Early strawberries for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine: description and characteristics of varieties

Specialists call this bright, juicy and fragrant berry strawberries, and numerous fans and amateur gardeners - strawberries. And only the gourmets are waiting for the harvest of melting in the mouth and delicate fruits as early as possible, without thinking about the accuracy of the determination. Many summer residents prefer exclusively early varieties of strawberries, as they want to enjoy delicious berries at the beginning of summer. We offer you the best early varieties of garden strawberries for cultivation in different regions.

How to get an early harvest of strawberries

In summer cottages and in industrial production, garden strawberries are often cultivated. Strawberry, although sweet, tasty berry, is small and found much less often than the Queen of beds. They can not be confused, since the berries differ in aroma, color, size and shape, and the leaves have a characteristic texture.

Forest strawberry, although small, but has a unique taste

At rest in winter, strawberry bushes are rarely damaged by cold. But spring back frosts can harm the crop. The first flowers give the largest berries, and with frost they suffer in the first place. The whole crop will not be lost due to extended flowering, but this year the bush will not please the big berries with large berries. In order to protect, it is recommended to cover plants in case of a threat of frost. And if the landing area is large, then smoke is used. They cover strawberries under arcs with non-woven material, thereby protecting plants and providing an early harvest of berries.

In general, to please yourself with quality berries in spring - summer, you need to take care of strawberry bushes in late summer and early fall, when plants accumulate nutrients before the dormant season. At the same time, fruit buds are laid. Therefore, you need to feed the plants with complex fertilizers and provide watering. But it is not worth sheltering strawberries before temperatures near zero, as plants can be warmed up.

The root system of strawberries is fibrous, branched. Sometimes individual roots can reach up to a meter in depth. But basically they are located at a distance of 20-30 cm from the soil surface. To prevent freezing and protect the root system of the plant, mulching with fallen leaves is performed in autumn. The optimal time for mulching is one week after the temperature is set to 0 ° C. In the spring, after the awakening of wild strawberries, plant residues are dug up into the ground, simultaneously loosening the soil around the bushes. When last year's mulch overheats, heat, moisture is released, and the roots are supplied with organic fertilizers. All this contributes to an early harvest of berries.

Early varieties of garden strawberries

Shelter of repairing strawberry varieties makes it possible to collect the earliest possible berry harvest in spring, since already formed peduncles leave for the winter. In non-repairing varieties, from the moment of the awakening of strawberries to the appearance of berries, up to 120 or even more days can pass. As a rule, early varieties begin to bloom earlier and are characterized by an early yield of the crop. But even among these varieties there are champions. They are called in various sources ultra-early or super-early. The State Register of the Russian Federation adopted such definitions of strawberry varieties as very early, early and mid-early.

Super early varieties of strawberries

Only one grade of very early strawberry, Rosinka, is registered in the State Register.

Berries of the Rosinka variety ripen in the Middle lane before anyone else

Smooth, bright, classic-shaped berries of Rosinka have a maximum tasting score. They are used fresh and in billets. The plant itself is fruitful, winter-hardy, resistant to drought and disease. This variety is recommended to be bred in the Central region of Russia.

Of the super-early, it is worth recalling such varieties:

  • Desna is a large-fruited strawberry. The berries are oblong, dense, filled with a deep aroma, sweet. The variety is generous. The fruits are well transported. The variety is resistant to disease.

    Large-fruited strawberries Desna bred by Ukrainian agronomists

  • Olbia is one of the most successful varieties of early strawberries. The berries are round, sweet. The variety is resistant to bacterial diseases, is able to withstand drought and pests of strawberries. Gives a plentiful harvest by mid-May.

    Olbia - super early Ukrainian variety of wild strawberry

  • Zephyr (Denmark) will thank the harvest in the first half of May or even at the end of April, if there is an opportunity and desire to build a film shelter. The berries are round, glossy, orange-red, rich in taste. Gives the entire crop in almost two weeks.

    Delicate berries of the Zephyr variety are best grown under a film

  • Strawberry Christina is the brainchild of British breeders. Large glossy fruits are filled with exquisite taste. Suitable for transportation. The bushes are characterized by powerful growth, stable frost resistance, resistance to excessive moisture and disease. The variety is fruitful.

    Christina matures very early, has a refined taste and is perfectly transported.

  • Alba is a young Italian variety. In sheltered ground, it can please with a crop in late April, although it usually bears fruit in the third decade of May. Fruiting once, friendly.

    In a closed ground, strawberry Alba pleases with a crop in April

Early high-yielding strawberry varieties

The most productive varieties that are included in the State Register:

  • Darren;
  • Kalinka;
  • Kimberly
  • Kokinskaya early;
  • Comet;
  • Corrado
  • Honey
  • Junia Smydes.

All of them are generous to the crop, but it is especially worth highlighting the varieties Darenka and Corrado, whose productivity is 180–185 kg / ha.

Despite the fact that strawberries are a sweet berry, there is practically no sugar in it. That is why it can be used by people who suffer from diabetes.

Photo Gallery: Early High Yielding Strawberry Varieties

The berries of the Darenka variety are quite large, with a regular stupic conical shape with the presence of a neck

The berries of the Corrado strawberry variety are regular, round, with red, dense pulp, juicy, with an average weight of 12 g

The berries of the Strawberry comet are medium in size (7–8 g), with dark red skin, good taste and a noticeable aroma

Honei berries have a conical shape, rich red color, can reach a weight of about 30 grams

Strawberries Kalinka dark red, average weight 13 g, regular round conical shape, with a small neck

The berries of the Kimberly strawberry variety are dense, large, weighing up to 50 g, heart-shaped, bright scarlet, have a sweet taste, rich aroma

The berries of the Yuniya Smayds strawberry variety are blunt, shiny, red, have a juicy flesh with a fairly strong strawberry flavor

The berries of the early Kokinskaya strawberry variety are large, weighing 11-12 g, of a blunt conical shape, with dark red skin

Early varieties of strawberries for growing in different regions

Strawberries are a surprisingly plastic plant. The zone of distribution of this culture causes amazement and delight. But in order to obtain a stable crop of berries with a predicted taste and aroma, it is recommended to pre-select varieties adapted to specific conditions.

For Belarus

Belarus is characterized by mild winters with temperatures of -4 ... -7 ° C, but rarely below -8.5 ° C. In the autumn-winter period, it often rains or there is light snow.

July temperature in the northern regions ranges from 4 ° C to 16.5–18 ° C. In the central and southern regions, the climate is warmer. July temperature is 17.6–19.5 ° C.

The climate of Belarus turned out to be favorable for the cultivation of early varieties of strawberries:

  • Alba, already mentioned, is the favorite strawberry of summer residents-townspeople. Drought-resistant and does not require an abundance of moisture, it is enough to water once every 5-6 days. The berries are oblong. The first fruits are the largest, up to 50 g. Exceptionally sweet, tasty and well transported. The variety is very productive, 1–1.2 kg of berries are obtained from the bush. Alba is resistant to diseases of the root system and powdery mildew. The disadvantage is affected by anthracosis.
  • Anita is distinguished by the early return of large cone-shaped berries. The pulp is dense with an organic taste. The variety is winter-hardy, resistant to the most common diseases. Matures simultaneously with Alba . Berries tolerate transportation and long-term storage, which is not very typical for early varieties of strawberries.

    The berries of Anita wild strawberry are delicious, due to the dense pulp they are well transported and stored.

  • Wendy is an American early variety. Belarusian gardeners get the maximum yield when growing it in partial shade. So the berries are better poured and filled with taste. And to protect the landing from birds, it is recommended to cover the bushes with a net.

    Wendy is an American variety of early large-fruited wild strawberries

  • Darselect is a mid-early variety of wild strawberry from France. With proper care, they get from the bush to a kilogram of large sweet berries with a rich strawberry flavor.

    The weight of ripe berries of the Darselect strawberry variety varies between 20-30 g, but there are single instances reaching 50 g

  • Delhi strawberry variety obtained in Italy. Equally well settled down in Ukraine and Belarus due to the early harvest of large berries with a rich strawberry flavor. The pulp is quite dense, so the fruits tolerate transportation without damage.

    The variety of Italian wild strawberry Delhi is resistant to diseases of the root system and powdery mildew

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  • Jolie is another Italian variety. Despite the early ripening, the berries manage to gain size, sweetness, and aroma.

    Jolie strawberries are not only fragrant and large, but also very sweet

  • The variety of wild strawberries Mashenka was created in the middle of the last century in the Moscow region. Unpretentious plant with a rather compact bush. The weight of one berry varies between 20 - 40 g. But the first fruits are monsters, weigh more than 100 g each, as they are obtained by merging several berries into one. Mashenka is a favorite of gardeners not only in Belarus. It is still grown in Russia and Ukraine.

    The first fruits of the Mashenka cultivar are very large, comb-shaped, flattened, and the subsequent harvest is much smaller in size and weight

  • Century grade Molling bred in Scotland. The berries are characterized by a pronounced strawberry aroma and a pleasant taste. The variety is early. Gained distribution due to productivity and excellent taste.

    The fruits of the strawberry variety Molling are dense, with intense luster for a century, regular, cone-shaped, with a slightly elongated tip, of average size - 20-30 g

  • Florida Festival is originally from America. Early large-fruited strawberries, the berries of which are not minced after the first harvest . A nice feature of this variety is also that when the berries mature, they do not crack and do not lose their shape. This is important for "weekend gardeners."

    Berries of the wild strawberry Florida Festival are shiny, dark red, conical in shape, weighing up to 40 grams, dense, not afraid of rain and may lie on the garden for a long time

Among the early varieties common in Belarus, the already described American variety Honey.

For Ukraine

As the saying goes: "Where he was born, there he came in handy." Here are the best varieties of strawberries grown in Ukraine, created by local experts:

  • Large berries of wild strawberries Darunok ripen to the reader by the end of May, but because of the extended fruiting, they delight for a long time. The variety is productive, resistant to diseases and pests.

    Strawberry variety Darunok bears fruit for a very long time

  • Desna is a high-yielding very early strawberry with elongated fruits of a rich taste. Created by Ukrainian breeders, gave rise to another wonderful variety of Bagryan. The maximum weight of the berries reaches 50 g, but in general the fruits are average.
  • Bagryanaya berries are best used fresh, without processing. They have a delicate structure and an unusual taste.

    The fruits of wild strawberry Bagryan stupid, shiny, dark red, juicy, sweet

  • Lviv early - time-tested variety. Berries reach a mass of 30 g. Have a pleasant rich taste. Lviv early fruitful and unpretentious, very popular among gardeners.

    Lviv early - productive and unpretentious grade of wild strawberry

  • Rusanovka is a large-fruited, high-yielding, winter-hardy strawberry. Obtained from the Lviv early variety. It tastes great. The disadvantage of Rusanivka is its sensitivity to strawberry mites.

    Rusanivka - large-fruited and tender berry, bright scarlet, with luster, on the surface there are many noticeable whitish seeds

  • Strawberry Strawberry produces oval berries, large, dark red. It tastes sweet, aromatic. Transportable. The peculiarity of the variety is that the bushes respond favorably to a tight fit. Stolichnaya - strawberries are drought tolerant and resistant to disease.

    Strawberry cultivars can be planted tightly

  • It is worth recalling another very early Ukrainian sort of wild strawberry - Olbia. Due to its characteristics, it is popular not only in Ukraine.
  • A variety of foreign selection Czech beauty gives very tasty berries of a deep dark cherry color. The transportability of the fruit is good. Winter hardiness is high.

    Czech beauty gives large berries of a uniform shape, which together ripen

  • The American cultivar of Elsant is very productive and hardy. The berries are smooth, classic in shape, fragrant and delicious.

    Strawberries of the Elsanta variety are characterized by a wide conical shape, have a strong luster, the berries are even called “varnished”

From the described foreign varieties in Ukraine, strawberries Kristina and Honey are successfully grown, as well as varieties: Alba, Delhi, Jolie, Zephyr. All of them grow well in the beds, not competing with local ones.

The climate of Ukraine is extremely favorable for the cultivation of fragrant and refined strawberries. And the choice of varieties is so diverse that it is almost impossible to cover all worthy ones.

For Moscow region

In the Moscow region, from the early varieties, Darselect with glossy bright fruits and magnificent Kimberly have proved themselves well. And also the generous Darenka, Corrado, Kokinskaya early and Honey.

In the suburbs grow a beautiful old variety of garden strawberries Zarya. Its advantages include self-fertility, exceptional taste and productivity, but at the same time, resistance to diseases is weak.

Read more about varieties for the Moscow region in our article: The best varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region.

Strawberry Dawn gives a bountiful harvest of bright and delicate fruits

For central Russia

The definition of “middle strip of Russia” is very arbitrary and includes a vast area: from the borders with Belarus in the west to the Volga region in the east, from Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region in the north to the Caucasus in the south. Therefore, it is difficult to pick strawberry varieties adapted for life in such different climatic areas. But strawberries are an exceptional plant. There are varieties that grow equally well in various conditions:

  • Darren;
  • Dawn;
  • Kalinka;
  • Kimberly
  • Kokinskaya early;
  • Corrado
  • Dewdrop;
  • Ruslan;
  • Elsanta;
  • Junia Smydes.

Only about Ruslan variety has not yet been said. This is an average variety in all respects: productivity, winter hardiness, disease resistance, berry size. Only the taste is not average, but very pleasant, sweet and sour.

Ruslan - a strawberry variety for central Russia

Video: the best varieties of strawberries


At the weekend, I tried Clery, Kimberly, Darselect, Zemkluniku Merchant. The merchant woman, of course, is unrivaled, sweet without sourness, dense, it will be super for jam, the taste of wild strawberries with aroma. Darselect - very productive, large and sweet, even in milk ripeness. Definitely planting his large bed. The rest are also good, but the yield is lower.

TatyanaSh. Cottage in Ramensky district

I suspect that I have Darselect ...

... I took a mustache, now I praise. There is a minus - it gives a lot of antennae. The leaves are brittle, because just huge bushes. The berries of heaviness on the ground will fall that they need support.

And I RECOMMEND. Early variety, fruitful and tasty.

Katie 2. Moscow

... I have a lot of misunderstandings with Wendy ... A very early and sweet variety, the berry is delicious, but it has been sick for me for the second year! No variety behaves like Wendy. In the spring, the bush seems to be developing normally, and then: “bam ... and the second shift!” The bushes begin to fade from the center of the bush, in cloudy weather this way and that, and in the heat it’s really a disaster ... Somehow they give the berry and the mass lush of bushes begins. For two years I have been fighting this damn Wendy! Of course, you could just throw away the variety and not bother, but the berry is very tasty, despite the fact that the variety is very early, the very first on the site - ... you need to save! ...

Svetlana Vitalevna, Minsk

Garden strawberries or strawberries, as it is often called, have a long list of advantages and useful properties. The aroma of wild strawberries beckons, and the taste pleases so that you forget everything. If you managed to get hold of early productive varieties, take care of each bush constantly. And the main criterion for the adequacy of efforts is the abundance of berries.


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