Description and features of the cultivation of Atlantis raspberry

A large crop, large and tasty berries, a minimum of care - all this is about Atlant remont raspberries. The hybrid is grown as an annual crop, that is, get an autumn crop on the shoots of the current year. There is still a nuance - this is a mid-season variety, in the northern regions and Siberia it does not have time to give all the declared crop.

Raspberry Atlant Story

Raspberry Atlant owes its origin to the country's leading breeder, Professor I. V. Kazakov (1937–2011). The scientist made important developments in the field of biology of berry crops, created the world's largest hybrid raspberry fund. Ivan Vasilievich is the author of 30 hybrids that became the basis of the Russian assortment. Among them, the first for machine assembly: Balsam, Brigantine, Sputnitsa. They combine high productivity (up to 10 t / ha) with resistance to various stress factors (diseases, pests, adverse climatic conditions) and by these indicators have no analogues in the world.

Video: presentation by I. V. Kazakov about Russian culture raspberries

It was Kazakov who developed a new direction for domestic selection - the raspberry of a repair type. He created the first varieties in the Russian Federation that bear fruit in late summer - early autumn on the shoots of the current year. This type of raspberry is obtained as a result of interspecific hybridization. The yield is 15–18 t / ha, the weight of one berry is up to 8–9 g. Remontant hybrids adapt well to different climatic conditions and are not expensive to care for. This category includes raspberries Atlant. Amateur gardeners and farmers call her the best work of Kazakov.

Raspberry Atlant with impressive labor yields impressive yields

An application for Atlanta registration in the State Register of Breeding Achievements was submitted during the author’s lifetime, in 2010, but was included in the unified list only in 2015, after variety testing. The hybrid is approved for cultivation in all regions of Russia. There are reviews of gardeners who successfully cultivate this raspberry in Belarus and Ukraine.

Atlant Hybrid Description

There are so many positive qualities in the descriptions of this raspberry that one can even doubt their veracity. However, numerous reviews on the forums, including thanks to Kazakov for such a hybrid, sweep away all distrust and arouse the desire to buy Atlant seedlings and grow in their garden.

This is a mid-term repairing hybrid. Berries begin to sing in the second half of August, fruiting is extended, lasts until frost. Fruits are large (more than 3 cm in length), conical or trapezoidal, aligned, each average weight is about 5 g, maximum - up to 9 g. Drupe seedlings are tightly connected, the berries do not crumble when picked, easily detach from the receptacle, and can be picked stalks.

The raspberries Atlas have small drupe, firmly connected, the berries do not crumble when harvested

Qualities for which Atlas was loved by farmers:

  • high productivity (average 17 t / ha);
  • dense, transportable berries;
  • beautiful appearance and pronounced raspberry taste attract customers, Atlanta berries are bought first among other raspberries;
  • a machine harvesting method may be used;
  • does not give a lot of overgrowth, which facilitates the care of the plantation.

Of course, these same qualities are interesting for amateur gardeners. But they can still add: for one family, 4-5 bushes are enough to get enough fresh berries and harvest them for the winter. The fact is that the shoots of Atlanta give lateral branches, and do not grow with one bare whip, like many other varieties. Moreover, fruit branches appear literally 15–20 cm from the ground and cover the entire shoot, whose height, by the way, is no more than 160 cm. As a result, the berries are tied not only at the tops, but also along the entire length of each stem.

In Atlas raspberries, fruiting occurs along almost the entire length of the shoot, and not just at the top

For the same reason, raspberries Atlant do not need trellis. Lush shoots tend to the ground, but balance well due to the side branches, do not lie down and do not even touch the ground. There are thorns, but are located mainly in the lower part of the bush. This hybrid does not get sick or freezes for one simple reason. Scientists recommend cutting all shoots in the fall, which means there is nothing to freeze. The annual pruning and burning of the entire aerial parts is a radical and most effective measure to combat diseases and pests. In the spring, new and healthy shoots will grow from the overwintered roots.

Video: Raspberry Atlant review

Of course, there are flaws, they were discovered by the owners of Atlanta. The hybrid is resistant to drought, but berries with a moisture deficit will be small and juicy. In southern Russia, it was noticed that ripe fruits in extreme heat and with good watering soften, it is impossible to collect them. Mid-season hybrid is not very suitable for regions of extreme agriculture, where the first frosts occur already in late August - September. There Atlant does not have time to show its productivity. Another nuance mentioned by lovers of natural agriculture who do not recognize pesticides: pests are planted in ripe berries that have been hanging on branches for a long time. Maybe the reason is that in the fall they do not conduct sanitary pruning of all shoots.

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Gardeners claiming that ugly berries grow on Atlanta, they scatter into drupes, shoots grow up to 2 m, lie on the ground, I would like to advise you to buy seedlings elsewhere. If the acquired plant does not possess the properties specified in the description from the State Register, it means that it is not the variety or hybrid whose name it was assigned during sale. And you are not necessarily intentionally deceived. Unfortunately, even large and reputable suppliers sometimes reassortment of both seedlings and seeds.

Features planting and growing raspberries Atlant

Landing Atlanta is no different from the classic:

  1. Select a sunny spot for raspberries.
  2. Refuel the earth, making 1 m²: humus - 1.5–2 buckets and wood ash - 0.5 l.
  3. Make holes according to the size of the roots, spill them with settled water and plant seedlings. Do not deepen the root neck.

Landing pattern - the more spacious, the better. Bushes of Atlanta consist of 5-7 shoots, but they branch, become voluminous. The diameter of each bush reaches two meters. With a 2x2 m scheme, you will be able to approach each plant from any direction, all shoots will be well lit and ventilated. In the case of this hybrid, it is better to plant fewer seedlings, but to allocate more land for them. Atlas will thank you for such generosity.

Each Atlanta seedling will grow into a lush bush up to 2 m in diameter

It is easier to care for remont raspberries than for ordinary varieties bearing fruit on two-year-old shoots. You are freed from formation. All the few shoots that grow from the ground in spring will yield a crop by autumn. No need to deal with excess growth, it simply does not exist. In the fall, you don’t have to find out: which shoot is old to cut, and which is new, and it must be left.

Atlant care includes:

  • Watering. Bushes instantly react to hot weather without watering, tying small and low-succulent berries. In dry periods, water at least 2 times a week, while the earth should be soaked to a depth of 30-40 cm. It is better to lay the drip system. Keep the aisles under the mulch.
  • Top dressing. For the formation of such an abundant crop, of course, you need food:
    1. In the early spring or late autumn, mulch the ground under the bushes with humus or compost.
    2. When the shoots begin to grow actively, add liquid nitrogen-containing top dressing: infusion of mullein, bird droppings, weeds.
    3. During the period of budding and flowering, the formation of tasty and beautiful berries will require potassium and trace elements. Buy complex mixtures for berry crops containing these substances (Agricola, Pure leaf, Fertika, Gumi-Omi, etc.). You can do with wood ash: dust it with earth, loosen and pour.
    4. In autumn, make a circular groove 15 cm deep around each bush and evenly sprinkle superphosphate - 1 tbsp. l to the bush. Level the grooves.
  • Shelter of vegetative shoots for cold regions. If the berries of Atlanta begin to sing only in September, and the cold is already approaching, establish arcs and pull covering material on them. You can do this in the spring to accelerate the growth of shoots. Without shelter, for example, in the Novosibirsk region, this hybrid does not have time to give half its crop.
  • Pruning. With the onset of frost, cut the shoots at ground level, rake all the leaves and weeds, take it all out of the raspberry, and burn it. Cover the ground with mulch.

In Siberia, some regions of the Urals, in the North and other regions with a short summer, Atlant can be tried to grow like ordinary raspberries. Shoots in the fall are not cut, but give them wintering. Next summer they will yield a crop, however, its volume will be far from the figure of 17 t / ha, since this hybrid was not created for such a technology. If there is a desire to grow just a remont raspberry for harvest on the shoots of the current year, then buy seedlings of early varieties and hybrids: Penguin, Bryansk divo, Diamond and others.

Video: preparing repair raspberries for winter, including mowing shoots

It is generally accepted that repairing raspberry varieties should produce two crops per season: in spring - on the shoots of last year and in late summer - in the fall - on annuals. However, now this stereotype is changing. I have to read and browse a lot of gardening related materials, including forums, videos, and the comments below. According to my observations, more and more amateur gardeners and specialists come to the conclusion that with such agricultural technology, productivity decreases, because one root is forced to provide two waves of ripening berries. But the weather and the quality of care do not always contribute to this. In most cases, in the spring and autumn, instead of the claimed kilograms, only a few berries grow. Today, repairing raspberries are beginning to be grown for the only autumn harvest, they consider it to be a continuation of the usual summer varieties. This trend is already reflected in the State Register. So, the description of Atlanta indicates the need to mow all the shoots in the fall in order to get one, but a powerful crop on the shoots of the current year.

Harvesting and processing raspberries Atlant

To collect the entire crop of Atlanta, the raspberry will have to be visited several times during the month with an interval of 1-2 days. Many gardeners consider the extended ripening period a plus - you do not need to process a large number of berries at once. All the harvesting work can be done quietly, for example, gradually, in portions, freeze berries, dry or cook jam. For farmers, of course, this is a minus. Indeed, in the autumn market raspberries are still a curiosity, they are selling it quickly, which means that a friendly harvest is preferable.

The large and dense Atlanta berry is well suited for freezing.

The main purpose of raspberries Atlant is fresh consumption. Indeed, 100 g of its berries contain 45.1 mg of vitamin C, there are natural sugars (5.7%), acids (1.6%), alcohols, pectin and tannins, anthocyanin.

Raspberry Atlant reviews

I dreamed of purchasing this variety for 5 years and have not been overjoyed for three years. The berry is very tasty, upright shoots, which practically do not require garter, are very productive and grateful. But if there is no watering, the berry immediately becomes smaller.

Kovalskaya Svetlana

Collecting it is a pleasure. The berry is dry, perfectly removed from the stalk, glossy, even .... beauty! The trays look great. First of all, they take it apart on the market and then they come and ask: what was it that you had there so tasty ?! But I didn’t hurt and tried to sell it - everything to my family and my beloved. The freezers are packed exactly with Atlanta.

Svetlana Vitalievna

I love raspberries, but not sour. In my small collection there are such varieties: Summer raspberry: Lachka, Cascade Delight, Phenomenon remont raspant: Atlant, Hercules, Firebird, Zyugan, Orange Wonder, Shelf and Himbo Top. All these varieties, at least for themselves, at least for the market, perhaps only except for the Orange miracle, because he’s not very transportable. Well, Hercules is a bit sour, but very large, productive and transportable.


The main thing in growing Atlanta is watering in hot weather and cutting all the shoots in the fall to get only one crop, although this is a repair hybrid. You do not have to fight with the shoots and thin out the bushes, because only 5-7 shoots appear annually. In order for Atlanta to have the strength to lay and grow many large berries, it needs to be fed.


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