Do-it-yourself garden shredder: DIY assembly example

The garden plot is a place where you can enjoy the lush greens for breakfast and bird trills in the morning, as well as spend a pleasant time usefully, immersed in the fresh colors of nature. If we consider the garden from a more prosaic point of view, then creating a neat site is impossible without eliminating plant waste. Spring pruning of fruit trees, pruning of old strawberries and raspberries, a sea of ​​weeds after weeding the beds - all this piles up in order to be burned at the end of the season. Thrifty owners, who know how to use this waste for good, create compost heaps in the plots, which in 3-4 seasons convert all this stuff into excellent organic fertilizer. Deciding to create a garden shredder with your own hands, you can get excellent material in the form of wood chips or flour, which is convenient to use to accelerate the fermentation of compost.

The principle of operation of the grinding device

A home-made garden shredder will help not only to get the practical benefit from the waste, but to facilitate the guidance of beauty on the site. With the help of such a grinder, any plant residues can be crushed into small chips.

Such slivers look interesting as decorative mulch for paths and flower beds

The chopper works according to the principle of a meat grinder, in which a branch of 1.5-7 cm, falling into the receiving hopper and moving to the grinding system, is easily grinded into small chips. The hopper is a design that prevents the parts of clothes and hands from getting into the area of ​​the rotating knives. The grinding system consists of a cutter and several knives. The thickness of the shaft depends on the purpose of the device, so for grinding thin 3 cm branches, an 8 cm shaft is installed.

Work with the grinder should be in protective glasses and gloves.

Productivity of equipment directly depends on engine power. So the chopper, whose engine power is in the range up to 2.6 kW, is able to grind branches d = 5 cm.

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Construction Assembly Steps

Selection of necessary materials

A homemade garden waste shredder is not much different from the industrial analogues of these devices. Stationary chopper can be made on the basis of a circular saw. To do this, in the unit it is enough to replace the disks with a cutting shaft or a mill, as well as attach the receiving box-hopper. Or use these saws as a chopping device, placing several pieces simultaneously on the shaft.

Creating a garden shredder with your own hands “from scratch” you must first purchase a motor. An electric motor is the best option for quick grinding of raw materials in relatively small volumes. The electric motor is silent in operation and does not emit exhaust gases. Such characteristics of the electric motor make it possible to use it not only in the local area, but also in enclosed spaces. The only drawback of the device is the need to connect to the power supply system.

To work with coarse material in large enough volumes, it is most preferable to use a walk-behind tractor, the power of which is much higher than the power of a traditional electric motor

Tip. Using circular saws with carbide tips allows you to create a reliable and durable knife that does not require periodic grinding procedures.

To assemble a quality knife, an average of 10 to 20 saws with a thickness of 6-10 cm is required.

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Installation of cutting saws

Cutting saws are typed on a hairpin - an axis whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the landing discs. Assembling a cutting device will also require nuts and washers of the same size. Thin washers must be prepared in advance, which can be cut out of plastic. These washers will be required to drive the discs to an equidistant distance from each other so that when they rotate their slightly protruding teeth do not cling to each other. The number of washers should be 1 element less than the number of discs.

A pulley is mounted on a stud strung with disks, which can be taken from a pump or from a VAZ generator. To rotate the axis, two bearings with an internal d = 20 mm are required

Production and arrangement of the frame

The frame for attaching the bar of a walk-behind tractor can be welded from profiled metal pipes. A disc is attached to the welded structure in such a way that it can move freely relative to circular saws. This arrangement will allow, if necessary, to adjust the tension of the drive belt.

To support the branches during processing, a thrust block from the profile can be attached to the structure

Mounting the casing and the hopper

The casing for the structure can be cut out of galvanized steel, but more preferably made of sheet metal. The material for manufacturing the receiving hopper can be ordinary galvanized steel.

The casing is worn directly on the cutting unit. On top of the structure, a hopper for loading raw materials is attached

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The advantages of a homemade device

Do-it-yourself garden shredder, unlike factory-made models, is more versatile. It can be used not only for processing branches and grass, but also for crushing fruits and various variations of household waste.

A powerful unit is able to overpower even branches with a diameter of 10 cm

The horizontal arrangement of the engine at the same level relative to the knives allows you to prevent its breakage from wet stems. Work with the unit is simplified due to the fact that now there is no need to monitor the moisture content of the raw materials and sort the branches by size.

The homemade garden waste shredder is highly productive: circular saws can process even fairly thick branches with great speed. The cost of the grinder will be two times cheaper, and the power will be several times greater. An aggregate created in this way will be no worse than an expensive factory garden tool.

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Design options can be invented by the sea, it all depends on the imagination, ingenuity and desire of the craftsman.


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