Early grape varieties for different regions: how to make the right choice

Since ancient times, the vine is considered a symbol of fertility and wealth. Dark grape varieties are grown to make wines and cognacs, varieties of white-fruited grapes - this is an amazing dessert, without which not a single feast can do. But the main achievement of grape selection is rightfully considered the emergence of early and ultra-early varieties, they are grown in the south and in the middle zone of Russia, in the Urals and Transbaikalia. If you get acquainted with the agrotechnics of a thermophilic culture and choose a variety that suits the climate of the region, then in the middle of summer you can get a decent harvest.

The best varieties of early grapes with description and characteristics

There are several hundred varieties of dessert grapes with a ripening period of 100-110 days, among them there are ultra-early varieties, the fruits of which are ready for use within 3 months from the moment of opening of the first buds. From the experience of modern winegrowers, it can be judged that such forms of vines ripen not only in the southern, but also in the northern latitudes of our country. An important point is the choice of planting material, taking into account the main characteristics of the culture, climate and soil.

Early table grape varieties

The grape forms, ripening the earliest, are appreciated by gardeners for their early maturity and increased immunity to many fungal diseases that develop when the temperature changes. In most cases, the “earliest birds” in the vineyard are domestic and overseas hybrids obtained in recent decades.

Early ripe grape varieties are grown in the southern regions and in the northern regions because they manage to ripen and collect enough sugars for 3–3.5 months from the moment of foliage blooming until the fruits are fully ripe. For such a short period, you can get not only a plentiful, but also a tasty, sweet grape harvest only when the shape of the grapes is selected according to the ripening time and taking into account the weather conditions in the region. Viticulture has spread in the Far East and Siberia thanks to ultra-early table grape varieties.

Early ripe grape varieties are found today in every garden.

Ultra early table grape varieties

One of the most famous grape varieties - Codrianka or Black magic - is a hybrid, the result of crossing two parental varieties: Marshall and Moldova. Ripens in 105–115 days. The vine during this period manages to fully mature, and the clusters gain weight and sweetness. The overgrown Kodryanka bush is loaded on 18–20 shoots. The plant needs a short pruning. Ultra-early hybrid is characterized by high survival rate, resistance to spring frosts and summer drought. The first crop is obtained on the 2nd – 3rd year after planting: bunches weigh from 600 g to 1000 g, berries are elongated, dark purple, juicy, crisp, and contain 2–4 seeds. Sugar accumulation up to 19%, with an acidity of 6–7 g / l. Resistance to fungal diseases and a weak defeat by insects forces winegrowers to opt for a hybrid.

Depending on weather conditions, the variety is prone to peeling. The plant is undemanding to irrigation and top dressing, but does not winter without shelter (especially in the northern regions of the country).

Ultra-early grape variety Kodryanka

Harold table grapes were obtained by Russian scientists from Novocherkassk by crossing the summer Muscat and Arcadia grape varieties, code name is 1–12. Frost-resistant hybrid is characterized by early ripening - 90-105 days. A tall bush requires normalization and regular pruning so as not to overload the bush. Bisexual hybrid flowers are used as a pollinator.

Harold has dense clusters of conical shape, weighing from 500 to 800 g each. The berries are small, elongated, light green with an amber tint in maturity (weigh 5–7 g), there are 1-3 seeds. The level of sugar accumulation is 20%, the acidity is 5 g / l. Harold’s berries produce amazing muscat wine, and fresh fruits are suitable for desserts and compotes. This grape variety tolerates transportation well, does not pea and does not crack.

One of the earliest varieties - Harold grapes

Early Russian table grapes were obtained by crossing Chasla pink, Northern and Michurinets . The hybrid is quite tall, has a thick stump and is formed on a trellis. Ripens amicably and early, withstands frosts to -23 ° C. Ripening period is 105–115 days. The clusters are small, medium density, elongated, weighing 300–500 g. The berries are round, dark pink with sweet, crisp flesh (8–10 g). Sugar content of fruits - 21%, acidity 6–7 g / l.

The crop is plentiful, appears for 3-4 years. But an adult plant gives a stable crop for many years. Grapes are unpretentious and tolerate sharp changes in negative temperatures. It is highly resistant to rot and fungal diseases, with insufficient watering the berries crack and are damaged by wasps and ants.

Ultra-early grape variety Russian early

The variety bears fruit for several years without formation, processing and shelter for the winter in the Central Black Soil in the gazebo. The grapes are distinguished by a decent harvest - up to 25 kg from the bush, its only drawback is that it can hardly withstand the attack of wasps and ants. For wine, it is worth choosing the most ripe and whole (intact) fruits, otherwise the drink will deteriorate and acidify.

Another form of the vine appeared relatively recently, but is becoming more popular every day - the Gourmet variety. The hybrid was bred by breeder Viktor Nikolayevich Krainov about 10 years ago by crossing varieties Kishmish and Talisman. Flowers on a female type plant. An early gourmet produces delicate pink, oval berries weighing 8–10 grams with a strong skin. Many modern gardeners have come to love this grape for its subtle musky notes and floral shades. Fruits contain 16% sugars and 5 g / l of acids. Bunches of cylindrical shape gain weight up to 1300 g, from the bush receive up to 8-10 kg. Harvest from a medium-sized table grape Gourmet harvested in late July, the ripening period of fruits from 105 to 115 days. Grapes of this variety are stored in cool rooms at temperatures up to +10 ° C for more than 6 months. The hybrid needs regular preventive treatments against powdery mildew and gray rot, periodic feeding with organic and minerals.

Early ripe table grape variety Gourmet

Table: ultra-early grape varieties with description and characterization



Cluster weight, gRipening period, daysPlant descriptionGrowth Features
JulianThe berries are pink,

in the shape of a finger

contain 2-3 bones; the taste is sweet



Rizamat + Kesha;


Grows in a sunny area;

pruning - for 8-10 kidneys;

sometimes peas; self-pollinating

Alyoshenkin (Alyosha)The berries are small, round,

light yellow seeds

are rare



a mixture of pollen

Madeleine Anzhevin;


Long pruning required

(10 kidneys) and regular

fungicide treatment;

load of 1-2 clusters to escape;


TasonThe berries are oval, pink and white,

with berry

nutmeg aroma; juicy pulp


Italy + Zoreva

Powerful, branchy

Afraid of phylloxera

powdery mildew; 3 clusters

to escape; self-pollinating

Super - Extra


The berries are light green, elongated,

meaty juicy with fruity notes


Talisman + Cardinal


Cropping medium; resistant to

disease unpretentious;


LibyaThe berries are oval, dark pink with

gentle pulp; 1-3 bones;

thin skin


Flamingo + Arcadia;


Grows in a sunny area;

short cropping

- for 3 kidneys;

powdery mildew treatment;

insect and bird protection

ElegantFleshy yellow-green berries,

completely ripe - amber, sweet,

with musky notes; bones - 3


Frumoase Alba + Delight;


Heat-loving variety, not

requires support;

pruning an average of 5-6 eyes

Photo Gallery: Ultra-Early Grape Varieties

Early ripe Julian

Ultra early table grade Aleshenkin

Ultra-early Tason Hybrid

Early ripe grape Super Extra

Hybrid early ripening Libya

Early ripe dessert grade Elegant

Top-table dark grape varieties with description and characterization

The grapevine with dark fruits has always been appreciated for its delicate aroma, excellent taste and decorative qualities. Red and blue berries of early ripe grapes are ideal for wines, compotes and jams. Among the many early varieties, unpretentious and frost-resistant forms are especially popular.

Early pink grape varieties are distinguished by bright pink (in full ripeness - raspberry-red) berries with an unobtrusive fruity taste. Several subspecies of superearly table grapevine varieties with red and dark red fruits were bred. These types include the Transfiguration variety, it has excellent characteristics and is used as a graft. Matures on 110–115 days after buds open. Quickly takes root on rootstocks, is resistant to low temperatures and unpretentious to the soil. The berries are pink with a red tint, juicy, fragrant, clusters are dense, elongated, gain 1.5 kg each. Transformation is grown in many regions of our country and love the variety for its resistance to diseases and stably high productivity.

Early ripe grape variety Transfiguration with pink-red fruits

The early ripe Black Cherry hybrid, developed by Ukrainian breeders, matures in mid-July. The berries are dark purple, large, with a pointed tip, the flesh is juicy, pink-red with the aroma of overripe cherries. The weight of the clusters is from 700 g to 1500 g, the flowers are bisexual. The plant is powerful, branched, requiring pinching and regular pruning. A relatively new hybrid has gained fame over the past decade, is distinguished by its ability to produce crops in stepsons. Thick-skinned berries tolerate transportation well and are stored for a long time.

Early ripe grape hybrid Black cherry has rich, dark purple berries

Baikonur grapes ripen for 105–110 days, tolerate overload without loss and give a plentiful harvest. The berries are dark purple with a red tinge, pointed at the end, fragrant, with juicy flesh. They contain 2-3 bones. The clusters are dense, weigh 400–700 g. The berries are not prone to cracking, periodically damaged by wasps. The bushes are tall, pruning the vine - medium (6 buds). Berries are appreciated for taste and color, suitable for liquors and wines.

Early Baikonur Grapes

  • The early ripe Aivaz grapes obtained in Ukraine (Moldova + Cardinal) ripen after 115 days. The berries are dark blue, large, oval, sweet; the taste is ordinary, with sourness. Bunches in the form of a cone, weighing 400-600 g. Bushes are powerful, ripen by 70%. Yields on average up to 6–8 kg during the growing season.

    Early ripe grade Aivaz

  • Beauty sidlis (USA), has medium-sized dark blue berries with delicate skin, is sweet and harmonious with fruity notes. Crossing 2 varieties - Queen of the vineyards and Black raisins. The fruits have no seeds. Bunches - up to 800 g. Bush tall with dark green leaves.

    Early ripe variety of American selection Beauty Sidlis

  • Fun is an early table variety of Ukrainian selection (Kodryanka + Laura). The berries are large, elongated, blue-violet, juicy with musky notes. Bisexual flowers. The weight of clusters of medium density is 700–1000 g. Enough sweets are gained in 100 days. Bushes are tall, shoots ripen by 90%.

    Early ripe grapes Fun bred in Ukraine

  • Favorite - early ripe dark grapes from Bulgaria. On a loose, conical bunch ripe blue berries of medium size, sweet and sour with a nutmeg aroma. The weight of clusters is up to 600 g. Seeds are 3-4 pieces. Ripens in the 10th of August.

    Early ripening variety from Bulgaria - Lyubimets

  • The well-known Russian variety Taman is the result of the crossing of two species - Criulensky and Cardinal. Productivity of table grapes up to 10 kg per bush. The berries are dark blue, fleshy, juicy, with a fruity-nutmeg finish. Hybrid vigorous. The plant is resistant to powdery mildew.

    Hybrid Taman with early ripening

Top table light grape varieties with description and characterization

Plants with light green and yellow fruits are valued for their delicate taste and soft skin. The variety is rarely used for making wines and tinctures. Berries that do not have dark pigment are well tolerated by allergy sufferers and are ideal for baby food.

The variety with an early ripening period of Arkady (the first name is Nastya) is ripe for 115–120 days. The grape form was obtained in Odessa by crossing two varieties - Cardinal and Moldova. Arcadia has yellow-green, large, elongated berries, moderately sweet with a nutmeg aroma and juicy pulp. Bisexual flowers. A precocious and tall hybrid requires pruning for 8–10 buds, tolerates an increased load of the crop (3-5 grapes) without loss. The grape form does not tolerate waterlogging, preventive treatment of powdery mildew is required.

Early ripe hybrid of light varieties Arcadia is characterized by abundant harvest

Bazhen grapes were brought to Zaporizhia more than ten years ago. Varietal berries are egg-shaped, yellow-green in color, characterized by a muscat aroma and a sweet cherry flavor. The clusters are large, loose, weight - 700–1100 g. Flowers are bisexual. The bushes are lush, but tall. The ripening period is 105–110 days. The pruning of the vine is short and medium. The plant is treated 2 times a year from mildew and oidium, for the winter the vine is sheltered.

Early ripe Bazhen grape variety

Heracles grapes resistant to return frosts ripen on day 95–105 from the beginning of the growing season . The dining form combines the parental qualities of two varieties: Elegant and Arched. The berries of the hybrid have a hue from yellow to pale pink, fleshy, juicy, fragrant, with a waxy coating. The cluster weight is up to 800 g. The plant is cut for 6-8 eyes. The grapes are not peas, but are affected by powdery mildew.

Extra-high Heracles grape variety with light pink fruits

  • An early ripe Vega variety of Ukrainian selection combined the quality features of Demeter and Arcadia. The grape-shaped berries are oval-cylindrical, light yellow, with a subtle muscat-fruity aroma. Vega's clusters are large, conical up to 1.5 kg, ripen in late July. Vigorous grapes have bisexual flowers and require medium pruning.

    Early ripening Vega variety with light green fruits

  • The amber-yellow berries of the early grape variety Galahad are appreciated for their amazing taste and high yield. The weight of clusters is 600–1100 g; ripen on 95-105 days after the buds open. Flowers are bisexual, shoots ripen by 85%.

    Ripening at the end of July, Galahad, in the sun acquires a characteristic brownish tint

  • Super raspberry grape variety, native to Ukraine, is distinguished by white, round fruits, moderately sweet (sugar 19%) and aromatic; no more than two seeds are found. The weight of the clusters is 500–700 g. The deadline for receiving the first crop is in 105–115 days. Grapes are cut for 8–10 buds, shoots ripen for 75–85%.

    Ukrainian variety Raspberry with round milk-green fruits ripens in early August

  • The seedless cultivar Rusbol of domestic selection ripen on day 95–105. Berries are oval, white with a “tan, ” beloved for their fruity notes and moderate sweetness, appreciated among gardeners. Harvest up to 10-15 kg from the bush, the average bunch weighs 800 g. Shoots ripen completely.

    Rusball ripens in the last decade of July

  • The new Russian variety Hip-hop with abundant fruiting, has light yellow round berries, sweet with sourness and a moderate muscat aroma. The mass of clusters is 500–700 g. The ripening period is 100–110 days. The flowers of the plant are bisexual.

    Small clusters of early ripe hip-hop grapes moderately loose

The most fruitful early table grape varieties with a brief description

Of the dark-fruited varieties, Julian stands out especially, with bunches of up to 1.5 kg and his "relative" - ​​Yubiley Novocherkassky (0.6–1.2 kg). One plant can bring up to 20-25 kg of selected berries. Often an enviable harvest is obtained from the Yubilei variety - up to 15–18 kg, with an average cluster weight of not more than 800 g. The amazing Velika grape hybrid with dark purple berries, bred in Bulgaria, is famous for clusters of up to 1 kg and gives up to 12–15 kg of berries for the season. Fruits ripen after 115–120 days and are remembered by subtle muscat and berry notes.

Great Velika table grapes from Bulgaria

Veles with pink fruits is characterized as a productive variety, with an average mass of brushes of about 1.8 kg. In the favorable summer months, the variety brings more than 18–20 kg of fruit from one plant.

Among the first most fruitful varieties, practicing gardeners note:

  • Arcadia - 25-30 kg;
  • Laura - 25–28 kg;
  • Early Russian - 20-24 kg;
  • Kodrianka - 20–22 kg;
  • Gala - up to 23 kg.

Early ripe grape harvest Arcadia

Abundant fruiting - up to 15–20 kg — in the varieties Transfiguration, Bazhen, Gourmet, Rusbol, Libya, Timur.

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The average weight of the clusters of Russian Early does not exceed 700 g, and Kodryanka - 900 g, but with proper care on the bushes, the crop ripens from late July to early September.

A high yield is obtained from grape forms, which are able to give repeated ovaries in the axillary buds. Often, early varieties form 3-4 inflorescences on fruit-bearing shoots. Despite the average weight of fruit brushes 400–700 g, more than 20 kg of berries ripen as a result. The crop depends on how often the vine is watered and fertilized. Pruning also plays an important role in fruit production.

The sweetest varieties of early table grapes

Grapes, the fruits of which gain sugar content of more than 20% and acidity remains in the range of 5-7 g / l, will be the sweetest and most delicious. The leaders in the vineyard for the sweetness of berries are rape varieties. The early ripe hybrid Kishmish 342, ripening for 115–120 days, ranks first among the “sweet” varieties. The maximum amount of sugars at the time of ripening is gaining Super Extra - up to 26%, Libya - 24%; Julian - 22-24%.

Table: Sugar accumulation indicators for some early-ripening grape varieties

TitleSugar accumulation in%
Russian early21

Tason, Bazhena, Harold (22-24%) are some of the sweetest dessert grape varieties. Depending on the amount of sugar in the fruit, the grape will be suitable for winemaking and pastry baking. Also, desserts and raisins are prepared from the sweetest varieties.

In the Central Black Earth Region, Super Extra and Aleshenkin are leaders in terms of maturity. The sweetness and harmonious taste is proved above all by the ripeness of the fruit of the vine. Libya does not always have time to ripen the vine, although it is much softer and sweeter to taste, its muscat is much more pronounced. But in the rainy summer, the berry cracks and spoils. In June-July, it rains more often and there are thunderstorms than in August, so Libya suffers from this. The weak-growing bush of the Arcadia variety grows well on chernozem, and on the sandy soils of our gardens the grape shape does not turn out so large as stated in the characteristics of the State Register of Russia, the subtleties of taste are also not noticed. Arcadia is for us the most common white-fruited variety with moderately loose clusters; sweet, juicy, tasty berries. The main plus of Arcadia is large, beautiful clusters and early ripening period (Voronezh, Kursk, Belgorod region - early August).

Saturated dark red fruits of Kodrianka early ripen. Often we put them in compotes and jams, despite the presence of seeds in them. The overall bush of early ripe grapes feels comfortable on the gazebo and does not always hide for the winter. But this is not the best wintering option for Kodryanka.

2 weeks before the harvest, we must feed it with ash (1 liter of wood ash per bucket of warm water - into the near-stem circle, treated with potassium fertilizer solution - over the berries. The key to sweetness and juiciness is regular watering in late July - early August, when the heat and drought begin .

Video: a review of early ripe dessert grape varieties (Arcadia, Velika, Transfiguration, Anniversary Novocherkassky and others)

Early technical grape varieties with description and characterization

Technical grape varieties are represented by wine and wine-dessert grape forms intended for the preparation of wines and cognacs, rich color and moderate acidity are good in jams and preserves.

Most gardeners for technical purposes grow the famous domestic variety Violet early - a table-wine variety of grapes used to make red and dessert wines, tinctures, desserts.

Purple early nutmeg is classified as a technical grape variety.

Maturing term - 115–125 days. Saturated violet, round, medium-sized berries contain 21% sugar and 5 g / l of acids. A moderate fruity taste and nutmeg notes of grapes Purple early are appreciated not only in winemaking, but also for the preparation of desserts. Berries contain 2-3 seeds, the average weight of the hands is 200-300 g.

Most technical varieties are nutmegs (Muscat Blau, Donut Muscat). Platovsky is a very early, white-fruited variety intended for the preparation of dessert wines. Zaladenda and a gift from Magarach are the “parents” of an early-ripening wine variety. The berries are round, white, with a pink side. Bunches - up to 200 g, sugar accumulation - 22%, acid - 8 g / l.

White-fruit variety Platovsky

Pinot Tin and Rondo are early technical varieties with medium yields. The berries are round, black-purple, with acidity. The wines of these varieties are of high quality, highly acidic, muscat is especially felt during prolonged aging of wine in wooden barrels.

Technical early ripe grade of Rondo

The frost-resistant Pinotin variety is appreciated for its rich nutmeg taste and bright purple color of berries, in ripe form it is delicately purple. The berries are round, blue, the juice is not colored; 2–4 bones. The weight of the clusters is from 200 to 500 g. The flowers are bisexual, the bushes are powerful and tall. Hybrid resistant to powdery mildew.

The precocious Pinot tin (Pinotin) ripens after 120 days

Varieties of early grapes for regions with description and characteristics

Early grape varieties are divided into ultra-early, early and early. Grape forms are selected for the climate of the region and the quality of the soil on the site. The right choice of variety affects the survival rate on the site and crop productivity.

Varieties for growing in Ukraine

Early and ultra-early grape varieties are grown in Western Ukraine and in the eastern regions of the country not only in open ground, but also in greenhouses . Whole hectares in the Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev region occupy greenhouse grape fields. Such agricultural technology allows you to get large, sweet grapes of varieties Julian, Harold, Galahad, Delight, Aleshenkin in the second decade of June.

Dark-fruited Lorano and the Gift of Nesveta ripen in 90 days, the amazing Rhombic variety with finger-shaped fruits becomes sweet and tasty after 80–90 days from the start of the growing season.

Ultra early grade Rhombic, known in Ukraine

А также на Украине получают невероятно ранний урожай со скороспелого сорта Каталония, первые грозди которого поспевают через 85 дней. Ягоды тёмно-синие, сочные, с ароматом черешни и лёгкой терпкостью; с нежной кожицей; содержат до 24% сахаров и 6 г/л кислот. Максимальный вес гроздей 1200 г. Гибрид устойчив к серой гнили, не осыпается и долго сохраняется на кустах при полной спелости.

Суперранний сорт винограда Каталония

Выращивание ультрараннего винограда в теплицах требует принудительного доопыления и своевременных органических и минеральных подкормок.

Видео: обзор ранних сортов винограда на Украине, конец июля

Сорта для выращивания в Волгограде

На волгоградской земле в условиях резко континентального климата выращивают раннеспелые сорта и виноград с поздним сроком созревания. Опыт садоводов показывает, что правильный уход, регулярная обрезка и нормирование кустов, подкормка и обработка от милдью и оидиума — гарантия стабильных и достойных урожаев на винограднике.

Здесь выращивают Ливию и Кишмиш 342, Юлиан и Вегу; Супер экстра, Аркадия, Тасон — сильнорослые сорта со сроком вегетации до 110 дней, и слаборослый Сверхранний красный мускат, давно завладели виноградниками волгоградцев. Очень часто на участках виноградарей встречается Волгоградский ранний с тёмно-синими ягодами и вытянутыми гроздями (срок 110–120 дней).

Раннеспелый сорт Волгоградский ранний

Видео: раннеспелый виноград в Волгоградской области

Сорта для выращивания в Ростовской области

В климатических условиях Ростовской области полностью вызревают большинство ультраранних столовых и технических сортов винограда. Самые известные виноградные гибриды:

  • Юлиан;
  • Delight;
  • Libya;
  • Лора;
  • Галахад;
  • Codryanka;
  • Аркадия.

В Ростовской области развито винное виноградарство и выращивание саженцев десертных и винных сортов. Несмотря на то что регион расположен в северной зоне промышленного земледелия, здесь получили распространение не только отечественные сорта, но и виноградные формы, выведенные в США — Пинк сидлис, Эйнсет сидлис. Лоза требует укрытия в зиму и профилактических обработок от мучнистой росы и грибковых заболеваний винограда.

Самые известные районированные раннеспелые сорта: Восторг, Жемчуг Сабо, Зоревой. Выращивают укрывной универсальный сорт Дружба с бело-жёлтыми умеренно сладкими плодам с фруктовыми нотками. Срок вегетации 110–120 дней.

Ранний универсальный сорт Дружба

Сорта для выращивания в Беларуси

На белорусской земле зачастую занимаются разведение ранних и ультраранних форм винограда, чтобы получить максимальный урожай с каждой лозы в условиях умеренно-континентального климата с воздействием атлантических циклонов. Садоводы стараются подобрать самые морозостойкие сорта, практически не подвергающиеся воздействию мучнистой росы.

Популярны сорта Алёшенькин, Минский розовый, белоплодный с розовинкой Тукай, Преображение, Юлиан. На Витибщине очень полюбилась ультрараняя Загадка Шарова алтайской селекции с круглыми фиолетовыми ягодами. Сорт переносит морозы до — 30 ºС и не требует укрытия на зиму.

Гибрид сибирской селекции Загадка Шарова давно прижился на белорусской земле

Русбол и Тасон ценится за крупную гроздь и сладкие плоды. Эти сорта поспевают в Беларуси в конце июля и требуют укрытия в зиму. Ультраранние Супер экстра и Аркадия позволяют получить до 8–12 кг с куста, если посажены на хорошо прогреваемых, плодородных почвах. Крупные кисти и сладкие ягоды получают при своевременной нормировке побегов и умеренной нагрузке на куст.

Varieties for growing in Siberia

В Сибири собирают достойный урожай с районированных сортов раннего срока созревания. Для северных регионов наиболее актуальны ультраранние сорта виноградных форм, которые за 95–110 дней успевают нарастить лозу, дать крепкую завязь и набрать сочности и сладости. Важно, чтобы сорта были адаптированы к суровому сибирскому климату и стойко переносили возвратные весенние заморозки, влияние северных ветров и ранние осенние холода.

Здесь выращивают раннеспелый сорт сибирской селекции Тукай с нежно-зелёными, сладкими плодами, созревающими в начале августа, белополодный мускатный Русовен и тёмно-синий морозостойкий сорт Муромец. Здесь популярна Кодрянка, Геракл и Башкирский ранний, Русский ранний и «местный» сорт Загадка Шарова. В Сибири всем сортам виноградной лозы требуется обильная влагозарядка осенью и надёжное укрытие на зиму.

Видео: ранние сорта винограда для выращивания в Сибири

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I have an EXTREME vineyard this season. I water the bushes with imported water. I watered only twice, I try to grow early grapes without watering. While blooming without fertilizing, I observe inflorescences on new varieties planted last year (Velika, Tason, Transfiguration). Baikonur, Julian, Ayuta, Finger Manicure, Zarya Nesvetaya, Black Cherry - according to the results of flowering, the largest inflorescences of Pink Early and Arcadia (in comparison with the Transfiguration, Libya, Descendant of Rizamat, Julian) grow in one trench, the same age ( growth force is very different). These early ripe species have never failed.


The end of July, the city of Kamyshin. I’m approaching the memory of the Teacher (more precisely, they’ve already eaten half the harvest), in 5 days there will be Super Extra and Libya at the same time - lush flowering promises a good harvest, Delight is already with a good nutmeg, and the Transfiguration has painted and hangs for another week and will be ready. Even Arcadia has softened completely and with decent sugar, I think it’s about 10-12 days before it ripens.

Evgeny Polyanin

Most early ripening varieties deserve the universal love and respect of experienced winegrowers for their early maturity and resistance to the fungal diseases of the vine. Having a couple of ultra-early varieties on the plot, you can enjoy juicy, fragrant berries in mid-summer. The abundance of very early grape varieties and a variety of quality characteristics opens up enormous opportunities for both experienced growers and beginner gardeners.


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