Decoration Elements

DIY paving technology: analysis of the nuances

When ennobling the adjacent territory, many owners often ask themselves how to cover the paths, the front and the back yard, the recreation area ... The paving slab is excellent for these purposes. Functional coverage in landscaping is unparalleled. The price of the material is far from fabulous, and the laying of paving slabs with your own hands is quite simple in execution

DIY garden paths: a selection of design ideas + step-by-step master classes

The first thing that meets us at the country gate is a garden path leading to the porch. From it in all directions: to the bathhouse, to the garden, and to the garage - similar paths and paths scatter. It is always more pleasant to walk on a strong, well-groomed surface, especially when the grass is wet from the rain or clay soil

How to make paths in the country with your own hands: zoning rules + 3 master classes

Without country paths it is impossible to imagine a suburban area: they not only connect the house with other objects, but also perform an important decorative function. By choosing the right material, you can create a harmonious picture in a single style, and by building the paths at the cottage with your own hands, you can turn a few hundred into a unique and comfortable territory

Crafts for the playground: equip the children's area of ​​the site with homemade products

If the family has small children, it is simply necessary for them to equip a playground in the country. Here they will play outdoors, giving parents a break or going about their business. And when you are free, you can always join them. The game corner in the garden will become much more positive, brighter and more interesting if you use crafts for the playground

Do-it-yourself paving slabs: parsing the process from kneading to drying

When planning the arrangement of garden paths on your personal plot, you always want to create functional and at the same time beautiful elements of landscape design. The material for garden paths can be wooden saw cuts, natural stone, gravel ... But still the most popular among owners of suburban areas as pavement for pitches and paths is paving slabs with an attractive appearance and excellent quality characteristics

Rules for laying paving slabs on a concrete base

When it comes time to pave the paths, most often in the suburban areas they use paving slabs. It is much more aesthetic than concrete or asphalt, and is not inferior in strength to them. The easiest way is to hire craftsmen who own styling technology, but if there is no way to pay about 10 cu per square, then you can retrain for vacation time as a skid and put it on your own

Fences and fences for flower beds: top 9 best design options

When creating flower beds on your own site, the question arises: how to combine all the flower beds into a common composition. I want to plant different flowers, and in large quantities, but there is a fear that together they will not create a common landscape. No need to be afraid. If you install the same fencing for flower beds, the landscape will receive the effect of completeness

We make a bio fireplace for our cottage: a hearth with a “live fire” without smoke and ash

A safe open fire has a calming effect on a person. After all, it creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. But not everyone has the opportunity to build a fireplace in their home or on the site. A great alternative to this device can be a biofireplace - a living fire without smoke and ash. Unlike the traditional version, the biofireplace does not involve the arrangement of a chimney, since no harmful substances are released during the biofuel combustion process

We choose curtains for a garden arbor and a verandah: design secrets

An open veranda or gazebo is a favorite place for spending leisure time for the inhabitants of the country house. At hot noon, roof vaults shelter us from the scorching sun or summer thunderstorms, and in the evenings create an atmosphere that is pleasant for pleasant meetings with friends and relatives

DIY waterfall in the country - a step-by-step example of the construction

Creating ponds, fountains and waterfalls in your own garden is a fashionable trend in landscape design. With a small pond, any garden will be transformed, this is one of the best places to relax on a hot day, when the water is fresh and cool. The pond will be much more picturesque if a stream of water from a man-made waterfall falls into it

DIY garden decorations: a selection of 18 interesting ideas

A summer house with a bathhouse and a fence was built, the beds and the greenhouse are in perfect order, a small wooden arbor near the gate pleases the eye, but still something is missing. That in which we put our soul and imagination, which makes our world individual, that creates a mood and atmosphere - that is, decor, decorations, without which the world around us seems dull and boring

Planting schemes of flowers on a flower bed for beginners: from simple to complex

Creating a beautiful flowerbed is a real art, here you need to take into account a lot - plant types, their compatibility, planting features. But an important role in creating a really interesting and luxurious flowerbed is played by the scheme according to which flowers are planted. Bright colors of flowers, their height, arrangement in a certain order, form beautiful patterns, making the flowerbed a carpet of fresh flowers

How to make a mold for filling garden paths yourself

Garden paths are required on any site. They protect the beds and flower beds from ruin by inattentive households, they allow you to go out into the garden even on a rainy day. Performed in the same style with other structures, the paths will complement the landscape design of the site, help to correctly place accents

We make a support for clematis: the manufacture of arches and wooden trellis

Beautiful plants, strewn with a scattering of star-shaped flowers, adorn most suburban areas. Graceful stems of clematis, climbing a trellis or support, form openwork screens crowned with many elegant flowers of the most incredible shapes and colors. These beautiful plants are used mainly for vertical gardening, and they are able to show the greatest decorativeness only if placed on a support

Crafts from plywood to decorate the garden: we make budget garden figures

How pleasant it is to stroll through your own garden, enjoying the enchanting nature and the stunning fresh air. Thinking over the design of a suburban area, each owner tries to make it special, adding color and creating a positive mood. Garden figurines made of plywood are able to successfully complement plant compositions and wonderfully transform the site, making it a nice and cozy corner, conducive to a pleasant rest

Stone flower beds: the nuances of selecting a stone and making it yourself

More recently, summer cottages were densely planted with fruit trees and shrubs, and the remaining land was divided into neat beds. Today, it’s not the friendly ranks of vegetable crops that delight the eye, but lawns, gazebos and pools. The beds have lost their positions to elegant flower beds. Country plots are increasingly used for outdoor activities.

The design of the veranda in the country: the best ideas for designing an extension to a private house

Veranda - an extension that acts as a connecting link in the duet "home - garden". It is designed to combine the warmth of the hearth and the beauty of its surrounding nature. She also plays the role of a cozy corner where you can relax, enjoying the picturesque landscape, or organize fun gatherings in a circle of close people

Do-it-yourself flower beds from bottles: how can I use plastic in the garden?

Throwing away unnecessary, at first glance, things are hard: the hand does not rise. And to throw out a beautiful thing is generally unrealistic. Maybe useful? Over time, beautiful bottles left over from holidays and parties begin to accumulate and spoil life. That's right, the bottles should not be in the apartment, their place in the country

Plastic tile for garden paths: is the game worth the candle?

Polymers, as the know-how of human thought, are gradually replacing natural materials from landscape design, imitating their appearance, but gaining in characteristics and price. And if people are already used to plastic gnomes and pools, then plastic tile for paths is used less often than paving stones or stone

How to make a beautiful mailbox for a private home: first-hand workshops

Traditional versions of mailboxes for receiving correspondence are rarely very original. Familiar blue metal boxes decorated with miniature padlocks may perhaps satisfy the unpretentious taste of their owner, but the eye of the creative owner will probably consider in them a fertile basis for creating an original exterior item

DIY flowerpots for the garden: a selection of the best master classes from decorators

Elegant floral arrangements - decoration of any site. Variegated flower beds, striking the imagination with the variety of colors and shapes of flowers, do not leave anyone indifferent. But to highlight the flower garden against the background of the lush vegetation of the site and emphasize its beauty is impossible without a decent frame

DIY flower pots made of tires, concrete and other materials

Decorative elements of the garden are always very popular. A beautiful garden helps to break away from the worries of everyday life and fully relax. Flowerpots for a summer residence are not only an opportunity for a gardener to select the optimal soil composition for each green pet, but also the best way of arranging accents that can emphasize the harmony and magnificence of the garden

Potted mini-garden: compositions of miniature sections in a confined space

What tireless summer residents do not go to, trying to bring new and original elements to the landscape of the site, which will become an unusual addition that can transform the territory. A picturesque landscape in miniature or a potted garden can become a spectacular decoration not only of a balcony or terrace, but of any corner in the garden

Design of the porch of a private house: analysis of stylistics + selection of ideas

Porch is an obligatory element of the front part of the house. And therefore, the design of the porch of a private house is designed to emphasize the beauty and integrity of the entire building. The desire to decorate your home, focusing on fashion trends and taking into account our own taste preferences - is natural for any of us

Do-it-yourself dry creek in a summer cottage: everything about the device of the “stone river”

What decorating techniques are not used by designers to transform ordinary household plots into fabulous corners for a good rest. Dry Stream is one of the most popular modern landscape design tools in which there is not a single drop of water, but only stones imitating the bed of a dried-up stream. The main advantage of this “spicy” design element is that deciding to create a dry stream with your own hands on a garden plot, the embodiment of the idea does not require significant material costs. Th

DIY stone painting in the garden: a storehouse of ideas + technology secrets

Decorating your own garden plot is an activity that has become a favorite hobby for many. What ideas just do not find embodiment on six hundredths. After all, this is a great opportunity to show your creativity, sense of humor and surround yourself with objects that can deliver joy and aesthetic pleasure

What is better to make fences for beds: a comparative overview of options

Having at least a small plot of land, it is so difficult to resist and not plant anything that subsequently grows and bears fruit. Summer residents are familiar with the wonderful feeling when you cut the salad from vegetables grown by yourself, and you make the jam from freshly picked strawberries! Even if small, but the beds in the garden were, are and will be

Architectural lighting of the front of the house: tricks of light decor

Artistic lighting of the front of the house is a popular trend in the field of lighting design. The task of architectural lighting is to emphasize the uniqueness of the structure and the beauty of the architectural object. Artistic lighting allows you to favorably highlight the silhouette of the building against the background of other buildings, thereby emphasizing the status of the owners of the house

Unusual and intricate garden decor ideas

What garden or cottage attracts the attention of others? Those gardeners who like to decorate their site with exclusive plants, probably believe that flowers and trees are the most impressive elements of landscape design. Home craftsmen believe that their ideas, cleverly embodied in life, are the main ones

Garden arch for flowers in the country: design ideas + step-by-step master class

The territory of the summer cottage should be perfect in all respects - pleasant for relaxation and comfortable for work. The beauty created by one’s own hands is doubly pleasing, and today's innovations in design make it possible to perfectly decorate the territory of the site. Arches for flowers have a very special decorativeness, allowing you to create comfortable places for relaxation, zoning the space, and placing expressive accents.

How to sew curtains to the cottage on your own: the most popular options and master classes

The summer season is approaching. In the warm season, more and more people prefer to live outside the city, in nature. And this means that you need to consider not only your life, but also the interior, in which you will spend part of spring, summer and the warm beginning of autumn. Perhaps the curtain to the cottage, hand-sewn from an inexpensive, but practical fabric, will be the beginning of the renovation of your summer home

Creating a garden in a bottle: a workshop on the arrangement of florarium

At one time, bonsai art was in fashion - the cultivation of miniature dwarf trees, which in appearance are practically no different from real ones. Today, one of the fashionable areas of landscape design is the creation of a mini greenhouse. If you like to mess with plants, a garden in a bottle will certainly interest you

Garden bridges as a site design element + workshop

A decorative bridge in the garden is a special design that is not only good for its functionality, but for its ability to decorate the surrounding landscape and make the overall landscape picture complete. Therefore, when planning to build bridges in the garden with your own hands, you need to consider all sorts of principles for placing structures, their types, and then create your own original, stylish, not like other options

The best original flower beds: top 5 unusual ideas for breaking a flower garden

Floral arrangements can transform any garden plot. Colorful flower beds, delighting the eye with a riot of colors and exuding a charming aroma, do not leave anyone indifferent. But if elegant floral compositions are given an unusual shape, then they will become a bright decoration of the territory in front of the house, giving the site uniqueness and originality

Laying options for paving slabs in drawings and diagrams

Paving slabs are a practical finishing material that opens up great opportunities for creativity. There are many types of paving slabs of various shapes and textures. This material is available in a wide range of colors, but usually two colors are enough to create an attractive pattern on the site near the house or on the garden path

Tricky methods of decorating old barrels in a summer cottage

In the landscape of our summer residents even old, leaky barrels are transformed, becoming unusual flowerbeds and seats on playgrounds. But after all, “healthy” barrels, specially set up to collect rainwater, do not always fit into the landscape, especially if they are under each ledge and drain. An

Glowing stones for landscape design: techniques for lighting the site

A garden on a personal plot is a place that every owner can turn into a cozy corner, using interesting ideas offered by modern landscape design. Moreover, the garden can look attractive and mysterious at any time of the day - and in sunlight, and at dusk, and in the dark of night. Luminous stones as garden decor have been used relatively recently, they can revive the night landscape, make it colorful and fantastic, but in the afternoon, framing with neat rounded stones will make a flowerbed, pond, stream or garden path more beautiful

Borders for flower beds: analysis of 3 ways of arranging with your own hands

It is difficult to imagine a summer suburban area without a lush blooming garden. Tall velvet roses and peonies peek out the windows, small daisies and pansies are scattered in the thickets of grass, asters and hyacinths create unusual patterns on the flower beds. To bright floral arrangements were framed, use flowerbed borders - low fences made of various materials

Garden figures for a summer residence with your own hands: how to make it yourself and embellish the garden

The garden is a wonderful place not only for relaxation. Here you can realize your own creative potential. The landscape of the site is often developed by a specialist if the owner wants to get his idea in the quality performance of a professional. However, this does not exclude his own participation in the creative process

How to decorate a stump in the garden with your own hands: 6 interesting ideas for skilled summer residents

There comes a time when a tree that for many years bears fruit or simply delights you with its spreading crown has to be cut. As a result, a slightly sympathetic stump is formed in its place, with which you need to do something. You can, of course, uproot him, but often such work requires serious physical effort

Wicker wooden fence: disassemble the wisdom of the device "wattle"

The popularity of the rustic style in rural landscape design is determined by the natural naturalness of its elements: wicker hedges, wooden arbors, decorative benches ... A wicker wooden fence is to the liking of many owners of country houses who want to distract from everyday life and arrange a natural design with rustic motifs on their plot

DIY flower pot decoration: the best workshops

Flowers are able to decorate any interior, complementing it with bright touches of fresh juicy colors. Fresh flowers in original decorated pots can become a bright accent of the interior, emphasizing the design of the room or site. Do-it-yourself decorating flower pots is an activity that allows you to transform ordinary containers for plants into original decor elements

The best ten ideas for New Year's decoration of a country house and a plot

Celebrating the New Year in nature is the dream of many citizens. But it can be realized only for those lucky ones in whose possession there is even a small but own plot outside the city. And, of course, those who are friends with them. Imagine how wonderful it is to escape from the bustle of the city and plunge into the world of fresh air, silence and amazingly white snow

Using stones in garden design: 4 ideas to make a site more beautiful

The desire for beauty, inherent in every person, has various manifestations. One of them is the desire to make your home beautiful and comfortable. This applies to both the home and the local area. It is no coincidence that many interesting trends in landscape design have recently appeared. For example, the creation in the garden of various compositions of stones

Old things and their second life in the country: we make crafts from unnecessary trash

The old things that accompanied us throughout some part of our life cannot be easily thrown away. You get used to them, and it seems that they must still come in handy. Maybe, at least with some of the objects dear to the heart you really should not part? Putting off the final decision in a long box, we take everything that is unnecessary to the garage or to the cottage

DIY wind feng shui music from bamboo and other materials

The mascot of feng shui, which is called the music of the wind, air bells and even a windmill, is used by someone for the purpose of decoration, and someone sincerely believes that he is able to protect from negative energies and attract positive into the house. In any case, adding the sound of living notes to your space will not hurt

What you can do from plastic bottles for your garden: 15 applications

It would seem that a plastic bottle is such an ordinary thing, but once it was worth its weight in gold - our grandparents carefully put their precious containers on the balcony to use instead of a milk can or jar to store compote. Now PVC bottles are a dime a dozen, so humanity has become thoughtful, because soon there will be no place to step because of plastic containers

Original figures from cement: 4 workshops on the manufacture of garden sculptures

From year to year, the trend of decorating country gardens with amazing flowerbeds, cascading waterfalls, winding paths and rock gardens is gaining momentum. Designing your site, any owner wants not only to transform the territory, but to get the so-called effect “so that it is not like everyone else”. In

Everything about rutarium or how to make a garden from old stumps and roots with your own hands

Nature sometimes creates very bizarre forms. Often, a lone stump or dried snags look surprisingly picturesque, reminding us of a fairy goof or other mysterious creatures. The art of creating a garden of roots - rutaria - is based on these properties of dried snags, roots and stumps. It is very easy to create a rutary with your own hands, it is enough to show imagination and turn on the imagination

Examples of the use of small architectural forms in the garden and in the country

A summer cottage is a territory intended not only for gardening, but also for recreation. I want her to be beautiful in all respects - luxurious, well-groomed plants and decor, forming with the site a single whole and pleasing to the eye. A gazebo, a bench, a bridge on the site will help to create a special atmosphere, small architectural forms of wood, metal, concrete create special zones in the garden that resemble a fairy kingdom