Dutch varieties of cauliflower, which are famous for their unpretentiousness

Cauliflower has an unusual appearance and the same unusual taste. This vegetable is gaining popularity every year, especially its Dutch varieties. They are undemanding to growing conditions, tasty and fruitful.

Corlan F1

Mid-season cauliflower hybrid. It has high productivity and excellent head coverage. Throughout the summer and autumn, light yellow heady cabbage can be eaten, and then used for processing and freezing. It grows rapidly, the ripening period is slightly more than 2 months. Rounded heads of cabbage reach a weight of 1 kg. The plant is strong, loves moist, loose soil.

Oviedo F1

Another early Dutch type of vegetable for the spring-summer season. The heads are rounded flat, whitish, of dense structure, reaching a weight of 0.8 kg. In 70 days he manages to grow and mature. The variety is distinguished by endurance, resistance to temperature extremes, unpretentiousness. It can be grown in open field.

Balboa F1

Early cabbage of Dutch breeding attracts with gentle juicy taste of heads of cabbage, undemanding care. The average weight of the fetus is from 1.2 to 2 kg. The fruits are well stored, widely used in cooking due to their excellent qualities. The plants are strong, well tolerate different temperatures, resistant to infections. Harvest give together, stably.

Fargo F1

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The hybrid is mid-early, high-yielding, resistant to disease and unstable weather. Heads are firm, round-flat, snow-white. Their weight reaches 1.5-2.5 kg. It is successfully used in cooking, canning. Cabbage "Fargo" is grown in a greenhouse and in open ground. To achieve high yields, it requires maintaining the level of moisture, using fertile soil.

Freedom F1

A delicious mid-season Dutch selection with a gentle and dense pulp of heads. "Freedom" is resistant to aridity, excessive moisture, feels good even on poorly fertilized soil. Unlike other varieties of this vegetable, plants do not rot even with excessive watering. Fruits reach a mass of 2-2.2 kg. They are used for cooking, freezing and preserving.

Kerdos F1

High yielding hybrid variety. His heads are large, beautiful, bright white. Resistant to stressful situations, cold snap. The maximum fruit weight reaches 3 kg. The pulp is juicy, dense, very tasty. Inflorescences are well covered with large leaves. The plant is well adapted for growing in the middle lane. Its universal application gives an excellent harvest.

Clapton F1

A medium early hybrid cauliflower for universal use. It is grown by gardeners in summer and autumn both in greenhouses and in open ground. The heads are well covered with leaves, snow-white, dense, tasty, weighing 2-2.5 kg. It is used for processing, freezing, cooking fresh dishes. It is perfectly stored and transported. Does not cause problems when growing.

All these works of Dutch breeders are known for their unpretentiousness. They grow well in conditions of central Russia, have a high yield.


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