Do-it-yourself water supply in the country: permanent and summer options

Any summer resident, and especially a city dweller accustomed to comfort, understands how much water is needed in a country house. Without it, it is difficult to take care of the garden, it is impossible to use household appliances, even washing dishes or taking a shower is quite problematic. That is why the owner of the house, in the end, thinks about how to make water supply in the country with his own hands. Self-installation is a great savings and valuable experience that is useful for the maintenance or repair of a water supply system.

Autonomous water supply device

Ideally, the installation of the water supply system is discussed at the design stage of the house: they draw up a phased plan, draw up layouts of pipes and mechanisms, calculate estimates, and purchase equipment. For the installation of a boiler-water meter unit, a small room on the ground floor with an area of ​​2-3 m² is suitable. Having installed technical devices and a water inlet unit in one room, it is convenient to monitor and regulate the water supply process.

Diagram of a water supply system using polypropylene pipes

The local water supply system consists of the following equipment:

  • pipeline (metal, metal-plastic, polypropylene) with a set of fittings and taps;
  • water-lifting mechanisms - pump station or submersible pump;
  • equipment for adjusting a certain pressure in the system - pressure gauge, pressure switch, hydraulic accumulator (expansion tank);
  • electrical tracking with automatic protection;
  • filters for water purification from pollution and suspended particles;
  • water heater (preferably storage).

Some will be interested in how the winter water supply in the country is arranged. So, the definition of "winter" does not mean that it is used only in winter. This water supply device in the country has a capital scheme that works properly all year round.

Also, material will be useful on how to properly supply water to a private house from a well or a well: voda / kak-podvesti-vodu-v-chastnyj-dom.html

Winter water supply in the country requires insulation of pipes from the place of water intake to the boiler unit

Installation of pumping equipment

Of course, laying a water supply in a country house is impossible without a water source. Usually use a pre-equipped well, a capture spring chamber or well. Each source has its pros and cons. For example, the water in the well is much cleaner, but its drilling will result in a large amount. It is much cheaper to dig a well by equipping it with a submersible pump and installing a three-stage filter system for water treatment.

Water is supplied to the house from a source using pumping equipment:

  • Submersible pump . Maintains a water level of 20 m, works silently. The pump with a non-return valve is supplemented with a hydraulic accumulator, a filtration unit, an automatic unit and a distributing unit with valves. When choosing, pay attention to the material of the impeller. For contaminated water, it is better to use a stainless steel wheel.

The location of the pump, submersible or surface, depends on its location.

  • Surface pump . Apply if the water level is less than 8 m. Install in the room, connecting to the well with a supply pipe.
  • Automatic pumping station. The hydraulic part is separated from the electric motor by a partition. A diesel or gasoline generator is often used to pump groundwater or irrigate a site. The station consists of a pump, a hydraulic accumulator and an automation unit. The storage tank at the same time plays the role of a reserve tank, and also prevents frequent switching on of the pump. Inexpensive pumping stations produce loud noise (for example, Gileks), therefore it is better to install new generation equipment (Grundfos JP, Espa Technoplus).

More information on the selection of stations: tech / kak-vybrat-nasosnuyu-stanciyu-dlya-dachi.html

Features of laying water pipes in the house

A reliable water supply device in a country house largely depends on the quality of the pipes. Reliable, durable material will allow you to avoid quick repairs. The polypropylene welded pipes of green color from "Banner" are easily mounted and possess excellent characteristics (diameter 25 mm). They are 30% more expensive than traditional white pipes (for example, “Pro Aqua”), but they are resistant to temperature changes and retain their tightness even during frost.

For welding PP pipes use a soldering iron, "iron", which can be purchased at a store for 2-3 thousand rubles.

Soldering iron for polypropylene pipes can be rented - 250-300 rubles per day

Some components of the pipeline are assembled "on weight", and then already mounted in the room. It must be remembered that about 8 cm of pipe will be required for welding, so each section of the water supply is calculated in advance.

Some pipe elements are best fixed directly in place using special holders.

The place for laying pipes is chosen based on the layout of the rooms and ease of installation. If suspended structures are planned in the room, the traditional low installation above the floor can be replaced by the top installation - under the suspended ceiling. Such pipe laying is optimal for a bathroom or kitchen.

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The upper pipe arrangement (under the ceiling) has its advantages: quick heating and quick drainage of water

To adjust the pressure in the pipes, an expansion tank is required. A capacity of 100 liters is enough for the plumbing system of a two-story house. This does not mean that the tank will be able to collect 100 liters of water, it will fill up by about one third (at a pressure of 3 atm.). Therefore, if necessary, you should buy a larger expansion tank.

It is better to start installing the water supply in the boiler unit with the installation of expansion and water heating tanks

There is a feature here. Expansion tanks for heating - red, tanks for water - blue.

Installation of filters for water purification

To ensure that water is not just clean, but safe and useful, it is necessary to install a multi-stage filtration system. A variety of filters in stores allows you to choose the most suitable model, depending on the composition of the water.

Read more about filter selection criteria: voda / filtr-ochistki-vody-dlya-dachi.html

Suppose that the water in a well used for domestic water supply is oversaturated with iron. In this case, a cleaning system of two filters that can be installed in two identical flasks is suitable:

  • 1 - ion-exchange filter that removes dissolved iron from water. An example of such a filter is Big Blue products. The cost of the flask is 1.5 thousand rubles, the cartridge - 3.5 thousand rubles. If the indicator of iron in water is 1 mg / l, then the cartridge life is 60 cubic meters.

To lubricate the sealing gum, use plumbing petroleum jelly to remove the flask in the future

  • 2 - carbon filter for mechanical cleaning.

A carbon filter is necessary for both mechanical and chemical cleaning of water

To find out if the water is suitable for drinking, a sample should be taken for analysis. If the results are unsatisfactory, it is worth putting another filter, and be sure to boil the water before use.

You can find out how to properly analyze and purify water from the material: voda / analiz-i-ochistka-vody-iz-skvazhiny.html

Summer plumbing - temporary construction

The summer version of the water supply system is suitable for summer residents who leave the city only in the warm season. The purpose of this system is to provide watering of beds and flower beds, the work of the shower and household appliances. At the end of the season, the equipment is washed, disassembled and preserved until the next summer.

It is easy to arrange summer water supply of the cottage with your own hands. To do this, use a system of flexible hoses with adapters. The main pressure falls on the connecting elements, so they are made of plastic or galvanized steel. Steel elements are stronger and more stable than plastic analogues, but they also cost more.

Summer water supply in the country is used only in the warm period.

There are two options for laying hoses (pipes):

  • The water supply is located on the surface of the soil. Plus - easy installation and disassembly. Minus - the possibility of breakage.
  • The pipes are buried shallow in the ground, only cranes go to the surface. During operation, the system does not interfere, and if desired, it is easy to dig out and dismantle.

One of the purposes of the summer water supply is to water the beds. Pipes lie freely on the surface of the earth

You should know how to make water supply in the country, so that at the end of the season you can easily drain the water from the pipes. To do this, create a slight bias for the drain. At the lowest point of the water supply, a valve is installed: water is let through it so that in winter, when freezing, it does not break pipes and hoses.

When installing a winter or summer system, it is necessary to monitor the safety of the electrical network. For this purpose, sealed connectors and moisture-proof sockets are used.


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