Decorative ponds in landscape design: special attention to style

No wonder it is the flow of water that is called among those processes that you want to watch without stopping. A special magnetism is concentrated in the water surface, attracting a person, bewitching him. Therefore, ponds in landscape design play such a big role. Properly build and equip a pond - a special art. The design of the decorative pond depends on the style of the garden in which it is located. Do not forget that the garden, buildings and structures on the site, as well as the landscaping techniques used on its territory, should be in harmony with each other. There are many different garden styles, but all this variety can be conditionally divided into two groups: regular and landscape gardens.

Ponds in regular gardens

Regular gardens have an emphasized geometrically correct layout. They are characterized by symmetry, which is not so common in natural nature. Examples of regular gardens include classic Italian, French, Arabian gardens.

The pond in the regular garden, made in the magnificent Moorish style, is the embodiment of wild unbridled strength and sensuality of wildlife.

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Ponds are also in common style with a garden. Most often, strict shapes are used, subject to all the rules of geometry. Classical fountains, ideal cascades and channels of the verified correct form can adjoin to them. A feature of such ponds can be considered that they can be at ground level or in a bowl raised above the surface.

Muslim garden: water as a value

Water in the Arab lands is a very limited resource, which is not at all as wasteful as in Europe. Sure, water is a value. As the greatest jewel, it is placed in some kind of casket - ponds in Muslim gardens have a beautiful geometric shape, are adjacent to neat fountains.

If in Japan, the garden is a kind of microcosm and embodiment of the universe, then among Muslims it is associated with paradise, and it’s hard to argue with that

By the way, fountains, as a rule, work due to gravity. The reservoir is equipped with a complex system of pipes that are subject to a common goal: saving and competent distribution of water.

The Muslim pond is like a casket in which the greatest jewel is hidden - water that gives life to everything on earth

In Russia, the closest to the Muslim style is the popular Spanish-Mauritian. For its implementation does not need a large territory. Enough minimal space in front of the house.

French pond: conquered nature

A model of the French style can be called Versailles or Peterhof Park, if we turn to domestic classics. Water in such parks is framed by strict geometric shapes. The underlined outlines of ponds, magnificent sculptures, fountains, cascades and elegant wall fountains are signs of the French style.

The geometric accuracy and accuracy of the lines when designing a pond in a regular garden give the pond a special grace and charm

In order for such a pond to be appreciated in all its splendor, an extensive open space is necessary.

Italian regular style

An Italian-style mini-pond is most often located in the front zone, located in front of the main entrances to the house. However, ponds are also welcome. A small pond along with canals and a fountain will decorate the site and cool the air during the heat.

The beautiful and graceful pond in the Italian garden fits easily into the surrounding landscape and becomes an integral part of it

In Russia, it’s rare

At the peak of popularity in Europe, very shallow ponds of an ideal geometric shape. Their main goal is to serve as a kind of mirror in the garden, reflecting the surrounding reality in the form of the sky and carefully selected vegetation specially for such a reservoir.

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The formal decorative pool is shallow, has a clearly defined shape and is designed to create a kind of mirror surface in the garden

Ponds in a landscape style

The antipode of the regular garden is considered landscape, which is especially loved by our compatriots. The proximity to nature - the natural habitat and the lack of prevailing rules - is what we are most often used to embody in our garden plots. The design of the pond loved by Russians is usually close to its natural form.

Ponds in a landscape style are often complemented by murmuring streams, picturesque waterfalls and cascades: all together it looks very attractive

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Such reservoirs can be seen in Japanese and Chinese styles, in English classical gardens, in landscape German kindergartens (Naturegarten). Loose shapes, subordinated only to the natural landscape of the area, have their own charm. With them are babbling brooks, living their special lives waterfalls. The garden becomes a well-groomed, but natural corner of nature.

Densely populated chinese pond

The Chinese garden, as a rule, occupies a vast territory, and there are several ponds in it. If the kindergarten is small, then the pond corresponds to it with its size. But the presence of stylized bridges made of stone or wood through such a reservoir is considered mandatory.

The Chinese pond makes you think about how abundant the nature around us is, how diverse the life that it gave rise to

Ponds in China are not empty. Not only that, they are surrounded by lush vegetation, no less active life boils both in the reservoir itself and on its surface. Silver crucian carp or koi carp live in the water, and mandarin ducks may appeal to the surface. Nice arbor in the national style completes the picture.

Scary deer japanese pond

Water is not present in every Japanese garden, because island Japan already has problems with land. Private gardens here are usually small. A full-fledged pond in them is replaced by pools of stone with water. Sometimes there is so little space that the role of the reservoir in the garden is played by a stone bowl with water. It is called Tsukubai and is made in the form of a barrel for washing hands during the tea ceremony. As a rule, the tank is lit with a special flashlight.

Depending on the space reserved for the Japanese kindergarten, the pond may look one way or another: in any case, a special Japanese flavor is provided to it

At the edge of the Japanese pond there is another amazing decorative element - shishi odoshi (scary deer). This is a kind of water pipe from a hollow bamboo stalk through which water runs. The purpose of the watercourse is fully reflected in its name.

England: an echo of the colonial past

The Far Eastern natural gardens, which once struck the imagination of the colonialists from England, found a peculiar embodiment in their native open spaces. This is how the landscape design of decorative ponds appeared and took root in England. It was here that this style reached its peak and recognition.

The English-style pond can be called landscape rather than natural, the plants that plant along its shores are so carefully selected

English ponds - the embodiment of naturalness, surrounded by cultural hygrophilous plants. Typically, ponds complement colorful cascades and waterfalls.

Natural German kindergarten

A distinctive feature of the German pond is the vegetation on its shores. Usually these are wild, not garden plants. Ponds decorated in this way look surprisingly attractive and as natural as possible.

The Naturegarten style, characteristic of a pond in a German garden, is characterized by a selection of plants planted along the banks of a pond. They are literally the same ones that grow behind the fence, but this is what makes it special

Special avant-garde style

Conceptuality and originality - this is what distinguishes the avant-garde style among others. But in advance to predict the shape of the pond and its design in the avant-garde garden is almost impossible. It all depends on the vision of the designer.

The emphasized artificial style also has its own appeal, isn't it? Such a pond looks unrealistically beautiful, as if it is a figment of the imagination of a brilliant fantast

A specialist can perform a pond in a natural style or give it a strict geometric shape. Moreover, the shape of the water structure can be so intricate that it will be difficult even to identify it as a certain type of water body or water body.


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