Design of the porch of a private house: analysis of stylistics + selection of ideas

Porch is an obligatory element of the front part of the house. And therefore, the design of the porch of a private house is designed to emphasize the beauty and integrity of the entire building. The desire to decorate your home, focusing on fashion trends and taking into account our own taste preferences - is natural for any of us. Each owner of a suburban area wants to design his building so that it stands out from the background of neighboring houses. Fortunately, the variety of choices of porch design options is quite extensive. Let's look at the most interesting of them.

The porch is an extension in front of the entrance to the house, which, if necessary, is equipped with a small staircase laid out of several steps and a canopy.

The porch performs the function of transitioning from ground level to floor level, the difference between which can reach from 50 to 200 and more centimeters

Since the floor in the house is always raised to the level of the foundation, a number of steps acts as an obligatory element of the porch, which ends with a spacious or, conversely, a small platform adjacent to the front door. The number of steps is made odd: three, five, seven. It is calculated in such a way that when lifting a person steps on the site with the foot with which he began to move.

To protect against snow and rain entering the site, which may prevent the doors from opening freely, a canopy is often placed over the porch. If, when arranging a porch located at a height of one to two meters, the railing performs a practical function, then on a low porch about half a meter high, the fence acts more as an element of decor.

Having the opportunity to equip a spacious area in front of the entrance, you can supplement the architectural ensemble by placing a bench on it

Since the porch, in addition to its practical purpose, also performs an aesthetic function, acting as the main decoration of the facade, a number of points should be taken into account when decorating the porch in a private house.

For example: when arranging a wooden frame or panel house, the design of the porch can only have a wooden design. If the house is made of stone, then you can safely use such building material as natural or artificial stone, concrete or brick, glass or plastic to decorate the porch. The option of combining stone and wood also looks interesting. But in this case, the combination of elements should be carried out as carefully and carefully as possible.

To achieve the desired result of the integrity of the architectural ensemble allows not only the same finishing materials, but also coordinated color solutions. For example: if forging elements are present in the building envelope, then it will not be amiss to continue the theme, decorating them with pilasters or railings supporting the canopy.

Please note that the porch, acting as a front door, affects the perception of the house as a whole, which leaves its mark on the image of its owner. That is why it is not worth saving on the quality of finishing materials.

Style directions in the design of the porch

The ideal option is considered in which the decoration of the porch of the house is harmoniously combined with all elements of the exterior: the facade of the building, the fence, the outer gate ...

The porch, acting as an important architectural element, should not only protect the house from snow drifts, but also please the eye, combining with the house in a style design

Among the most common design styles of the porch of a country house, several options can be distinguished.

Option # 1 - classic design

The porch is equipped with a gable canopy, chiseled railings and decorative round balusters. As a facing material, ceramic tile or stone is used.

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A feature of the design of the porch in the classical style is the moderate use of decorative elements that emphasize the persistence and strict taste.

Option # 2 - carved porch in Russian traditions

In Russia, the front door of a wooden house, which towered on massive supports, has long been made tall and spacious. The porch was decorated with many carved elements, decorated with ornate patterns.

Today, the design of the porch in the "Russian style" is still popular, acting as an elegant decoration of the facade of a wooden house

Especially exquisite are its carved railings and visor, as well as hanging pots with fresh flowers.

Option # 3 - porch in the style of "house-fortress"

This porch is a massive structure, decorated with natural stone. The main decoration of the main entrance can be torches, forged furniture and gratings, the massiveness of which can be emphasized by openwork planters with climbing plants.

Delicate roses, fragrant azaleas and graceful petunias against a background of cold and rough stone create a rather colorful contrast

Option # 4 - European-style porch

The characteristic features of the style direction is the correctness of forms and restraint of lines. The porch most often has the appearance of a neat low design. When facing the platform and steps, natural or artificial stone or ceramic tiles are used to it.

As decorative elements of such a porch, garden figures in the form of animals, flowerpots with flowers and hanging bells are appropriate

Option # 5 - porch in the French manner

This direction is a variation of the European version. A characteristic feature of the style is the “French window” - a glass door decorated with openwork grille. Wooden or wicker garden furniture and hanging flowers are used to decorate the front door.

The abundance of colors and the figured decoration of the elements give the porch design sophisticated sophistication and special chic

Some ideas and illustrative design examples.

There are many design options for the porch of a private house. It all depends on the design features of the building, the wishes and capabilities of the owner of the site.

Transform the porch with a small platform, which acts as the main architectural element of the facade of the building, using container colors

Flower pots are set on either side of the entrance. To give the front door a cozy atmosphere and protect the site from bright sunlight, curtains made of loose fabrics will help.

As a finishing touch for the design of the porch at the front door, you can put a nice outdoor rug, harmoniously combined in color with containers

When planning to equip a porch, which will also perform the function of a veranda, it is worth worrying about acquiring comfortable garden furniture.

A rather popular option is the arrangement of the porch-patio, which is an open terrace connected to the house.

Such a porch-patio is more likely a transitional option between the traditional-style porch of the house and the open garden gazebo

The porch space can well accommodate an open summer kitchen with chairs, tables and other paraphernalia. The porch expanded to the size of a small terrace allows you to receive guests and relax comfortably, enjoying the fresh air, next to the house.

Located in front of the entrance to the porch of the pillar or arch, entwined with climbing roses, helps to create a romantic atmosphere and has a pleasant rest

Another interesting option is the lighting design of the architectural ensemble in a single style, in which the lamps on the porch are made in the same style as the lamps that illuminate the area in the dark.

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