DIY flower pot decoration: the best workshops

Flowers are able to decorate any interior, complementing it with bright touches of fresh juicy colors. Fresh flowers in original decorated pots can become a bright accent of the interior, emphasizing the design of the room or site. Do-it-yourself decorating flower pots is an activity that allows you to transform ordinary containers for plants into original decor elements.

Clay pots are an ideal basis for using almost any hand-made technique, the choice of which can be limited only by the imagination and desire of the master. The decor of the flower pot with your own hands will not only give a second life to the old product, but will once again plunge into a fascinating creative process.

As you know, plants feel excellent precisely in unprocessed clay pots: clay porosity allows the root system to receive the necessary amount of air

Unusual use of eggshell

Egg shells are a popular, affordable and easy-to-use material for decorating various items. To create marvelous patterns, the shell of boiled eggs, acrylic paints, construction glue or PVA, varnish and brushes are used. To design flower pots, you can use both traditional white shells and create unusual patterns in various shades of the color palette.

The shell is taken into the work, from which the film was previously removed from the inside, then degreased in a soda solution, washed and thoroughly dried. Shell motifs in natural beige white will look spectacular on a dark base and vice versa. A light background can be created by applying a layer of contrasting dark tones of acrylic paint.

Decorating egg shell pots allows you to create a crackle effect, which is an elegant pattern of the finest cracks, resembling the effect of antiquity

The technique of decorating flower pots is quite simple . A layer of glue is applied to a small area of ​​the surface and a whole piece of the shell is applied with the convex side outward, gently pressed with your fingers for a snug fit. To give the unusual mosaic the necessary shape, you can use a pointed swiss or awl. Large gaps between large mosaic elements are easily filled in small individual pieces. The surface decorated with a pattern is primed with PVA glue and left to dry completely.

The decor of flower pots in the style of craquelure is completed by applying a layer of paint, which can act as the main background of the product, and become a color basis for further decoration of the item. When painting the shell, it should be borne in mind that even after drying, the mosaic is quite mobile. The finished product is opened with a layer of varnish.

Shells for creating marine motifs

In the design of the pot you can also use sea pebbles and glass, buttons and even small coins. The combination of materials will allow the author to significantly expand the field for imagination. Decorating flower pots with shells and other small items according to the technique is very similar to decorating egg-shell products.

Shells are a universal material for creating flowerpots in a marine style. Their ribbed surface effectively plays with tints under the paint layer of pearlescent colors.

Before working, shells should also be washed and degreased. They are attached to the surface of the pot using high-quality building glue, which has sufficient viscosity and dries out quite quickly. The glue is applied with a brush both on the surface of the attached side of the shell, and on the surface of the pot. Each shell is fixed for several seconds to the outside of the pot by pressing a finger. The finished product can simply be varnished, or pre-painted with acrylic paints.

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Also, instead of shells, you can use ordinary pebbles.

Twine pot binding

Decorating twine flower pots is a fairly simple way to transform an old product, allowing you to create interior elements in an ethno-style. Material for decoration can be either a thick rope or a thin rope or even an ordinary woolen thread. The design of small-sized pots looks unusual with a coarse thick rope woven from hemp or tow.

The pot can be braided, tied or simply applied to its surface a finished pattern of threads. Combining the decor of coarse threads with bunches of dry grass can be a piquant highlight

The technique of applying and fixing the thread decor is also quite simple. To give the old flower pot a new look, you can perform several consecutive twines tightly adjacent to each other. In order for the jewelry to not “part” over time and not lose its attractiveness, the coils should be carried out with some tension and secured with hidden knots and glue. The standard winding of the pot can be supplemented by overlaying patterns, combined with the winding of the product with a pigtail.

Other popular decor ideas

In capable hands, any thing stored in bins as unnecessary can get another ticket to life. So the old laces from sweaters and jackets, pens from paper bags can sparkle with new colors, becoming the original decoration of a familiar interior item. Small objects are easily attached to the surface of the pot using hot melt adhesive.

A composition of multi-colored pebbles looks very unusual, between which a thin lace is neatly laid

A nice pot is decorated with old bolts, nuts and other small details and is opened with a layer of bronze paint and varnish

The decoration of the pots with twine is successfully combined with the decoration of products with a cloth, allowing you to create unique interior items. For this purpose, both bright cuts of fabric and ordinary burlap are suitable. On a motley checkered fabric, twine of a natural gray shade looks spectacular, on a burlap - a braid of bright color.

Ready-made satin and organza ribbons are sold in hardware stores. Variegated ribbons can be braided into flagella and pigtails and after that just stick them to the outside of the pot. Picturesquely interwoven multi-colored ribbons decorated with all kinds of rhinestones and beads will give the product a playful mood. Such a bright and cheerful flower pot will be a worthy decoration of any interior.

Wanting to create a bright flower pot, the appearance of which causes only positive emotions, you can use decorated ribbons and all kinds of beads in the design

In such a simple way, you can make antique pots to look “like in Ancient Rome”

Bottle caps, stationery clips, cotton balls, bundles of fishing lines and even old wooden clothespins can also serve as decorating flower pots

Video workshops from designers

Decorating flower pots with your own hands is a great way to create exclusive items for the home and summer cottage that will delight the whole family with their appearance.


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