Do-it-yourself brazier of metal: we make a portable barbecue machine according to all the rules

Brazier is a multifunctional invention that has an eastern origin. The peoples of the Middle East called it a brazier made of copper. It looked like a bowl with legs, equipped with wide horizontal fields, a hemispherical lid with a flat top and carrying handles. This device was used not only for heating and cooking food, blankets were warmed on it to cover it already warm. Today, for summer residents and gardeners, barbecue is a favorite device for cooking barbecue. Around it is organized the main feast on all the holidays that we spend outdoors from early spring to late autumn. But the best part is that it’s not difficult to make a brazier with your own hands, and it will be a real decoration of your leisure time.

What makes a portable grill good?

You can build a capital structure that will not need to be installed every time a need arises. But think, is there so much free space on your site to squander it? If you came to the conclusion that there are other ideas of buildings worthy of attention, but you still want barbecue, then a portable metal product is what you need.

No one can say that this amazing barbecue does not look so aesthetically pleasing than the one made of brick.

And eyes are rejoicing at this barbecue: it turns out, it is not necessary to strike with the size and mass of devices to be in place and in time

Look how unusual and, at the same time, this barbecue is functional. And to make such a miracle is not so difficult, but how cleverly invented

The main advantages of barbecues made of metal are obvious:

  • Mobility. It does not matter if the design can be dismantled, it can still be removed to the utility room in case of bad weather or at the end of the season. Carefully saved, the brazier will serve and delight for a very long time.
  • Fire safety. The material of manufacture and dimensions of the product allow you to be calm - even accidental fire during its operation is unlikely.
  • Low cost. It’s not even worth talking about this side of the question, because the difference in the cost of materials and work is obvious.
  • Production speed. Taking into account all the technologically justified breaks, it will take at least a month to build a brick product. The metal structure can be operated immediately.

Advocates of capital barbecues argue that metal products are not so aesthetic. One can argue with that. If the case is entrusted to the master, then at the exit we can expect a real masterpiece.

Step by step fabrication

A master who is accustomed to working with metal does not need clues: he himself knows very well how and in what sequence to do everything. We try to tell someone who makes their first metal products. It is important that the first experience is positive, then the desire to create and create will not disappear. And skills and mastery are acquired. Therefore, the first barbecue, which we will do with our own hands from metal, will be extremely simple.

Dimension Design

For an average company, ten skewers of skewers will be enough. If necessary, you can make a second serving while guests enjoy the first. Shish kebabs with meat strung on them should not interfere with each other, but there should not be a large gap between them so that the heat from the coals is not wasted. From these considerations, we determine the length of the product.

The standard length of the skewer involves placing 6-8 pieces of meat on it. Making a barbecue grill wider is inconvenient: a small-sized product is easier to carry and it does not take up too much space. Barbecue depth is determined by the practice of operating such devices. The meat should not be too far from the coals to bake well, but it should not be placed close: it will burn.

It looks like a very nice barbecue, but think about this: how much coal will have to be put in this box so that the kebabs are not smoked, but baked?

There is nothing superfluous in this model. Approximately such a product, but only for ten skewers we will do now

The individual size of the barbecue is one - its height from the surface of the earth. It is selected based on the growth of the cook. Let the one who cooks take the skewer in his hand and keep it parallel to the ground. Do not bend your back! The distance from the skewer to the ground is the size we need. Usually it is 80-120 cm from the top edge of the structure to the surface of the earth.

Base Box Blanks

We will make a simple box with legs. A good brazier has its own secret: the quality of the material and dimensions. The correct choice of these two parameters affects the time taken to cook and the quality of the dish. Everything else depends on the skill of the cook.

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As a material, sheet metal of 2-3 mm thickness will be used. The thinner one will last the whole season and burn out, while the thick one will be heavy when carrying it. So, we mark the sheet by size, using a square so that there are no distortions:

  • 90x15 cm - 2 pcs. (front and back walls);
  • 90x30 cm - 1 pc. (bottom);
  • 30x15 cm - 2 pcs. (side walls).

Cut out the details with a grinder. We make sure that their edges are even.

For combustion, oxygen is needed, which means that we must ensure the flow of air inside the base box. To do this, drill holes on the front and rear walls. At a distance of 2 cm from the lower edge of the product, we draw a straight line, marking the line of holes. We drill holes with a diameter of 10-15 mm in increments of 5 cm from each other.

Next in line are welding work. It is better to make them with an assistant who will hold the product in position.

For the first time, welding work must be carried out together with a partner who will hold the parts in the right position; be careful

We fix the legs of the product

For the legs we use either a corner of 25x25 cm, or metal tubes of 30 mm in diameter. Their length should be selected individually from the calculation of the growth of the cook, as mentioned above. It turns out that they will be 65-105 cm.

Using tubes gives us the opportunity to make the product collapsible. To do this, we need 4 bolts with nuts with a diameter of 15 mm. Bolts must be carefully welded to one side of each of the tubes, which we will use as legs. It is important not to spoil the thread!

The brazier is almost ready and soon it will be possible to use it for its intended purpose and make sure how much things made by yourself are more pleasant to use.

In each corner of the bottom of the box we drill one hole, the diameter of which is slightly larger than that of the bolts welded to the legs. On the inside of the base drawer, weld over the nut holes. We wait for the metal to cool, and then screw the bolts into the nuts.

Corners can simply be welded to the base, or fixed with 2 bolts and nuts. The corner is superimposed on the corner of the box, the top and bottom outlines the place of the holes that need to be drilled through the wall and corner. The leg is bolted to the drawer.

The basis of the barbecue made of metal is ready. You can weld handles to the side walls, make a canopy or a shelf for firewood, attach a hook for the poker. All your next steps will be prompted by your imagination, but now you can use the result of your labors to prepare juicy, fragrant and very tasty kebabs. Enjoy your meal!


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