Do-it-yourself decorative wooden well - we build together!

Each owner of a private house wants to turn a personal plot into a beautiful and comfortable area for recreation. Such an element of landscape design as a decorative well in the country, harmoniously integrated into the style of the site, can become its decoration. It is not necessary that the well be operational, especially if a centralized water supply is connected to your house. A beautiful well can be purely decorative, or for example, a cover for a well equipped with an electric pump. You can create a decorative well with your own hands, it’s easy to get the materials for this, but you need to stock up on time and patience. But the result will definitely not disappoint you.

When creating a decorative well, it is important that it looks organically in the space of your garden, and you can use different materials - profiled timber, lining, logs. If you recently built a wooden cottage, you may not need to buy material for a well. In addition, decorative wooden wells have the property to fit perfectly into the design of any site, and it is not difficult to surround them with flowers and greenery.

Here, according to this scheme, you can decorate the well caisson. However, you need to take care of quick access to maintain equipment.

Step-by-step construction

A decorative wooden well does not need to be located in a secluded place so that it stands apart. It should look harmoniously in the surrounding landscape, forming a single whole with it. So, let's go:

  • To create a decorative well with your own hands, we select a large tank - a barrel or a tank. For the tank, you need to dig a hole of an appropriate size, leave free space on the sides (up to 20 cm). At the bottom of the pit you need to pour a layer of sand (20-30 cm), when installing the tank, its top rises above the ground by the same distance.
  • After installing the tank, it should be fixed by filling the edges of the pit with earth. The base of the well must be surrounded by logs.
  • For structural strength, a foundation is poured around the well to a depth of about 30 cm. After the lower part of the well is ready, you can proceed to well laying. By the way, decorative log cabins of wells can also be put directly on the ground, after processing the tree beforehand.
  • It is convenient to fasten the bottom row of logs to the base with anchors, and then perform well laying to a meter height or slightly higher.
  • Inside the formed square, racks are installed - the base for the roof. Nails are used for fastening. Two bars brought down by the house are installed on each rack, then they are connected by transverse crossbars.
  • A drum and a handle for lifting water are attached to the racks, although these elements are not necessary for a decorative well.
  • The roof can be not only gable, but also three- and four-gable, this is a matter of taste.
  • Installing a decorative cover is the final stage, it can be of any shape - round, square, as an option, you can arrange it in place of the cover in the upper part of the flowerbed well - such a picturesque well will look great.

If you want the well to retain its appearance for a long time, the material must be treated with antiseptics, varnish, paint or stain.

To design the roof, you can use different materials. Natural tile always looks advantageous, it is expensive material, but it will take a little for the roof of the well. A well whose roof is made of the same material as the roof of the house will look good. For example, a bright metal tile or bituminous soft tile. A bamboo roof will give the well an oriental touch, a thatched or reed roof will do if you like country style. A wooden roof, especially in combination with carvings, will make the well a spectacular decorative element. An interesting form for the roof is a tent, sometimes a flat roof is also appropriate.

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Design Examples


The well has long been a very important part of the Russian court. Although today there is no such acute need for a well on the site, this tradition has turned out to be so strong that many owners of private houses want to see a well, if only decorative, in their summer cottage. Teremok - traditionally Russian form, involves the use of carvings, ice skates on the roof, wooden animal figures.

Nearby you can make a picturesque wattle fence, surrounded by flowers and climbing plants, put a wooden carved bench for relaxation. If you find an old truck wheel, it can be used to successfully complement the picture. If a pond is located near the well, a wooden bridge can be thrown over it. Thus, you can get the whole town in the old Russian style.

This well stands on a concrete base, which is decorated with large stones and garden figures.

Original wells with a six-pitched roof on three pillars and a gable roof on two pillars. Instead of a cover, a flowerbed is arranged inside, where flowering and evergreen plants are beautifully combined. Wells look advantageous against the background of a lawn and trees in the background

Teremok well is one of the most popular forms where log masonry, carving and skates on the roof are beautifully combined.

The well, the bridge and the doors of the house are made of light wood, although the style decisions are different, in general, the buildings form a single ensemble on the site

Medieval well

In the design of the well in the medieval style, gray stone and antique gray wood (boards or logs) are used. At the base of the well, a platform is concreted or lined with natural stone. Beams and roof are also made of gray materials. Such a well looks beautiful surrounded by bright colors, like a guest from the distant past.

The medieval-style well is made of stone with wooden pillars and a roof. For masonry, you can use a tree with the effect of aging or old boards and logs. A stone path and lush, bright vegetation add color

Well in the marine style

Decorative decoration of wells allows you to use a wide variety of materials, creating exactly what you like. If you are a lover of the marine style, the well can be designed accordingly. For example, wrap a rope around its base, use the steering wheel as a handle for the gate, hang a decorative anchor on a beam, and use a beer or wine barrel instead of an ordinary bucket.

When decorating decorative wells, a steering wheel is often used instead of a handle for lifting water, this decorative element is a bright attractive detail

Cute garden sculptures at the well form a whole composition that pleases the eye and attracts attention

We figured out how to build a decorative well in a summer cottage or in a house area, and considered what decorative design of wells can be. It is not necessary to accurately reproduce the described options. Landscaping on the site - this is primarily creativity. You can also use forging elements when creating a well, combine different styles, combine a variety of materials. The main thing is that your well and the site on which it is located create a pleasant space for relaxation, harmoniously designed and aesthetically attractive.


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