DIY scarecrow: 3 workshops + photo selection of the best options

Throughout the summer period, a summer harvest of berries — cherries, wild strawberries, currants, raspberries — ripens in the dachas, and hardworking summer residents cook stewed fruits, jams and preserves from them. But not only they like to feast on sweet and juicy berries: cunning birds fly in flocks in search of dessert and leave behind only naked cuttings and garbage. Dealing with thieves is quite difficult, so gardeners are thinking about how to make a garden scarecrow with their own hands - it will at least partially protect the crop.

Scarecrow "Summer resident" from improvised means

A little free time and a little imagination - and a heap of old things turns into a mysterious lady, a real mistress of a personal plot.

Most often, a scarecrow is given a human appearance, believing that it will scare the birds

For creativity, you need quite a bit:

  • two shanks from shovels of different lengths;
  • big nail, hammer;
  • old clothes;
  • two buttons;
  • a bag full of straw.

We connect the cuttings crosswise, hammering a nail, and we get the basis for the formation of a scarecrow.

For a cross, cuttings from shovels, bars, poles, sticks, narrow slats are suitable

Making a head: we stuff a plastic bag with straw. From above we pull on children's tights or a pillowcase - it turns out the head. For credibility, we sew eyes - two large buttons, a nose - a piece of cloth, lips - a terry patch. We fix the head on the upper end of a long stalk.

Then we put on an old dress (skirt) and a sweater on a transverse stalk, and we have a pretty lady in front of us. Of course, a stylish woman does not have enough accessories - in panama and a romantic scarf, she looks much more interesting.

Similarity with a person is manifested in the design of the face, and in the choice of clothing

A scarecrow should also be beautiful - do not forget about accessories

Cute Scarecrow for gardening

Households can be involved in the creative process - and literally the next day, the brave young man Scarecrow will disperse all the crows in the garden. He is a bit like Baum, the hero of The Country of Oz, but our children are more familiar with the Scarecrow from Volkov’s books - silly, but very kind.

The daring smiling Scarecrow is a real decoration of any garden

So, the order of work. First of all, we make out the head. To make the face contour smooth, put a bowl or a large dish on a piece of thick light matter (burlap), circle it. Cut two identical circles for the head. One of them is the face. With a simple pencil, we designate the places where the eyes, nose, and mouth will be.

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On light tissue, eyes, mouth and nose are more visible

Embroider the mouth with stitches using a thick woolen thread. We cut out eyes from dark fabric and we sew, without forgetting to make eyelashes. We make the ears and nose to match the complexion - it will be more natural. We sew two circles, we stuff with a synthetic winterizer, we sew hair (several thick woolen threads) - the head is ready.

For the eyes, you can use pieces of fabric, felt, buttons, corks.

A necessary touch is a hat made from a bag.

The hat not only gives completeness to the appearance, but also gives out the character traits of our hero

Cut and sew hands. We cut the collar, decorate it with bells. From burlap we make a shirt, trousers and a fashionable cross-body bag.

Patches - traditional elements on stuffed garden clothes

We sew the cross-piece of the two bars with a synthetic winterizer, attach the head, hands, and outfit. I’m ready to scatter the berry thieves with a smile around the clock, although can such a kind stuffed garden scarecrow disperse someone?

The colors of the shirt, pants, hats can be changed to brighter

Plastic Bottle Scarecrow

How to make a garden scarecrow so that it rustles, glitters and scares away everyone who encroaches on beds with strawberries? Very simple - with plastic bottles. There are a lot of options for combining plastic containers of various sizes, consider one of them.

We will need:

  • plastic bottles of different colors and sizes;
  • elastic band for fixing;
  • bottle caps;
  • wire;
  • awl, knife, scissors, stapler.

Using plastic bottles of different colors, you can make completely different stuffed animals

We calculate the number of large containers for assembling the legs and arms, for example, 2 pieces for each leg, 1 for the foot. In the bottoms and covers we pierce the holes through which we stretch the elastic. The end of the elastic will be tied to the body.

The body is an old tank, also plastic. Multi-colored caps - buttons are attached to it with a wire. For the head, a 5-liter jar of water will do. We attach eyes, nose, and mouth to the “face” with the help of a stapler. Like limbs, the head is attached to the body with an elastic band. More noise - less birds. Therefore, we make a “loud” skirt from the caps. The scarecrow is done.

Passers can easily take this lovely citizen for the owner of the cottage

This sun stuffed animal is more a decorative element than a bird repellent

It is unlikely that the stuffed birds will be scared, but people - for sure

Scarecrow fisherman told us about his master’s favorite pastime

Another version of the Wise Scarecrow, kind and cheerful

Perhaps the birds will be scared of their giant cousin - crows

It turns out that making a scarecrow garden with your own hands is very easy to do. Thanks to wild fantasy, new characters are born. Before us is a vivid series of interesting finds that conscientiously guard our beds. Boring stuffed animals magically transformed into original decor elements, which are nice to see for yourself and show the guests.


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