of Juno - the mother of the gods

Rules for planting lilies in the spring in the ground: the secrets of experienced gardeners

Type: Lilac Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September, October Height: 20-250cm Color: white, yellow, orange, red, spotted, two-pointed Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Asiatic, oriental, tubular, long-flowered beauties-lilies fell in love with gardeners for their large accent inflorescences of bright color and unpretentious nature

Bryozoan bryozoans: how to grow an unpretentious lawn from Irish moss

Type: clove Flowering period: june Height: 1-10cm Color: Green, White Perennial Winters Sun loving Drought resistant Traditional lawns need constant care, causing a lot of trouble to the owner of a country house. So that the color of the grass cover always remains bright green, the lawn must be not only regularly mowed, but also combed, fed, watered, weeding from the weeds that break through

Konik Glauka spruce: landing and leaving at home + rules for landing in the open ground

Type: conifers Flowering Period: August, September Height: 15-40m Color: green with a dark red tint Perennial Winters Shady Drought resistant On the eve of the New Year holidays, each family thinks out where to get and how to decorate the main heroine of the celebration - the Christmas tree. But if ten years ago many owners switched to artificial beauties, then today all the present is back in fashion

Decembrist care at home: when flowers delight us even in winter

Outside the windows there is a fierce cold, everything is white with snow, trees and bushes are sleeping in snow clothes, dead birds try to hide from the wind. Winter! It was at this time - in November-January - that the Decembrist bloomed. That’s why he is nicknamed so that in the very cold it flaunts the life of flower growers with the bright colors of summer.

Dracaena Sander - a real decoration for your home

"Bamboo of Happiness" or Dracaena Sander grows well in room conditions, but allows you to get just fantastic shapes, which is appreciated by amateurs. Exotic appearance and wide opportunities to give the plant completely original bends, and in a fairly short time, attracts many who wish to decorate their house with this plant

Purslane - planting seeds and caring for flowering carpet in the open ground and on the windowsill

Purslane is a photophilous flower, usually grown in an annual culture. The best place to land is open, warm and sunny. This low plant, so beloved by landscape designers and summer residents, will create a flowering carpet on the ground with proper care. It is able to bloom from June to the very frosts

Lobelia: seed cultivation, planting and care technology

Type: bell-shaped Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 8-1000cm Color: Blue, Magenta, White, Red, Cyan Perennial Sun loving Loving Lush rugs scattered among the greenery delight the eye and give the garden a sophisticated charm. From the first summer days to autumn frosts, the lobelia is completely covered with miniature flowers of delicate shades: blue, pink, sky blue, violet, purple

Bauchinia: orchid tree at home

This is not to say that bauhinia is a common indoor plant. Meanwhile, she is quite worthy to become the pearl of any collection. This unusual tree is distinguished by the duration, abundance and beauty of flowering. Often lovers of indoor plants refuse to buy, believing in advance that they cannot afford caring for a capricious and demanding culture

Such a different tillandsia: how to care for a moody plant

Tillandsia is a real find for those who love everything exotic, original and unusual. This houseplant will become a truly spectacular accent in the interior. Different species are completely different from each other, but the foliage decorativeness and attractive flowering remain unchanged. Tillandsia is quite demanding in care, so first you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for growing at home

Dracaena diseases and pests: how to recognize a problem and deal with it

Dracaena is a spectacular evergreen. It can be found both in apartments and in office premises. Amateur gardeners and designers, she is appreciated for its attractiveness and unpretentiousness. However, despite the undemanding and lack of whims, dracaena suffers from unintentional errors in care, attacks of pathogenic fungi, bacteria, viruses and harmful insects

Indoor Gerbera: growing and caring at home

Recently, many garden flowers "move" to the windowsills. “Bouquets in pots” is very fashionable and stylish, besides it pleases the eye much longer. So in the care of a room gerbera there is nothing complicated. Even a novice grower can, by creating optimal home conditions for the plant, achieve bright and plentiful flowering. Wh

Eucharis - growing in an apartment, breeding methods, diseases and pests

Eucharis is a popular ornamental flower with large green leaves on long stalks. With good care, it blooms 2 times a year, producing a peduncle with 6-8 buds. Living in an apartment can be up to 15-20 years. The origin of eucharis Eucharis, also called Amazonian lily, belongs to the amaryllis family. His homeland is South America, but is most often found on the banks of the Amazon River

How to Grow Strong Shrub Chrysanthemums

Shrub chrysanthemum is a real decoration of many household plots, but to maintain the decorative attractiveness of the culture, you should correctly select a variety depending on the climate and place of cultivation, as well as observe the rules for planting and caring for a garden or indoor plant. Features of growing bush chrysanthemums as a perennial garden culture Bush chrysanthemum is represented by a wide variety of varieties, the total number of which now exceeds ten thousand

Velvet leaves and plenty of bells: growing calories

Kaleria is a beautiful, abundantly flowering plant native to the tropics. The unpretentiousness of the plant allows you to create beautiful ampelic compositions at home. Simple rules of care can be followed by any grower, even a beginner. Plant description Kaleria (kaleria) belongs to the family of Gesneriaceae, naturally grows in the tropics of equatorial America

Mimosa bashful - home care for the touchy

One of the most interesting exotic plants that flower growers grow at home can be called bashful mimosa. After all, rarely does any flower respond to human touch. But for healthy development, he needs to create an enabling environment. This is not difficult to do if you follow a number of rules for home care

Decorative cabbage as a design element for a country flower bed

Type: cabbage Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 20-130cm Color: White, Purple Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving If you have never heard of ornamental cabbage, then, seeing a photo of this culture, you might think that these are some of the most beautiful flowers, in no way inferior to the queen of flowers - the rose

How to transplant Kalanchoe, including if it blooms

Kalanchoe is a popular tropical plant that attracts plant growers with both flowering and its healing properties. Due to the fact that the root system of the plant grows rapidly, over time it will be necessary to transplant the Kalanchoe into a larger pot. But not all owners of Kalanchoe know the intricacies of caring for their green doctor and the rules for transplanting it

Reproduction gloxinia: an exciting lesson at home

Flowering plants are always appreciated by flower growers and are favorite guests in our homes. Their beauty pleases the eye, gives a unique look to the home and creates coziness. Basically, these are tropical plants that are easily mastered by us. They are surprisingly unpretentious and easily breed

Fatsia: caring for a Japanese beauty at home

Life in the bosom of nature is a pipe dream of many citizens. Indoor plants will help to approach its implementation; they create an aura of natural freshness. Moreover, the green corner in the apartment may be similar not only to the tropics, but also to our Central Russian forests. For example, Fatsia (or Japanese Aralia) will remind you of a chestnut or maple grove

Propagating Kalanchoe: Instructions for Cutting, Cutting, and Growing from Seeds

Kalanchoe is one of the well-known medicinal plants and is also known as an indoor doctor or indoor ginseng. This plant has gained the fame of the tree of life for its extraordinary healing properties. Of the 200 species known in nature, about two dozen are used for indoor cultivation. All of them are equally well adapted for a prolonged stay in drought and in high humidity, and therefore are very unpretentious in indoor conditions

10 easy-care climbing plants: photos and names

Beginning gardeners, travel lovers and just too busy people prefer to plant flowers that do not require complicated care. An apartment or a study will help to decorate curly indoor plants that are easy to care for, and they are so called in the common people, because they can be clinging and hanging

Cordilina: home care for the tropicana

A resident of tropical regions and the owner of bright leaves - cordilina, adapted well to the climate of our apartments. The plant is very elegant and is often used for landscaping and decorating living quarters. Cordilina looks great as a single plant or in flower arrangements. But only well-groomed plants have an attractive appearance

Aeschinantus: how to please a luxurious, but whimsical handsome

A plant called eskhinantus is very familiar with few of the Russian indoor flower lovers. Until now, this Tropican is exotic for our apartments. Aeschinanthus has an attractive appearance: its long shoots are dressed in harsh bright leaves, and the ends are decorated with scarlet flowers directed upwards

How to propagate dieffenbachia?

It is no coincidence that Dieffenbachia has been cultivated as a houseplant for more than 150 years. With high decorative leaves and the ability to quickly build up a large volume of greenery, it is unpretentious. It requires minimal maintenance and reproduces very easily and simply. History and description of Dieffenbachia The flower is named after the main gardener, who in the 19th century served at the imperial court in Vienna - Joseph Diefenbach

Licoris: the mysterious flower of death or a simple spider lily?

Likoris (lat. Lycoris) is a flower plant native to Asia. There it is a wildflower to which mystical properties are attributed. The Russians grow licorice in summer cottages and at home as a pot plant. He takes root, however, by no means in all regions. In agricultural technology, it can be compared with daffodils and tulips

How to hide roses for the winter - all about saving the “flower queen” from frost

Type: Rosaceae Flowering Period: June, July, August, September Height: 30-300cm Color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, red, vinous Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Lovers of rosaries often complain that in the conditions of our winter it is not possible to save purchased varietal bushes without damage

Lilies in landscape design: the secrets of proper composition

Type: Lilac Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September, October Height: 20-250cm Color: White, Yellow, Orange, Red Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving The shape of the lily is regal-classical, recognizable - just remember the historical emblem of the French kings “fleur de lis”. From spring, when the growing season begins, and until flowering, the slender stems of the lily are unusually decorative. At

Anthurium: features of care, pests, diseases and their treatment

Anthurium or male happiness catches your eye thanks to the magnificent inflorescences, painted in the brightest colors of the spectrum: red, purple, yellow, pink, blue. Glossy leaves of anthurium are also decorative, and some varieties are distinguished by a silvery frame of veins. Anthurium is considered an unpretentious plant, but for beautiful flowering and growth it needs certain conditions

Secrets of landing a thuja and proper care of it

Type: conifers Flowering Period: May, June Height: 100-7000cm Green color Perennial Winters Shady Loving Plants from the cypress family have long been used to decorate the urban landscape and suburban areas. Particular love of summer residents enjoys the noble thuja - a frost-resistant beautiful long-lived plant, distinguished by an unusual leaf shape and suitable for forming living fences and alleys

Stefanotis: what care does Madagascar jasmine need for flowering at home

A wonderful guest from the tropics, the owner of delicate and fragrant flowers - stefanotis, conquers at first sight. Elegant emerald greenery in combination with snow-white flowers looks elegant and elegant. But before you get the desired Madagascar jasmine, you should carefully study all the subtleties of caring for an exotic handsome man at home

Tradescantia - unpretentious indoor and garden plant

Tradescantia is a famous plant. She adorns many houses and institutions with her hanging shoots of green and colorful colors. They love this plant for its unpretentiousness and ease of care. Knowing the differences between varieties, forms and types will help to make a familiar addition to the tradescantia an effective addition to the interior of the house or decoration of the garden

Hosts in the landscape design of the site: decorate the shady areas of the garden

Type: host Flowering Period: July, August Height: 15-60cm Color: White, Lilac Perennial Winters Shady Loving Plants that amaze with amazing beauty and are able to remain attractive throughout the season are welcome guests in suburban areas. One of such representatives of the plant world is the host, which can rightfully be considered the "princess" of any flower bed

Pachistachis cultivation and care at home

Pachistachis has been grown at home since the 19th century. The plant pleases the eye with decorative juicy leaves, unusual spike-shaped inflorescences, a long flowering period. Unfortunately, this luxurious flower is rarely seen on our windowsills. For some reason, it is believed that pachistachis is finicky, moody, and requires complex care

Growing varietal phlox: features of planting and care of the "fire flower"

Appearance: cyanosis Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September, October Height: 10-150cm Color: White, Pink, Red, Blue, Raspberry, Purple Perennial Winters Sun loving Loving Phlox is a genus of flowers that includes more than 70 species, of which about 30 species are wild-growing, 40 are cultivated

Strelitzia - "bird of paradise"

Strelitzia flower looks like the head of a bird of paradise with a colorful crest, and the green leaves are spread like wings, so it seems that it soars in the air. Strelitzia Description Amazingly beautiful flower was first discovered by the British, who visited South Africa at the end of the 18th century

Maranta: caring for a “praying” plant at home

Large bright leaves with a fanciful pattern of spots and veins - by these signs you can recognize the tropical plant of arrowroot. A native of the tropical swamps of America, she easily adapted to home conditions. With proper care, the plant will always delight the eye of the grower. Plant description Arrowroot refers to herbaceous perennials