Decoration Elements

Choosing the right stones for an alpine slide: which species should I prefer?

To create a rock garden is a very real idea. Some summer residents, not really thinking, plant any plants and flowers they like surrounded by stones of any variety and size. But if you approach the matter thoroughly, familiarize yourself with the art of creating this wonderful garden composition and find out which flowers are more suitable for creating a rock garden, which stones can be used for an alpine hill, the rock garden will be created much more professionally

Decorative concrete in landscape design: spectacular make-up for dull dampness

When looking at the beautiful relief coatings of walls, walkways and fences, it is hard to imagine that they are all made of the usual material - concrete. But modern coatings, in contrast to their “ancestor”, known for its unattractive dull gray appearance, have a special aesthetics. Due to its presentable properties, decorative concrete is widely used not only in construction, but also in landscape design. Fo

Examples of use and technology for laying rubber tiles

Not everyone knows about the existence of rubber tiles, but in Europe this material has long been deservedly popular. Rubber tile is a product of the processing of old tires, as a result, a large amount of waste rubber is utilized and a practical material is obtained, since natural rubber and high-quality synthesized rubber are used for the manufacture of tires

Decorative wood chips: garden mulch decoration

Mulching is one of the best agricultural methods with which you can protect the soil from waterlogging in the rainy season or, on the contrary, excessive evaporation of moisture in dry weather. Owners of household plots for these purposes often use straw, mowed grass, sawdust. But nevertheless, wood chips are the most popular - soft and environmentally friendly filling, which, in addition to excellent quality characteristics, is decorative, and therefore it is widely used in landscape design

Laying pavers in the country: analysis of the correct technology for paving paths

Once in the garden or in the country, I want to fully relax not only from the bustle of the city, but also from everything that connects us with the city. It is unlikely that anyone can consider asphalted paths a decoration of a modern manor landscape. Meanwhile, it is garden paths, patios and courtyards that occupy one of the leading positions in landscape design

Gravel garden: self-planting and landscaping technology

A gravel garden appeared in our garden plots not so long ago, it looks very neat, beautiful and spectacular, which is why many summer residents and owners of private houses want to equip such a garden on their site. Anyone can make a gravel garden with their own hands, while it does not require special expenses to create it

We build a decorative mill for the garden on our own: a step-by-step master class

Today, in our suburban areas, constructions that can not be called functional are not rare. What is their purpose? It turns out that our compatriots are increasingly coming to the country to relax, and not in order to change one type of work for another. But for a good rest you need something to please the eye

Garden sculpture as the easiest and most effective way to decorate the garden

The attitude to the summer cottage has changed in our time. If earlier it was a place for growing garden crops and fruit trees, today an increasing number of cottage owners want to equip a comfortable and beautiful place for recreation at their site. Hence the huge interest in a variety of areas in landscape design

Wooden decorative fences: 7 most beautiful wooden structures

Fences and all kinds of hedges are an integral attribute of garden landscapes. They help to emphasize the belonging of the land to private property and to determine its boundaries. In addition to the direct functional purpose - protection from unwanted "guests", a beautiful fence is able to give the site a complete look

How to make a flowerbed from a barrel: 5 ways

Often a personal plot is not so big as to accommodate everything that I would like to decorate. To break a flower bed, you need to press the beds in order to plant a new tree, you need to find a suitable place for it or thoroughly review the entire planting plan. Will there be such an option when we still manage to get a full flowerbed with flowers, and it does not take up much space

DIY forging - how can I use it in the garden?

With the improvement of living standards, the owners of garden plots are changing the direction of their use. Today, the cottage is less and less a source of income. People come here to take a break from the city bustle and worries, to feel their unity with nature. The site is needed exclusively for aesthetic pleasure or as a place to realize your creative potential

Eight ways to apply mosaic in the design of the plot and the personal garden

Warm summer days are not as long as we would like. I really want to keep the positive summer, its sunshine and festivity in the off-season, when daylight hours are short and we lack bright colors. Meanwhile, there is such a wonderful way of decorating landscape elements as mosaics. Thanks to such a simple, at first glance, method of decoration, you can give exclusivity to any structures on the site

Mirror acrylic in garden design: fixing rules and placement errors

The ability of mirrors to create additional space and unusual accents using the glare game is used not only in interior styles. Mirror decoration is also used at the sites, both for the purpose of visual deception, to expand the boundaries of the territory, and to decorate small architectural forms and paths

How to prepare a solution for garden paths + filling rules

If you want to diversify the design of a suburban area with an original garden path or path, and the products offered in the supermarket do not suit you for any reason, take a chance and create a tile yourself, literally from improvised materials. To do this, you need to purchase special plastic molds and learn how to prepare a solution for garden paths

How to make an alpine slide with your own hands using the example of the Czech rolling pin bookmark

Not so long ago, Russian gardeners enthusiastically began to master the principles of the formation of classic alpine hills, which the British invented 250 years ago in addition to their landscape garden. As it turned out, the traditional rocky hills are now experiencing a crisis of the genre and the current favorite of landscape design - a layered alpine hill originally from the Czech Republic - "Czech rolling pin"

How to implement remote lighting control in your area?

The illumination of the infield is used for various purposes. Most often, light is needed to ensure basic safety. Uninvited guests go around areas where their appearance will not go unnoticed. Another important function is to create a comfortable stay for the owners of the site. Properly lit area with well-placed lighting creates a sense of security

Classification of garden paths from masters of landscape design

Garden paths are guiding threads connecting in a single ensemble all the functional areas of the site and other elements of landscape design. Without garden paths, it is impossible to achieve the artistic completeness of the appearance of the garden. The choice of the configuration of the tracks laid on the territory of the site is carried out at the stage of landscape design

Examples of the use of forged furniture in the garden: how to add sophistication to your country house

Choosing garden furniture is not as easy as it sounds. Traditional wickerwork is not very durable. Willow vine and rattan are afraid of excess moisture. Every evening, cleaning furniture from the garden to the house is not too pleasant. What if it rains at night? Treated with special solutions and varnishes made of wood is much more resistant to moisture, but their coating will have to be updated periodically

Comparative review of garden lights: how to choose the right garden lighting

Often a beautiful and modern garden, created by a landscape designer in the 3D version, turns out to be a little different in life. The fact is that we look at such a garden exclusively from the height of our growth, and not from the sky, in practice all the elements will be much less bright, and some decoration materials in life will create a different impression

Interesting ideas and decorations for giving with your own hands from unnecessary things

Sometimes the basis for creating country decorations are objects that are mistaken for garbage. For example, when cutting down old garden trees or clearing a site for construction, stumps remain that uproot and burn. If you look at them through the eyes of a designer, you can see beautiful natural frames for creating flower beds or original floral arrangements

Do-it-yourself decorative wooden well - we build together!

Each owner of a private house wants to turn a personal plot into a beautiful and comfortable area for recreation. Such an element of landscape design as a decorative well in the country, harmoniously integrated into the style of the site, can become its decoration. It is not necessary that the well be operational, especially if a centralized water supply is connected to your house

Natural and artificial stone: everything about manufacturing and laying rules

Natural stone at all times has rightfully been considered the most popular building material. Granite, marble, sandstone, dolomite, limestone serve as a reliable and unusually beautiful foundation for the construction of foundations and houses, the arrangement of ponds and paving paths, the creation of architectural elements and the refinement of buildings

Decorative pebbles in the garden - paths and small forms to decorate your site

Pebbles - smooth rounded pebbles polished by the sea, are today a very popular material for garden decor. It looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing both as a material for a garden path or patio, and as a decoration or basic material for a fence. Some owners of private houses pebble entire yards, creating a strong, durable, beautiful coating

How to make steps in the garden: original solutions for multi-level plots

Great luck to become the owner of a flat area, the surface of which does not require leveling. But what if the relief on it rises and falls? There are two possible solutions to the problem: to level the surface by pouring lowlands and removing hills, or arrange it with all kinds of stairs and steps. Garden stairs are also interesting because in addition to their direct purpose - providing convenience for moving around the site with a slope, they will help to transform the architectural and decorative appearance of the garden

Decorative garden: how to add originality to your vegetable beds?

The times when the garden performed only a utilitarian function, supplying with a crop that implements the food program on a large family scale, are a thing of the past. Today, a site with beds similar to pretty flowerbeds and neatly paved paths between them is more of a decorative garden. In addition to its direct purpose, it, combining with other elements of landscape design, acts as an unusual decoration of the site

A selection of options for original flower beds from improvised materials

Originally designed flowerbeds always look interesting. Wanting to decorate their site with floral arrangements, many gardeners equip flower beds using ready-made fences and containers for plants. But to create an unusual element of landscape design, you can do it at minimal cost, showing a little imagination for arranging a flowerbed from improvised materials

Garden glass decor: fragile grandeur at low cost

Glass is a material that is very often used today as a decorative one. Light, elegant, stylish glass furniture is in fashion, and designers decorate the garden with a very unusual, bold decor, bewitching the eyes. Although modern glass is a durable material, in appearance it has remained fragile and airy

Interesting ideas for lighting a summer house and garden + a selection of workshops

The romance of the evening garden ... It consists, like a mosaic, of many nuances, among which light plays a leading role. Unfortunately, the illumination of a summer cottage is sometimes given an undeservedly secondary place, although a “ray of light in the dark kingdom” is elementary in order to freely move around your possessions in the evening. No

Mirrors as an original element of the garden: creating optical illusions

Mirrors, which are often credited with an aura of mystery and riddles, are capable of making the simplest things at first glance unusual. Many landscape designers use the ability of mirrors to create optical illusions and visually increase the space to transform a garden or a private courtyard into a truly fabulous corner

Solar powered garden lighting: an unnecessary luxury or a necessity?

Did you have to touch your garden plot at dusk by touch? If so, you will probably agree that this is not very convenient. Lighting should be on any site, except for its direct function, it is also a beautiful decor. With skillful lighting, a garden that loses its colors at dusk can heal with a new life and its beauty will become no less exquisite than it was during the day, but more mysterious and mysterious

Ideas for decorating a Halloween site + pumpkin workshops

While autumn has not yet squandered all the summer warmth, it is so pleasant to spend more days outside the city and in nature. By the way, on the eve of the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day, October 31 is Halloween. It is famous for its long history: it is believed that on this day the worlds of the dead and the living unite

Glass Garden Multicolor: Using Glass for Walkways

Glass is an amazing material that arose thousands of years ago from molten sand in the mouth of a volcano. Today it is used in many sectors of human life. Designers and architects are happy to use this aesthetic, eco-friendly and functional building material in their projects, creating expressive “mirror-glass” buildings. De