DIY garden decorations: a selection of 18 interesting ideas

A summer house with a bathhouse and a fence was built, the beds and the greenhouse are in perfect order, a small wooden arbor near the gate pleases the eye, but still something is missing. That in which we put our soul and imagination, which makes our world individual, that creates a mood and atmosphere - that is, decor, decorations, without which the world around us seems dull and boring. And the author’s decoration of the garden with his own hands is the height of creativity and skill.

Original flower beds instead of the usual flower beds

Better to start with what is understood and known from childhood. There are flower beds with peonies, roses, asters in any dacha, where families not only grow crops, but also relax. And what will happen if instead of an ordinary flower bed, a small flower garden is arranged? The fact is that this does not require expensive purchases or exotic plants. A little old utensils, furniture, utensils - and the familiar picture will come to life.

It is worth pouring earth into any unnecessary container, as it immediately turns into a place for arranging a flower garden. An old trough, a wooden cart, a broken wheelbarrow, a large holey pan, a worn shoe - before throwing away old things, you need to think about whether they will be useful for a miracle flower bed?

Old tubs received a second life, turning into a small flower garden. A little paint or varnish, new steel rings - and you can plant flowers

The lawn will come to life if it is decorated with a decorative flowerbed in a wooden “antique” trough on its legs

Unusual decorations for the garden are around, you just have to look around. If space allows, even an old bed is suitable for a flower garden.

The dream of any woman is a bed strewn with flowers. It looks bold and original

You can not depart from the traditional design of flower beds, but decorate them with a fence made of any natural material: picket fence, chock, stones, artificial stone. A lot of construction waste remains after the construction of a house, pool or bath - it is also useful for fringing flower beds.

Framing a flower bed made of stone is simple, but looks great

When arranging original flower beds, one should not forget about the unity of style: for example, the stone frame of a flower bed organically combines with a stone facade.

Here are some more ideas spied on the web:

Popular techniques for decorating ponds

The traditional method of decorating garden ponds is the use of water - these are fountains and waterfalls. Nothing could be more natural than foaming, gurgling, intersecting jets and a rainbow created by tiny droplets. The owners of the plots along the territory of which the stream flows were lucky: with the help of artificial rapids, a whole cascade of waterfalls can be arranged. By the way. Such a stream is easy to organize, if the house has a water supply system.

To create an artificial stream with a waterfall, it is necessary to prepare stones, put a pipe for water supply and plant plants

Using various nozzles for fountains, you can create a small composition of spurts from under the water.

A small pond with a fountain looks picturesque on the background of the surrounding vegetation

Often use lights for the reservoir, and the lights can be floating and underwater. At night, the pond, iridescent with different colors, looks quite impressive. An inexpensive set of fixtures can be bought in the store for 1, 500 rubles, more serious sets - from 5, 000 rubles.

You can set the multi-colored illumination for the pond yourself by buying a ready-made kit in the store

When using figures or other objects for decorating a pond, you should remember: the more natural the decorations for the garden look, the better.

Water flows into the pond from a ceramic jug, as if accidentally tipped over on the shore. It looks natural and figurative

Wooden rustic decor

Wood is an affordable and easy to process material. Using modern primers, paints, varnishes and anti-fungal agents, as well as possessing sufficient skill and patience, you can create real masterpieces.

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Masterfully executed retro car made of wood, the real author's work is an exquisite decoration for a summer cottage

Interesting wooden decorations for the garden are divided into 2 groups:

  • functional;
  • decorative.

The first group includes carved arbors, fences, benches, bridges across the pond - that is, everything that is actively used daily. The second group - decorative ornaments for the garden and the garden, revitalizing lawns, flower beds and grounds. Most products harmoniously combine both functions.

Wooden decor is more likely to refer to the Russian, rustic style. It is ideal for a country house built of timber or logs. Near the Russian bathhouse, you can install a carved bench for relaxation or a set: a table and stools, logs, deliberately rude and massive.

A donkey carved from wood with a cart full of flowers is a symbol of hard work and perseverance

The felling of the well is made of ordinary logs, the lid is made of planks, but an unexpected combination with flowers turns it into a worthy garden decoration

You can install a wooden well - a symbol of Russian antiquity. It can be both active and decorative.

The use of stones in decorating the garden

Stones, like wood, are natural materials, but most often they are used in a natural, unprocessed form. They are beautiful in themselves and symbolize the power of nature and the passage of time, not without reason the Japanese philosophers love to arrange stone gardens. It is difficult to correspond to Japanese philosophy in Russian reality, therefore, in our summer cottages you can rather find a certain hybrid from a rock garden, an alpine hill and simpler solutions - borders for flower beds, paths.

Several stones of various shapes and short green bushes create a composition that looks great and does not require constant care

In any case, stone is a noble material in any form. Even a handful of gravel in combination with water or a flower looks exquisite, not to mention specially prepared slabs, pieces of granite or marble.

The relief irregularities of the suburban area can be used for landscape decoration, for this you will need several stones and bushy flowers

A rockery, a dry stream, a stone path through a pond - any decoration of the garden with stones looks appropriate and harmonious. And most importantly, the device composition requires only imagination and the availability of natural resources. In mountainous areas, it is not a problem to find a stone placer, and the plain, unfortunately, does not indulge in accessible material. In this case, you can buy a stone, as many companies are engaged in its implementation. They offer a choice of:

  • rubble stone;
  • boulders;
  • lumps;
  • crushed stone;
  • gravel;
  • decorative dumping;
  • granite, marble chips;
  • masonry stone.

A ton of material costs an average of 5, 000 to 10, 000 rubles.

If the area allows, you can create a successful composition of a dry stream, bridge, flowers and decorative figures

Do-it-yourself funny plastic crafts

Thousands of plastic bottles are thrown away as unnecessary, although they can make funny figurines and decor elements. Of course, decorating the garden with plastic bottles is not as pretentious and presentable as a stone slide with rose bushes, but it is done with your own hands and creates a homely atmosphere and coziness in the summer cottage.

Framing flower beds with plastic bottles buried in the ground - a budget option

You can store bottles for half a year and make an artificial garden of cacti and palm trees from them, adding an unexpected element of exoticism.

Several hundred plastic bottles of different colors will be required to create a palm tree that looks like a real one.

But a more successful option is to take a few plastic bottles and craft funny penguins, who, by their appearance alone, cheer you up. If there are children in the family, they will be happy to take part in this fun.

Funny penguins from plastic bottles - a suitable decor for a Christmas tree installed in the garden

Operating procedure:

  1. Take two plastic bottles and cut their lower parts 10 cm long.
  2. Connect the two elements received with the empty sides inward, the deaf ones outward.
  3. Cover the "barrels" with white acrylic paint - you get a blank.
  4. Draw a traditional black “tailcoat”, hat, scarf, beak and eyes.
  5. Attach a pompom on top.

Repeat the same thing several times so that the penguin is not bored. That's it - the penguin family is ready to go out into the garden.

To create these fabulous flowers on the lawn, only plastic spoons, knives and forks stuck in the ground were required

Plastic is a malleable and flexible material, so with its help you can create a variety of decorative ornaments for the garden.


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