Elite grape variety Witch's fingers: mystery and sophistication all rolled into one

The number of grape varieties in the thousands, and their differences from each other are very significant. Among this diversity, a special place is occupied by elite varieties that bear fruit in clusters of large berries, have excellent taste, give a consistently high yield and are able to withstand grape diseases and pests. Breeders regularly bring out interesting new forms and varieties that often crowd out the leaders of the best grape ratings. So it happened with the sort of Witch's fingers, which is called mysterious, mystical, bizarre and sophisticated.

The history of growing grape varieties Witches fingers

Witches' fingers are a variety that was born at the junction of not only centuries, but also millennia. In 2002, Californian scholars introduced to the world vineyard community a new variety of Witch Fingers. It was obtained as a result of manual pollination of American grapes with the best varieties of the Mediterranean. The main goal that scientists set for themselves - to get grapes with a specific look and unusually rich taste - was achieved.

Note! Scientists say that during the selection, grapes have not undergone genetic modification, is a natural product, so it can be eaten without harm to health.

The Witches Fingers variety was bred by a group of breeders from the University of Arkansas at their California-based research base.

Interesting information! Now work is underway on a new variety, tentatively called White Witch's Fingers. It is assumed that he will have elongated light berries and a delicate sweet taste.

Description and main characteristics of the grade Witches fingers

The variety got its main name because of the unusual shape of the berries. They are bizarrely curved and look like elongated and curved fingers. Others saw in grapes similarity with small pods of hot pepper and gave the variety a parallel name - Chile. When describing the variety, the following characteristics should be noted:

  • producer declares the variety as a dessert hybrid of raisins;
  • the variety has the usual grape leaves;
  • the vine is powerful with great growth power, so it will need pruning;
  • bisexual flowers, capable of self-pollination;
  • the color of the berries can be dark blue, black-blue or deep purple;
  • peel without gloss, strong, taste without acidity;
  • the pulp is juicy and crisp;
  • the taste of berries is specific, sweet, slightly reminiscent of plum;
  • aroma of apple and pear berries.

Note! The variety is intended for fresh consumption. Long storage and heat treatment are detrimental to the beneficial properties of grapes. Witches' fingers.

In the United States, one kilogram of Witch fingers grapes costs about $ 20.

Table: The main characteristics of the grape variety Witch's fingers

AppointmentVariety belongs to dining rooms, red
Ripening timeMid-season. Ripening begins about 4 months after the leaves bloom
Cold resistanceResists frosts to -23 degrees
Resistance to pests and pathogensHigh enough
Brush weight0.6 to 1.5 kg
Berry mass7 to 15 g
AcidityLow, per 1 liter of juice - 6–7 g of acid
Sugar content19-21%

Grapes Witch's fingers form large clusters of conical shape

Note! The percentage of ascorbic acid, sugars, fiber, and various vitamins is high in the fruits of the Witch’s fingers grape variety. Its calorie content is 95 kcal per 100 g of product.

The variety exhibits increased resistance to most diseases of grapes. Manufacturers claim its sufficient resistance to downy mildew and bacterial cancer, the most common fungal disease. This is due to the high percentage of sugar and low - acid. Since the berries of the Witch's Fingers have a dense skin, wasps do not pose a danger to the variety. The main pests are birds and rodents, which wine growers fight with tried and tested means: they install drinking bowls for birds, traps and barriers for mice, and use poison baits.

Planting and growing grape varieties Witches fingers

Many people have the desire to get Witch fingers grapes, but today it is grown only in the county of Cairn in the state of California. Saplings of this variety for home gardens can only be purchased in the United States. Let's hope that after a while they will be more accessible, and then there will be experience in growing this variety in Russia and other European countries.

Important! Today it is difficult to give clear recommendations and advice on cultivation agricultural technology, because it is not known how the variety will behave in unusual climatic conditions.

If you focus on the information of the producer of the variety, it can be noted that its requirements for growing conditions are roughly the same as other varieties of elite grapes:

  • the variety is photophilous, demanding good air circulation. Since the bush is overgrown, it needs pruning, which is carried out at the end of winter or early spring, but before the grapes grow;
  • the preferred soil for cultivation is slightly acidic;
  • requires watering (at least 1 time per month) with the exception of the flowering period. The last (water-charging) watering is carried out 2 weeks before the onset of frost. It increases the cold resistance of the plant;
  • planting is recommended to mulch with moss or sawdust, which slows down the evaporation of moisture, inhibits the growth of weeds;
  • before wintering, the vineyard is fertilized with compost or humus. In the spring it is recommended to make nitrogen fertilizers, and in the summer - potash and phosphorus;
  • for the winter the vine should be covered;
  • during the growing season, it is recommended to carry out at least two preventive treatments with a fungicide solution. The first spraying is carried out after the leaves are blooming, and the second - during the fruit ripening period.

Video: grape variety Witches fingers

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I ate such a delicious! I really liked the taste, although I do not really like grapes, but surprisingly this one is delicious, and it is pitted.

Leo lena

According to the stories of the lucky ones who managed to try this miracle, the reviews about the taste are the most positive. A slight smack of labrusque is still present, but it is very weak, it is interrupted by an apple - duchessy aroma. The peel is harsh, no seeds. It is impossible to find seedlings of this grape in Russia and the CIS countries - they can be bought only from American breeders. There is a possibility of exporting “Witch's Fingers” grape seeds from the USA, but how big it is is not known. Eh, I would buy too ...


This is a sort of closed club, it is almost impossible to get.

Alexey Kosenko

I’ve been looking for such a long time. No one has. It seems that they will hold this variety with propagation ... The patented variety and no one will sell it at retail, only to the mass producer of fruits. Vobschem deadlock grade, will not go to the masses.


It is unrealistic to get the cuttings, even on sale the clusters are cut as much as possible, like Red Globe, which is up to 6 cm in diameter.


The variety is certainly very impressive, who knows where to get it?


Let's hope that pretty soon the elite variety of Witches' fingers will become more widespread and then we will all be able to appreciate its merits and enjoy its unique, mysterious taste.


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